#LegendsOfTomorrow S 3 Ep 5 “Return of the Mack” Recap & Review

This is a name I never thought I would say again Damien Darhk is alive, continue reading.

We start in London 1895, and we see Rip follow a woman down an alley, but he was looking for a dead body, after examining the body Rip concluded that it was a Vampire attack. On the Waverider, Jax and Ray continue to work together to the spilt up firestorm, Ray created an experimental formula which will help to sever Jax and Stein physic connection, but the side effect is that Jax may develop short-term memory loss and a few others. Zara is getting accustomed to the Waverider, and learn that she can’t go back to 2042 to save her family because of the repercussions it may cause to the timeline and history itself. 

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An over-caffeinated Nate gather the Legends and shows them how he rearranged the anachronisms into a pattern with two "outliers," one was the Kuasa's attack, and other was in London 1895 where there is suspicion of vampire attacks. The Legends jump to London 1895 Victorian London, and Mick is wearing garlic around his neck. A kid is handing out flyers yelling “another vampire victim found dead” and Jax is starting to have short-term memory loss

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The Legends visit the coronary office, and Mick takes the opportunity to stab the corpse to make sure it doesn’t return. Music starts to play, and Sara checks to see that no one had their cellphone, but Ray immediately recognizes it as one of his Palmer Tech watches. They Questioned the coroner who tells them that a man falls out of the sky wearing it on his risk and he took it, but he could not identify the man. The Coroner tells them that he burred the body and next day the first Vampire victim was snatch from the street. Sara flashes him removing his memory and head to the graveside where they find Rip coming out of the empty grave. Rip tells the Legend he needed their help and the Tie Bureau is not aware of his whereabouts.

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The Legends and Rip return to the time ship and Jax almost gave away himself with his short-term memory, but after seeing Stein singing a lullaby to his grandson Ray decide to continue the plan. Amaya goes to Zari’s room, but she is having a hard time with the fact that she can’t go back and save her family and as she got angry her Totem lights up and connect to Amaya totem. 

Rip explain to the Legend why he allowed them to get back the Waverider. Telling them that he had an ultra motive and that for the past five years he has been following a phantom an ancient archenemy of the Time Masters called Mallus. Rip tell them that Mallus have been recruiting allies throughout time and he was alone, although hesitant Rip made them an offer they could not refuse, for the Legends help he would call off the Time Bureau.

They decide to use Nate as Vampire bate because Rip believes that if they find the vampire, they will discover Mallus. Nate goes in one direction down a dark Ally, and Sara and Mick is on the other, Nate comes up on a Stein look-alike who distracted him, and someone else drugged him from behind. Sara, Mick, and Rip released right away that Nate was taken and follow a cart they thought he was in when they catch up to it, Nate was not inside, and the carriage was filled with potatoes. “Never fear the games afoot”- Rip

I might be missing a scene here because of that election interruption, but what happened after was we do not see that Nate was strapped to a bed unable to use his power and Stein great grandfather. Nate turns on his coms and reaches out to Sara and the team; Rip tells Nate to stay where he was because the vampire will lead them to him and Nate tell them about the painting he sees of a red moon. The Legend notice that an eclipse was set to happen which is needing to complete a ritual.

The Legends crash a part where Madame Eleanor was their special guess, she possesses the ability to speak to the dead. Zari immediately caught Madame Eleanor eye, and she invites Zari to join because she can see that she is longing to hear a from someone who passes away.

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On the Waverider Jax and Ray is working on finding the finger on the watch, one was a coroner, the other was Ray, and the third one was unknown and the forth Oliver Oueen’s. Ray and Jax decided to reach out to team Arrow, Sara and Rip go to rescue Nate and Madame Eleanor summons Zari dead brother who laid some guilt on her for running away when A.R.G.U.S came for their camp. 

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Nate learns that it was not a vampire, but a needle created like fangs to drain the blood out of the body for Mallus’s retrial. Sara comes in Justin time to stop the Nate from being bled dry and on the Waverider Curtis got back to Jax and Ray. Sara opens the cradle of what they are trying to resurrect, and it was no other than Damien Darhk. 

Sara and the Legends return to the Waverider after their cover was blown when Mick, Amaya, and Zari were in a fight and Sara needed more time to come up with a plan to stop the Mallus followers from resurrecting Darhk. Rip, and Sara can’t agree on how to handle Darkh because Rip thinks they should focus on Mallus, but Sara wants to prevent Darhk from coming back. After Rip release that he was not going to win the verbal battle with Sara, he pretends to agree with her way which is to stop Darhk’s resurrection. 

Zari is having a hard time after Eleanor summon her brother, she tells Amaya that she doesn’t want the totem anymore because it was a reminder of her brother and how she left him to die. Amaya tries to convince her that the totem was her connection to her brother, but she does not hear Amaya over her guilt. Ray and Jax continue to work on splitting up Firestorm and is caught in the act by Stein who is disappointed that Jax is doing such a dangerous thing behind his back.

Stein run into Rip who tells him to tell Sara that he was sorry, but she left him no choice, and he asked Gideon to initiate Gentleman Dreadnought which locks the Legends on the Waverider. Zari was not on the Waverider but goes to wish Eleanor behind the teams back. 

Zari asks Eleanor to contact her brother again, so she could tell him that she was sorry, and she has found a way to save him. Eleanor asks Zari if she has anything of her brother and Zari gives her the totem which was exactly what she wanted and send Zari flying across the room knocking her unconscious telling one of her follower to tie up Zari. 

Sara overrides Rip orders and order Gideon to fly the ship and puts the weapon system online. Eleanor has begun her quest to resurrect Darkh and Rip and some members from Time Bureau try to stop Eleanor, Eleanor tells Rip that Mallus is everywhere and nowhere, dead and alive, Rip demanded to speak to him, but Eleanor bring him out. Mallus tell Rip that he was a god as he resurrects Darhk “it is good to be back.”- Damien Darhk

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Sara turns the missile on cargo bay of the Waverider to open it, while Darhk is back and having a party fighting Rip and his men, Sara and the Legends joins the fight, Zari took back her totem.  Darhk and Eleanor escape during the fight, and Sara reports Rip to the Bureau, who promptly arrest him, removing the restriction on the Legends in exchange. As Rip was being taken away, he left his last warning to Sara about Mallus's importance.

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It was a good episode, Darhk coming back was a cool, are you happy to see Damien Darhk? What are your thoughts on the new Legend Zari? Rip has always been obsessed, so I am not sure why they surprised him, the reason he started the team in the first place was that of his obsession with Vandal Savage. I would give the episode a 7.