#LegendsofTomorrow S2 Ep10 "The Legion of Doom" Recap & Review

The episode started with a flashback to 8 months ago, in Star City Malcolm Merlyn watch the news of the Arrow killing Darkh. As he poured himself a drink Eobard speed in with Darkh, the look on Malcolm's face was priceless. Eobard and Darkh made Malcolm an offer that he can’t refuse thus the Legion of Doom was born. Eobard show Malcolm who is the boss, threatening to take his life before he knew it. Eobard is getting impatient with Darkh and Malcolm who is striking out at getting the information about the spear of destiny from Captain Hunter’s head.

Fun Fact: There were thirteen members of the Legion of Doom: Bizarro, Black Manta, Brainiac, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Giganta, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Riddler, Sinestro, Scarecrow, Solomon Grundy, and Toyman. 

Darkh tortures and pulls out Captain Hunter's tooth which contains a marking that appears to be a bar code that leads to a lock box in Switzerland, where they assume the rest of the spare of destiny might be kept. Eobard is called away but tells Malcolm and Darkh to go back to 2025 and find the rest of the spear but not threatening them that the next one of the messes up will lose more than just a tooth.

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Back in Central City 2017 Martin and Jack meets up with a colleague who turns out to be his daughter Lilly. Martin brought Lilly back to the wave rider, while Malcolm and Darkh argue over how to handle breaking the bank. The men do not see eye to eye, and I smell betrayal coming a mile way (In the comments tell who you think will not make it to the end of the season?). Malcolm, Rip, and Darkh travel to Zurich 2025, Darkh thinks that killing everyone to get to the box is the best idea, but Malcolm thinks eliminated blood shred is best “something I thought I would never hear Malcolm say.” The legends try to figure out who the speedster is and Rip memory loss is causing a problem, and he can’t remember the voice access code. 

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Lilly and Ray attach the amulet to the Gideon, and Mick make it slip that Lilly that is an aberration, and she gets angry with Martin. Darkh and Malcolm argue as fights after Malcolm plan did not go well until Rip tell them that there was no use fighting each other and they decide to team up against Eobard. Martin and Jax discuss how to talk to Lilly. Martin figures out that the speedster is Eobard Throne as he remembers him been wiped from existence in Central City.

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Malcolm and Darkh are back in Zurich to open the lock box with the lock code the Malcolm got from the bank manager. When they open the box, they found and object that Eobard told them was a neumonic archive, which he explains that it wouldn’t be invented for centuries and it is used to store memories. Meanwhile, the legends have a theory on how to stop speedster. Malcolm and Darkh renegotiate the terms of their partnership with Eobard. Eobard is a force to tell his partners why he keeps disappearing; he confesses that he is on the run from the Black Flash who has been chasing after him since Flashpoint. They are cornered by the Black Flash Malcolm, and Darkh uses it to make sure that Eobard keeps up his end of the deal. 

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They devise a plan that keeps Eobard still so the Black Flash can’t sense him and then they temporary trap him or it in the vault. Martin and Lilly had a beautiful father and daughter moment, and she heads back to central city 2017. Eobard took the opportunity to make some changes to Rip’s memory sending him back to New Jersey, 1776, where he apparently shoots George Washington.

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