#LegendsOfTomorrow S3 Ep 7 "Welcome to the Jungle" Recap & Review

The episode starts in December 1967 3 klicks east of Khe Sanh, Vietnam and we see the soldiers walking in the forest and then being picked off one by one leaving only one soldier remaining, and he comes face to face with the Monster who is none other than Gorilla Grodd. 

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On the Waverider, Sara is still in a coma and Stein is trying to ignite her scene with familiar sounds. Jax asks Steins of he needed help with the Firestorm project, but Stein tells Jax he has it all under control. Nate is helping Amaya work out as Nate is trying to get Amaya to open-up about her feeling toward finding out that Kuasa is her granddaughter. Jax told the team that Sara is still in a coma, Ray suggested that the Legends do what they do best fix the anachronisms, and Mick tells the group about Zari not bringing Helen back to Troy, but Zari shows the that it Helen displacement doesn’t affect the time. Jax picks one anachronism to fix, and team Legends head to Vietnam 1967 a level 8, Mick refuses to go, but the other member is all in.

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Zari, Ray, and Amaya posing as journalists, gets information from the lone survivor, while Nick and Nate are in the jungle. Zari notices a woman looking on and goes to question her, and she offers to show them what was going in the jungle. Mick is overly grumpy and tells Nate that his father was in Vietnam and Nate assures him that they would not run into Mick father even made a bet, but seconds later Mick’s father shows up right behind Nate with is troop surrounding Mick and Nate at gunpoint. “You owe me a six-pack.”- Mick

Nate tells Dick Rory that he was Operation manager with the CIA and he was there to investigate the disappearance of Alpha team. Nate suggested that they work together, but Mick is ready to leave the jungle and get away from his father. Nate pulls Mick aside and tells him that he needs to man up calling it operation “tough love.” Mick tells Nate that he killed his father by letting him burn to death, leaving Nate in a state of shock, meanwhile, on the Waverider Jax is having a fit over someone eating his momma’s Pecan pie and leaving the empty container. 

Stein is working on the Firestorm Separation with some of the most brilliant minds of all time including Isaac Newton, Jax walks in on their discussion and learns that Firestorm can be separated, but it would depower Jax. Jax expresses his disappointment in Stein for not telling him that he cannot find a way to separate Firestorm. 

In the Jungle Zari, Ray, and Amaya follow the lady who tells them then it is not a monster who have been taking the people but a god who is trying to stop the war. Nate tries to reach Ray by comps, but it was down, and Mick tells Nate about his past with his father the decorated soldier. One of missing comes out and says to Dick, Mick, Nate and the other soldiers that he has been enlightening and that they needed to join him, but they just lit up him and his follower.

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Zari, Ray, and Amaya arrived at the campsite where the Lady tells them her god was; she introduces them and Grodd introduce himself “I am Grodd welcome to my kingdom.” The Legends inside the camp decide to take down Grodd’s cult, Amaya takes Ray’s Shrink Ray and tell him and Zara to try and get the comps back up, and she deals with Grodd. “All I need is one clean shot.”- Amaya

Mick and his father have a heart to heart, and he tells Mick that he has a list of all the men who died under his watch, as he had a woman home that he wishes to marry and have kids with someday that he hopes not to bring home the war with him. On the Waverider Jax takes to an unconscious Sara expressing his fear of not being Firestorm anymore, 

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Ray tells Zari that Grodd was lock up in an ARGUS prison in 2017, she is not liking the idea of anyone being lock up at ARGUS, but Ray tells Zari that Grodd was a giant Gorilla and a psychopath. Nate is trying to get to Jax to say to him that he thinks that Jungle has finally got to Mick and find Mick behind a tree burning himself with a lighter. 

Mick expresses his guilt of killing his father not that he sees what his father his going through telling Nate that he was one who that should have died in the fire. Zari and Ray unblocked the signal and reached out to Nate who tells them that they need to get out of at Jungle Asap because Mick his not taking it very well after meeting his father. Jax and Stein are informed that the anachronisms were Grodd and they immediately notice that it jumped from a level 8 to a level 10 and as per the headline Grodd is trying to start World War III. 

Grodd takes control of Amaya’s mind and shows her what humans have done to him and tell Amaya that he was only trying to help humans find peace. President Johnson arriver to Vietnam, Zari goes to find out Grodd’s plan and see that he is planning on killing the president. Hon comes in to stop Zari, but Zari talks her into putting her gun down but then Grodd took over the lady mind, and she knocks out Zari. 

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On the Waverider Jax tell Stein that he is going to help the other Legend who are in trouble but not as Firestorm but as himself because even with being Firestorm he still wants to be a part of the team. Dick tell his men that he has found the location of the camp and him his ready to go in, but Nate tells Mick that they need to stop Dick and his soldiers. Nate tries to stall them, but when he turns his back on Dick, Nate is knocked from behind by Dick and Mick join forces with his father. 

At the camp Zari, Ray, and Amaya are captured, and the camper unites “one nation under Grodd,” Grodd jumps in and tell the people that the President must pay for his sins. Amaya tries to talk Grodd out of his plan and uses her Totem to communicate her sincerity to Grodd. As Amaya was about to reach a breakthrough with Grodd Dick and his Soldiers comes in a break the bond sending Grodd off to steal the Waverider and wipe humanity from the timeline. Mick save his father from Grodd, and Ray tells Stein that Gorilla Grodd his on his way to take the Waverider. 

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Dick, Mick, and his Soldier gather all the campers, including Amaya, Zari, Ray, and Nate, and Dick plans to kill them all for joining forces with Grodd. Jax reaches the president to tell him about the threat on his life, but he doesn’t believe Jax causing a few of his soldier to die and his stock on a trip-line. Mick stops his father from massacring the campers and comes to peace with his relationship with his father. Jax saves the president, while Stein tries to fly the Waverider but Grodd get on top of it before Stein could take off.

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Grodd mind control’s an Unconscious Sara, and she wakes up and tries to stop Stein from taking the Waverider, but she gets knocked out from behind by Isaac Newton. Gideon Inform Stein of the US is about to launch an air strike on Grodd, and he was still on the Waverider. Stein put on the Wave rider’s invisible cloak and took off leaving Grodd falling and the US launching an Air Strike on Grodd.  

The team returns to the ship and Jax return with a secret pie recipe from the president for saving his life and Sara emerges from her coma. Grodd was not killed by the US Air Strike as we presumed by is called to 2017 by Darhk who recruited Grodd.

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This was a good episode I think it was one of the best this season; I am always entertained when Grodd is around Grodd his a fascinating creature. Mick and Dick what can I say about them, Mick is a lot like his father they even sound alike, but I am happy that Mick has come so far that he can stop his father from crossing a line that he can’t come back from. Now the question is, how will Mick change since his father did not kill all those people and will the writer even address it at all this season. I would give this episode an 8.5 it was not quite nine but was close. Awesome episode.