#LegendsOfTomorrow S3 Ep 2 “Freakshow” Recap & Review

We start six months ago with Amaya try to bake donuts for Nates birthday, but she is not making any progress, Nate comes home thinking that her message that said stay out late because she had a special surprise met something else. After the cake mix spilled, Nate goes out to get store-bought chocolate covered donuts. Nate leaves the apartment Amaya to see her granddaughter Mari on the TV as current day Vixen and pack her stuff and went without saying goodbye. 

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We jump to the Waverider, and it was a Nate flashback, Ray builds a Shrink Ray to use to contain anachronisms that they find using a device stolen from the Time Bureau that Ray reengineers to create an anachronisms App to help them locate the anachronisms that are missed by Rip and his Time Bureau. 

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The team searched for their next mission, and Sara is on edge because she does not want the Waverider to be taken back, telling the legends that they can’t afford any mistakes on their mission and pick a level 1 case. They Legends jumps to Wisconsin 1870 the P.T. Barnum Circus. The Legends spilled up to find the missing anachronisms and Ray, Jax and Nate found a rare Saber-toothed tiger that was captured by P.T. Barnum to be a part of his circus.  

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Ray attempt to use his shrink Ray try and shrink the Saber-toothed tiger and made it larger instead of shrinking it. 

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The Legends just turn the level 1 anachronisms into a level 4 anachronism and not of them have any experience with animal leaving Sara no choice by to jump back to Zambesi, and ask Amaya for help. Amaya refuse because she says her life is a little complicated and she is also worried about Nate not wanting to see her. Sara lied and told Amaya that Nate knew she was coming, but he doesn’t take it well with her being on the Waverider. 

Nate, Ray, and Jax visit an inn to drink Nate’s pay away, while Amaya and Sara go into the wood to find the tiger and shrink him. Amaya tracks the tiger Sara used to Shrink ray to shrink it to the size of a cat and lock up the tiger and at the Inn Ray drink too much and uses his power and reveal secrets about the Ray and Jax’s power leading to Ray and Jax to being captured by P.T. Barnum. 

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Sara, Amaya, and Mick find Nate unconscious on the Waverider, and Nate tells them that he got separated from Ray and Jax after they got invited to a private show. Back the circus P.T. has Ray and Jax in a cage and expresses his excitement about their power “god of fire and the incredible shrinking man,” and jointing his show. 

Sara, Amaya, and Nate go to the circus to look for Ray and Jax, and Sara notice that they were being watched and went after the perp and saw that it was Gary one of the Time Bureau agent sent by Sharp to keep an eye on the Legends. Nate and Amaya continue to bicker, and Nate tells Amaya that she was no longer a part of the team, while Nate tries to deny that the reason he went out drinking was not that of her return. Nate and Amaya found Ray and Jacks, and they are now part of the new line up.

Back on the Waverider, Mick lets the shrink tiger escape its cage and Sara tries to get information out of Gary as to why he was following them and if he a working for Sharp. Nate and Amaya find Ray and Jax in their cage dressed as Siamese twins. To open the cage Nate tries to metal up and couldn’t claim he was dehydrated and before Amaya use her totem she was shot with a dart along with Nate.

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Nate and Amaya are locked in a cage together giving them time to talk, Amaya tells Nate about her granddaughter and that if she had to leave 2017 Mari's wouldn’t know existence. Amaya tells Nate that she wanted to protect him and his granddaughter, which Nate told her backfired seen the situation.

Agent Sharp has boarded the Waverider, and Sara sends Stein and Mick to rescue the others, and she keeps Sharp occupied. Sharpe tries to arrest Sara and the Legend on behalf of the Time Bureau, and she and Sara get into a fight. Mick and Stein are at the circus, but our big bad Mick is afraid of clowns, P.T. introduce Ray and Jax as ying and yang. Mick runs away leaving Stein on his own, and P.T. angry that crowd is not liking his new act and forces Nate to turn into the man of steel using Amaya. 

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Back on the Wave Rider Sara and Sharp continues to fight until they were both tired and decided to take a water break. The tiger return to its original size and Sharp runs away and get corned by it now extra-large tiger and Sara using a stolen gadget. Sharp is mad that Sara is stolen the device, but Sara tells Sharp that she was angry because she saved her once again. 

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At the Circus Stein create a distraction to get close to Jax to power up P.T. continues to shoot at Nate in his steel form when Nate said that he could not take anymore and keep insisting Amaya get mad and rip the gate open and goes after P.T. and is crew.  

The clown surrounds Stein ready to attack leaving Mick no other choice but to jump in and help. Mick hit a seesaw send Stein closure to Jax, and they light up, but Amaya is out of control and intends on killing P.T. as she sees him as one of the raiders from her village. Firestorm tries to stop Amaya, but she hit him away, and Nate talks out down from killing P.T. 

The legends are rescued and their mission to rid 1870 of any anachronisms accomplished. Sara asks Sharp to speak in private to finish their conversation they had earlier, but Sharp refused to tell what she meant by her incomplete statement. Nate and Amaya make up, and Amaya confesses to the team about her totem being out of control causing her erratic behavior, and she needed someplace to think because she is worried she may hurt her people.  Amaya asks to stay a little longer, and Sara tells the Legends about the Mallus threat, which they do not take seriously.

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In the final scene somewhere one of the followers of Mallus summons one Kuasa.

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Overall it was a fun episode to watch, there was a little of everything action, romance, and drama, I would rate it 8/10.