#LegendsofTomorrow S2 Ep 14 "Moonshot" Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 8

The episode starts off in Manhattan 1965; we see Rip and Henry in the future where he told him to disappear with the spare and assume a new identity. Rip, and the Legends go back to the same time that Rip drop off Henry, but he was already gone. 

Houston 1970, the team goes undercover at NASA, Rip gets knocked out and arrested by Henry who was never supposed to see him again. Henry greets Amaya and Nate, and they told him that they were there to collect his piece of the fragment, telling him that they hold Stargirl piece and Dr. Midnight was killed protecting his piece. Henry told them that his piece was safe because he his piece of the fragment in the flag Neil Armstrong planted on the moon. Henry tells them the reason he works so hard to climb the chains was to ensure that his piece of the spare was safe. 

The Astronaut is attacked by Thawne who has taken the identity of Jack Swigert and disabling the other Astronaut taking control of the Apollo 13.  The team suspicious of the change in history makes preparation to intercept Apollo 13. Mick, Jax, and Martin are undercover as British flight controllers to run interference on the ground while Sara, Henry, and the other legends head to space on the Waverider. Sara and the team have 17 minutes to figure out what has changed before Apollo 13 live broadcast to the world. 

The tension between Henry and Rip heightens on the Waverider, Nate notices and have a talk with his grandfather. Nate tells Henry that in 2017 men share their feeling which made him open up and tell him that he was mad at Rip for making him leave his family while he had his family. Nate tells him that Rip family had died. Nate also took this time his grandfather that he always wondered what it would be like if he had not left Hank (is his father) and Henry tells him of his plans to have Rip return him to 1956 to the day he abandoned his family. 

Amaya overheard the conversation and interrupted to tell them that they had found Apollo 13, which Henry immediately pointed out that it is not in the position. Sara info the team that Ray was going to fly over shrink down and let them know what is going on inside (I felt a little bad for Rip, it like a new team and he is no long the leader or the one that knows it all).  Ray reports the team that 2 of the Astronaut are unconscious and Thawne as aboard the Apollo 13.  

Ray follows Thawne into the Lunar Module (LM) to prevent him from landing Apollo 13. Thawne sees Ray, and the two fight and Ray hit Thawne with the plasma shots, and his hand accidentally hit the read button which Henry told him to separate the LUM from the Command Module telling Ray he had to fight it manually. Back on earth Martin, Jax and Mick talks with preventing the word from hearing Ray crash on the moon. Jax asks for more time, and the only thing Martin could come up with was a sing along with Mick (Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat Song (Day-O). Martin was successful until Jax was able to cut the feed, which he explains as a British tradition (poor Brits always getting blamed).

Ray crash landed alive but used up too much fuel meaning that the lunar won’t be able to launch itself and his suit thrusters got damaged in the fight. Sara mission is to bring Apollo 13 home safe and her for the command module as Ray goes to get Henry’s piece of the spare Amaya confronts Nate about the conversation she overheard earlier and advise Nate against the time admiration but his Judgment is clouded by his family being united. To stop the trajectory of the command module and prevent it from being destroyed by meteors.  Sara uses the Waverider as a shield which causes significant damage, leaving Ray stranded on the moon. Sara and Rip argue as they disagree on Sara using his Ship as a shield, and she reminded him that he had used it to absorb and explosion. The conversation leads to Sara confronting Rip about scattering the team without their permission and send her to a time period where she was about to hang for being a witch. 

LOT 214 6.gif

Thawne offers an Alliance with Ray until they find a way to get off the moon and promises to behave until they get back to hurt (such honesty). Ray refused his help but needed him, and they work together launch themselves off the moon and are caught by the Waverider. Amaya informs Henry of the consequence of changing time and explains admirations to him, Nate gets upset and tells Amaya that they were not going to work and about her future as a method for her to understand his point of view. Rip and Henry clear the air and Rip apologize for Henry’s personal sacrifice, and commended him on the improvement of the legends, which Rip credited Sara. 

The puts History back on track, and Apollo heads home in one piece, but Martin does seem happy and informs Martin that the team chance of return home is impossible. Thawne is restrained and imprisoned on the Waverider, and Ray asks Thawne for help calculating the angle the team needs to reenter the atmosphere. Henry sacrifices himself to save the team, leaving Nate disappointed that he wasn't able to create a potentially better life for his family, but passes on Henry's message to his teenage father. Sara and Rip have a conversation on who should Captain the ship, and reach an agreement. Amaya and Nate makeup and she later ask Gideon to show her the fate of her village and her family, revealing to Amaya of the destruction of her village and knowledge of her granddaughter Mari, the present-day Vixen. 

Overall, it was an entertaining episode, I enjoyed Martin singing and Ray enthusiasm about walking on the moon, I am really liking the bromance between Martin and Mick weekly because they are so opposite. 

Let us know what you think:

Who is better Captain Sara or Rip?

Did Amaya make the right decision looking into her future?

Do you think the Legions will get the last piece of the spare?