#LegendsofTomorrow S3 Ep 8 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4" Recap & Review #CrisisOnEarthX

Two-night four fantastic episode, I am going to say this is the best crossover I have watched in a long time and the ending I did not see coming but as a fan I am ecstatic. 

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Let continue here is what happen is Crisis on Earth X Part 4…….

We picked up right where we left off, and Stein in laying in a pool of blood after getting shot by an Earth X Nazi, and Jackson is freaking out trying to get over to him. The Heroes are outnumbered, and shots are flying all over the place so that no one can get to Stein. Barry and Ray X  are trying to stop what looks like Red Tornado from destroying the Nazi’s headquarter before they can open the breach and get to Earth 1. 

The others keep fighting while Stein uses his last strength to crawl over to the switch and turn it off, one of the Nazi noticed crawling toward the switch and shoot him again but Stein manage to turn on the switch disintegrating the Nazi guarding it, and the other retreated, 

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Barry and Ray on the outside works together to stop Red Tornado with a lightning strike with excess light from Ray, there was an explosion but not enough to destroy the Nazi building. Stein is badly hurt and cannot be moved so he merges with Jax to ease the pain to get back to the Waverider so that Gideon can fix him. 

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Oliver thanks, Earth X Snart for his help and Snart tell him that their work is not done yet because the enemy is still on Earth 1 and they all goes through the breach. 

Back on Earth one Throne is getting ready to cut into Kara, while Iris and Felicity look on helplessly, but never fare a shuriken Atom is there, Ray stop the blade then enlarges and knocks Throne out clears the room including Dark Arrow and the Nazi’s standing guard. The ladies are thrilled to see Ray; Felicity gives him the lowdown (Nazi want Kara’s heart to save their Overgirl). Iris goes to lock down the time vault while Felicity and Ray try to get Kara to the Waverider. 

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Nate let the other out of prison; Mick want to know if he brought beers and Renee wants to know if they have an army “who needs an army when you have Legends.”- Nate… Amaya and Zari kick some Nazi ass as well, while Dark Arrow worries because Overgirl is not waking up and Thorne states the obvious that she was in danger. Dark Arrow tells Throne to proceed with their plans, and he will get Kara’s heart, Oliver, Barry and the other return from Earth X.

Member of the Legends, team Flash and team arrow get ready to fight the Metallo, while Felicity and Ray hurry to get Kara to the Waverider. Ray, Felicity, and Kara get stop by Dark Arrow who shoots an electric arrow into Ray’s Atom suit. Felicity stands up in front of Kara and tells Dark Arrow to go back to his Earth while he still could “As final words go those weren’t bad,”- Dark Arrow “lower your weapon or I will kill Overgirl.” -Green Arrow

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The heroes elsewhere in Star Labs try to stop Metallo, Dinah calls it the terminator much to Cisco’s amusement. Ray X and Firestorm come in, and the other heroes joined in using their powers and destroyed Metallo. Arrow and Dark Arrow face off on saving each other’s lover, but Thorne speeds in and take Team X away. Felicity and Oliver make up, and the Heroes go back to the Waverider.

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Firestorm races back the Waverider and split back into Jax and Stein to see if Gideon can fix Stein. Jax is anxious, and Mick tell him that Stein would be fine, but Jax starts to spit up blood. Caitlin explains that when the two merged, their connection was the only thing keeping Stein alive and their bodies a linked, but she can unlink then because Jax body is the only thing Keeping Stein alive.

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The Braid and the Groom finally meet up and took the time to embrace each other and spoke of the honeymoon they should be on right now. Alex finally got to Kara who is still exhausted, and Mick and Leo Snart X catches up, and Mick Learns that Earth X him died trying to say the one he hates the most police officer. “I died trying to say pigs I going to be sick.”- Mick

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Caitlin checks in on Jax who is hanging on for Stein, Caitlin tells Jax that she and Gideon were doing everything to save Stein. Outside Caitlin tells Ray that they are both dying and that Jax a living life support system for Stein. Cutis and Ray X work together to find the Earth X Waverider, after looking at the monitor Curtis tell Amaya and Zari that Overgirl is giving off radiation and if she doesn’t get Kara’s hear she will create a supernova that will wipe out everything.

