#LegendsOfTomorrow S3 Ep 9 “Beebo the God of War” Recap & Review

The midseason finale starts in Central City December 24, 1992, and we see young Martin Stein in a toy store trying to get Lily a Blue talking toy called Beebo for Christmas. The store ran out of Beebo except for the one on display leaving the crowd to fight for it. The crowd fight to get to the Beebo, Stein works out a formula and shoot an arrow with the right trajectory, and he lands on his hand making the crowd chase him. Stein from the group and disappears to the time of the Vikings, and now Stein is being chased by a new bunch.

On the Wave Rider Leo Snart X ask Amaya and the other Legends with the intent to help the crew with the loss of Stein. As Snart X was talking to Jax, the Wave rider got knocked because of a new level 12 Anachronism, Sara advice the team to lock their pain away and get to work. Gideon explains that the Viking set a new colony to call New Valhalla after taking out entire North America. 

Leo is worry that the team is not ready for the field yet, but Sara assures him that kicking ass is how the team heals. The Legends jump to North America 100 A.D. where the Viking clan is led by siblings Leif and Freydis Erikson’s, who cannot agree on how to move forward. Leif wants to leave Central America, but Freydis want to see what the land has to offer. The Legend breaks into team and scouts the area the clan was camping, Sara and Mick notice that they had young Stein trap in net up a tree and Jax runs to save him, the team believes that Stein was the Anachronism and that they used his genius to concur the world. 

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Jax save Stein and Stein try to tell them that he needed to go back for Beebo, but they only thought of Beebo as a toy and as tried to tell them that the toy Beebo will change the course of history. One of the Viking report to Freydis that Stein was gone, but she was not worried about him because the still have their god and their god hunger for battle. 

They are back on the Waverider, and Stein explains that Beebo saved his life and when Beebo spoke for the first time it was like a spell cast over the Vikings. The other sees young Stein for the first and tell him that he was with his family, and Jax is having a hard time with the team trying to convince him not to say to Young Stein of his future death. Mick is going crazy because his beer taste odd and Joe tell him that adjusted the formula, Mick and Joe made a bet that Mick can’t stop drinking beer for 48 hours. 

Agent Sharp calls to give her condolences, as well as expresses her concern about how the Legends will handle a 12 Anachronism. Agent Sharp mention Beebo day and Sara release that the Anachronism was cementing very fast as ask Agent Sharp for help especially because the team was not in a good place. The Legends and Sharp go undercover to the Yuletide Feast; the Legends blend in to gather information and find Beebo that is until Mick to ruin it when he goes prying around and find Beebo’s offerings and tries to steal some mead and is knocked out by Freydis. 

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The Viking have Mick and is determined to punish him for trying to steal from their god, Just as Mick about to be burned alive. Leo saves him with his cold gun, and the Vikings believe Beebo to have forgiven Mick, but the victory was short-lived, and they turn and catch Amaya and Nate trying to steal their precious Beebo leaving the Legends to fight their way out. Back on the Waverider Zari tries to distract Jax by playing video games until young Stein come in and ask to be taken back home, as Jax was leaving Zari advice Jax to find a lope hole as she did for Helen of Troy. 

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The Legends continue to fight with the Vikings until Mick blasts the toy with his gun and sets it on fire. As the Viking was about to give up and leave the land, Damien Darhk makes an entrance like no other to offer the Vikings a new God to worship: Himself, dressed as Odin ruler of Asgard. Mick was ready to fight, but Sara tells him that they where put man and suggested that they regrouped.

The Legends are back on the ship, and Sara asks Agent Sharp if she could get some agent to help, while Sara learns that Jax has taken Young Stein back home. Stein and Jax have arrived in Central City 1999, and Jax gives Stein a letter to open in the future November 28, 2017. Joe and Mick have a conversation and expresses their feeling toward the each other’s earth friends that have died. Sara is disappointed to learn that Sharpe and the Time Bureau can’t help them because the Bureau is in disarray since they arrested Rip. Sharp tells Sara that the Bureau is not willing to lose anymore Agent to stop Darhk from altering parts of history using the anachronisms he has recruited like Gorilla Grodd.

Sara gathers the Legends and tells them that backup was not coming because the Bureau does not think Darhk and his team can be defeat. Sara tells the Legend that they needed to take the Waverider and go, and they tell Sara that they won't leave without, and the Legends come up with a plan. Sara had her shitty plan (She’ll just get brought to Darhk and try to take him out before he snaps her neck). However, the team is not feeling it and come up with a better plan. 

The Legends join forces and Sara and Nathan confronts Darkh and loses while outside Darkh’s daughter encourages the Viking to attacked but Atom flies in with a new Beebo and try to convince the Viking to return and leave Valhalla. Mick and Joe take on Nora and knocking her out which draws out Dark who wanted to save her and Sara tried to stop him and gets pulled into another dimension where she meets Mallus who warns Sara that he is coming to destroy the world. Sharp reaches and pulls Sara out of the dimension, later on, the ship Sharp had Gideon test Sara, and she was fine, Sara explains to Sharp that in the other dimension it was not about what she saw but what she felt with was pure darkness. Agent Sharp tell Sara she has to report Mallus being real to the Bureau and Gideon inform Sara that time was restored.

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Jax learns that Stein still died and went back to 1999 to see Stein and Stein tell Jax that he burnt the letter with making Jax a little disappointed. Jax returns to the Waverider and tells Sara that he was leaving the Legends but not to say to the team. Sara and the Legends throw Jax a farewell party and Mick and Joe makeup. Sara says goodbye to Jax and comes back on the Waverider to met  Constantine who tells Sara that he needs her help with a demon out there who knows her name.

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This was an exciting episode, and I am looking forward to the Mallus storyline and to see how the Legend will defeat him, and Darhk who I am sure will want revenge for his daughter. I would give this episode an 8/10.