#LegendsOfTomorrow S3 Ep 6 “Helen Hunt” Recap & Review

The episode in starts in Hollywood 1937 where a beauty goes wonder on a movie set where the director is shooting a movie about Helen of Troy and the woman who wonder on to the movie set so happens to be the real Helen of Troy another anachronism. 

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On the Waverider an unbathed Nate report to Sara that she can find Darkh anywhere in the timeline, but Sara tells him to take a shower and advice, Nate, that they will discover Darkh but not the way Rip did she will not lose prospectively and get her team killed. Ray attempt to transfer Martin's energy into Jax and though both men knew the risk, they decided to do it anyway. The result left them with a Freaky Friday situation Jax is Stein and Stein is Jax for those who never saw Freaky Friday, and I must say that Jax is killing the Stein impression, 

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Sara asks the all the Legend to a meeting and Nate update them on the next anachronism to 1937 Hollywood, a beautiful woman who has set Hollywood on fire cause Agency to go up again agency an all-out war. The Legends jump to 1937 and for recon only, but after a fight breaks out over this woman, Nate quickly put it together that she was the real Helen of Troy.  An overwhelm Helen runs outside and goes into a car with Eddie from K and G Picture.

The Legends are back on the Waverider and need to come up with a plan before Jaxstein has a heart attack, or Helen beauty causes more havoc, and anyone else gets hurt. The Legends get ready to go to a party thrown by P &G Picture to show off their new face Helen of Troy. Ray get a job offer, Jaxstein meet is childhood crush Hedy Lamar, who vents to him about never being in an American film and the reason she came to the party was to give it one last shot, but the closer she will get his becoming a telephone operator. 

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Helen makes her grand entrance and all the male Legends become immediately distracted, but Sara have a plan to get Helen alone and ask Zari for a distraction, and she uses her totem to spill Helen drink on her dress. Sara urges Ray to suit up, while she and Zari approached Helen into the bathroom, but she keeps up the act and says to them “ the first rule of Hollywood is never to walk out.

Sara orders the team to get ready, but as soon as she enters the, she sees Helen speak with Darkh who uses his power to freeze Sara and Zari. Darkh tells Sara that he was Helen’s agent and Darhk came there to talk to Sara, and he brought company (Eleanor and Kuasa) and if Sara did not want to get anyone hurt she should speak to him in private. Sara orders everyone to stand down, Kuasa offer Amaya a drink and Darkh tell Sara that he wants her and the Legends to leave Helen alone saying, “anachronisms are good for business.” 

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Amaya Learn that Kuasa is from the Zambezi and she is also a totem bearer, and she bears the water totem, Kuasa tells Amaya that the totem was a part of her. Amaya tells Kuasa that she has corrupted it, but Kuasa accused Amaya of being a hypocrite for leaving her people behind to be a part of the legends. Amaya “you know nothing about me, Kuasa you look good in that dress that color always suits you,” and walk away. Ray is talking to Helen and Mick goes over to tell him that they needed to go, Ray is smitten by Helen and tells Mick that his comps were not working, and Mick starts a fight. 

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This is much to Darkh liking, and he uses the opportunity to tell Sara that she needed to take the team back 2017 and go back to their normal life and if they didn’t he would kill them one by one leaving her last so that she can feel like a failure.  

The Legends are back on the ship, and Sara tells them about Darhk’s offer about them quitting being Legends. The Legends discusses Darhk’s proposal, but Mick tell them that if they separated that Darhk would take them out one by one. Nate agreed with Mick that the Legends were stronger together. Sara is back on track and tells the team to prepare to get Helen.

After the scene the man Legends caused Sara benched them, and tell Steinjax to find out why their comps was not working, The Ladies goes out to get Helen at another party while Jax and Stein works on fixing the comps, Stein tells Jax that Hedy Lamar was is hall past when he and Clarisse pick one cheat. Sara and the ladies get to Helen and thought she refused at first when she the men about to go to war over her she goes with them. Sara takes Helen to safety while Amaya and Zari stop the men from killing each other. 

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The ladies are back on the Waverider, and the light goes out, and Martin tells the team that Hedy Lamar may be the reason that parts of the Waverider are disappearing because she was the original inventor of some of the devices. Jaxstein tells then that he going to get Hedy career back on track, while Helen tells Zari that watch how strong they were as women gave her hope. Helen expresses her disappointment in the team for to take her back to a place where was lock up in a tower for five years and her only view was of men fighting over her. 

Outside Jaxstein goes to find Hedy at Warner Brothers where is an operator, Jaxstein encourages Hedy to go and get back her contract although hesitant at first but she took his hand. Jaxstein and Hedy are met outside by Darhk and Eleanor, and Darhk freezes them, and Eleanor senses that they have changed bodied. Jaxstein and Hedy try to hide while the other Legends prepare to come and save them after Steinjax and Mick pees. 

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Amaya and Zari stay back on the Waverider to protect Helen, but because the Waverider is down, they have to do everything manually and leave Helen with a knife to defend herself in case of trouble. Outside Jaxstein plan to use himself as bate to let Hedy getaway, telling her to focus on getting herself to safety and focus on her dreams, 

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Sara challenged Darkh to a dual league style, while the other tries to fight Eleanor who is more powerful that they knew. Kuasa board the Waverider and hold Zari from behind but Amaya was just in time to tell Kuasa to let her go, and Amaya and Kuasa begin to fight.  Hedy tells Stein and Jax to merge to get back to normal, Eleanor catches the guy defenses and use it again them and Sara, and Darhk continues their duel. 

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Sara defeats Darhk, but Eleanor came over to help and touched Sara sucking the life out of her, Darhk also reveals that Eleanor is his daughter. Jax and Stein merge into Firestorm in time to stop Eleanor from sucking all the life out of Sara. Firestorm defeat Darhk and Eleanor they vanish, while Ray attention to the team about Sara being down. 

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On the Waverider Amaya learns that Kuasa is her granddaughter and she is out of blood because she believes that Amaya totem belongs to her and it was her birthright. Kuasa explains why she could not kill Amaya without killing herself Helen come up from behind stabbing Kuasa in the back and Kuasa turn into water and disappears. 

Hedy gets back her contract with Warner Brothers and says goodbye to Jax and Stein but not before whispering in Stein's ears that she prefers older men. Ray apologizes to Amaya for not telling her about Kuasa being her granddaughter, but she said, Ray, that she understands that he was just protecting the timeline and she would have done the same thing. Ray offers to tell Amaya everything, but Amaya says to, Ray, that the less she knows is, the better. Sara is in a coma, and Zari find a loophole to help Helen and takes Helen to the island of Themyscira where there are no men, and she can live in peace.

This was an exciting and funny episode, I am but confuse about Kuasa situation, but I guess I will get it eventually. Sara beating Darhk in a dual she is such a bad ass, and I am curious is Eleanor from the future and was she the little girl team Arrow save last season. I would give this episode an 8 was enjoyable.