Stein wakes up and call Jax’s over and tell him that he wants to take Cisco’s Firestorm cure to sever his and Jax’s connection. Jax tearfully begs Stein not to drink the serum, while Stein tells Jax he needs to do it to save him because he has his life ahead of him. “You once told me that I was like your father, and I said you were my son,” Stein says. “How could a father do anything less?”- Martin Stein

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Jax heartbrokenly gives Stein the serum and holds Stein's hand, Stein leaves his last work for his wife and daughter, and Jax holds Stein’s hand until their connection is gone and he dies. (This was a hard scene for me, I know that Stein was leaving, but I never thought they would have killed his character). 

Sara walks in and sees Jax holding Stein’s hand and tell Sara that Stein did it for him. The Legends and heroes mourn the death of Stein; Ray reminisces over a photo from their time in the old west and Mick drinks. Jax leaves the Waverider to break the horrible news to Stein’s family, and they cried together. 

Oliver tells Sara that they need to gather team because Overgirl’s body threatens to go nuclear and he thinks that the Earth Xer will use their Waverider to threaten central city leveraging them into surrendering Kara. On Waverider X the ship tells Dark Arrow that Overgirl only has an hour to live without the transplant, but he says to Overgirl not to listen to the ship.  “Don’t you listen to her there is more strength in you than in this entire planet of the lesser humans combine.”- Dark Arrow.

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Oliver tells the Heroes that failure is not an option and loosing was not an option, and they need to show these people that the earth belongs to them. Dark Arrow offers a truce to leave Earth 1 if they had Kara over but we all know that was not going to happen. The Heroes gets ready to fight in honor of Stein to protect the City he loves and the family he left behind, in the words of Captain Sara “let go kick some ass.”

Dark Arrow and his Nazis arrive in Central City, killing everyone in their path. Earth 1 hero’s steps out as one team together ready to protect the City and the people. All the heroes had their shining moment kick some Nazi ass. On the Waverider Felicity, Cisco and Wells distract Waverider X giving the heroes a fighting chance.

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Caitlin, Amaya, and Zari take over Earth-X Waverider after Supergirl draws Overgirl out and after they found the button to take down the shield Cisco vibe over to Waverider X while Felicity blows up the Waverider. Barry lets Throne go for some crazy reason. Supergirl and Overgirl fight until she hits nuclear level and Wells tell Supergirl flies Overgirl into space where the blast can’t hurt anyone. Dark Arrow sees Overgirl explosion and falls to his knees. Oliver the good guy he his hesitate from shooting Dark Arrow in the back, but when he turns to kill Oliver, Oliver puts an arrow in Dark Arrow’s heart. After Overgirl explorer Kara out of control falls to Earth and is caught by Citizen Steel. The heroes one and Barry says goodbye to Ray X and Stein, but Stein decide to stick around for a while, but he will return him.

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The saddest part of the crossover Stein’s funeral, the heroes gather to say Goodbye and Jax his emotional, but Lilly tells him that he family and that Stein will always be a part of him. Sara and Alex say their The Legends head back out to deal with their anachronisms a man down goodbyes and Oliver, Felicity, Barry, and Iris sends Kara and Alex home back to Earth-38.

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Barry and Iris still want to get married and ask Oliver if he can marry them since he is the mayor, but he tell them that it would be legal because they were outside of Star City. Felicity suggested someone else who can get the job done. Barry races to pick up Diggle from Central City, who’s an ordained minister. The impromptu wedding begins, and Barry and Iris say their vow but before they can say “I do” Felicity interrupts and asks Oliver to marry her as well. “Crisis on Earth-X” with not only one impromptu wedding but two.

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This crossover was bigger and better than last year’s crossover episode, I laughed, cried, screamed went a little crazy, but overall, I was entertained, everyone did a fantastic job. I would give this episode a 10/10.