#LegendsofTomorrow S2 Ep 13 "Land of the Lost" Recap & Review

“Can the team turn Rip back to his old self.”

I would rate the episode a 9.

The Legends have to secure the last piece of the fragment before the Legion does, Nate is worried about his grandfather who has the last piece of the fragment as well as the change to the fabric of reality. Rip is still being held in the Brig and issues an override order to Gideon “Spaniel broad bicycle,” which freed him from the Brig and put the ship on lockdown. The team tries to figure out what happen Gideon inform them of the override and tells them that Rip was heading to the drop ship. Sara sends Mick to stop him “Mick heard kill him,” so Nate and Amaya accompanied him to try and stop Rip while the rest of the team try to land the ship. The situation got worst when Rip activated the Wave riders self-destruct sequence “Spectrum protocol.” With only 4 minutes before destruction, Jax stopped the override by shutting down the Wave Rider resetting the ship, and Mick knocks Rip out but not before he destroyed the medallion which held the final location. Out of control the ship crash land in the Cretaceous period which was the same time Ray was sent when Rip time scatters the team into different time periods. 

The Ship had lost its engine, so Sara sent Ray, Amaya and Nate venture out to recover a lost engine part, while the rest of team stays back to try and get some intel from Rip. Mick suggests using a Time Master method of mental programming Cognitive intuitions (a process in which on consciousness enter another) to travel inside Rip's mind and discover the location of Commander Steel and the final piece of the Spear. Amaya tries to encourage Nate to tell him that his grandfather is one of the toughest people she knows, and Ray introduces them an old friend “Gertrude.”

Martin is against the procedure, but the team has no choice even though Rip considers it barbaric and supremely dangerous. Sara voluntaries to go in and Jax said that he would accompany her because Rip believed in him and made him the chief engineer. Mick prepares for the operation by sending Martin to get him a beer which drove him crazy. Meanwhile, Amaya saves Nate from a snake and tells him that he wanted to give them a try but was interrupted by a frantic Ray being chased by Gertrude the Dinosaur.

Back on the ship Sara and Jax gets ready to enters Rip mind, but was told that they could get stuck, but what choice do they have so in they went, and attached a risk band to help them got out when they are ready. I must say that Rip mind is seriously messed up. Jax and Sara immediately realized that Rip mind has all bad memories including Vandal Savage's soldiers; they head to get some weapon to protect themselves and meets the White Canary herself giving us a sweet battle between evil Sara vs. Captain Sara.

Sara faces off with evil Sara who was an awesome fight scene, but Jax shoots her, now they are about to keep searching for Rip and runs into evil Ray and eviler Mick, Sara tells Jax to find Rip, and she will hold them off. Sara was knock out by evil Ray and awakes to find that she was a lock in the Brig with a fragile and scared Rip. Jax here’s an SOS thinking it was Sara goes to look for her and meet Gideon in human form (I must say that Gideon is so hot). 

Sara tries to convince Rip that everything that is happening is in his mind, he did not take the news very well and send Sara flying in the air. Outside on the Wave rider, Mick tries to keep Martin calm, giving him some advice that he should start treating Jax as more of a partner. Back inside Rip’s mind, Gideon tells Jax they the Legion did not think to corrupt the AI, and they are running out of time. Sara tells Rip about his past which brings back piece of his memory, and he decided to fight back “I am Rip Hunter Captain of the Wave Ride” (that was an epic fail). 

Gideon and Jax find and opens the door for Sara and Rip, Gideon advises them they need to remind Rip of who is truly he truly is with artifacts of his former life held in the parlor on the ship. Jax and Sara face off with evil firestorm and evil Sara, while Gideon takes Rip to the both parlor. Jax and Sara won the battle against their evil counterpart, but they quickly found out that they can’t be killed and that only Rip can kill them.  (I can’t get over how hot Gideon is as a human).  Rip got rid of the evil Legion and thanked them for believing in him, and Jax wakes up and shocks Sara out of Rip mind. Rip says a said goodbye to Gideon, and they shared a beautiful kiss sending him back to reality. 

Ray, Amaya, and Nate got away from Gertrude and visited Ray’s cast away camp where he stayed previously (how adorable were the stone Legends). Nate and Amaya pick up where they left off before being rudely interrupted by Ray as Ray goes to find an iguana for his famous iguana stew (no comment). They were interrupted by Ray again (what did he do fly to find the iguana so quickly, man Ray is the definition of a cockblocker). Ray advice Nate against dating Amaya because she is special and she has a destiny which includes her granddaughter who became and superhero and saves a lot of people (how does Ray know that Nate is not her granddaughter’s father). They found the ship’s engine is a T-rex nest and Ray retrieved it, bring the T-rex to their attention but Amaya was able to speak to her and calm him down.

In the end, everything was back to normal on the ship at least; Martin had a talk with Jax about his admiration for him. Sara welcomes Rip back to the ship and Rip apologize to Sara and Gideon, who also mention their kiss, and they mutually agreed that they enjoyed. Rip greets the Legion and welcomes Nate, it was a very happy ending on the ship and Rip remember where the final piece of the fragment is kept. Finale scene we see Eobard Thawne as a Medical Doctor at NASA Flight Operations in 1970 getting ready to give John Swigert, Apollo 13's Command Module Pilot a physical. 

This episode was awesome, I enjoyed watching, I did watch it twice to write the recap, but it was worth it. The storyline came together wonderfully, and I appreciated how the writers choose to bring Rip back and that his memory of the bad things he had done remains to keep him humble, it is a relief that he is a good guy again, I hated him working with the Legion of Doom. 

The line of then night “evil Ray, evil Martin, evil Mick which is regular Mick I presume.”