#LegendsOfTomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 "Aruba-Con" Recap & Review

The legends are in Los Angeles 2017 and time is broken, as a repercussion of the team meeting themselves when they went back to save Amaya. As the group tries to figure out how to fix time, they are approached by a dinosaur who is walking toward them and suddenly disappear.  Rip, appear and tells the Legends that he has created the "Time Bureau" to replace the Council. Rip criticized them for breaking time as his Bureau agents fix the “anachronisms,” and thank the team for their service and disband the Legends.

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Six months later the team a separated living something of a normal life, but who could live a normal life after time traveling and saving the world. Sarah works at a store, Ray work at a matchmaking company and get no respect, Nate is in Central City fight crime, Amaya has gone back to her time and country, and the beloved Mick did what he always wanted to do drink and relax in Aruba.

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Unfortunately, Mick vacation is cut short when he notices that the "Time Bureau" missed one, and he captures Julius Caesar and informs Sara. Sara reaches out to Ray and Nate who decided that the average life is not for them and they all decided to prove their worth to the Bureau and inform them that Julius Caesar was not send back to his time. 

After reporting the anachronisms to the Time Bureau, they are in disbelief. However, they follow up on the lead and sent an agent to Aruba, but the real Caesar disappeared in the crowd, and they captured a civilian dress like Caesar and had to wipe his memory. The legends have yet again proven themselves useless, but after Mick shows them an ancient coin, they know that he was not lying about Caesar.

The Legend is once again being shunned by the time Bureau, but they decide that it was their mess and they should clean it up and steal the Waverider. The Waverider is out of shape, so they need a mechanic, and they pick up by Jax and Stein who daughter is having a baby, so he is reluctant to leave her but was convince by Jax that he needed it.

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The team is back in business and capture the real Caesar before the Time Bureau could get him. Rip demands they deliver Caesar to the Bureau and let the Bureau fix the anachronism, but the Legends choose to return Caesar to 49 BC themselves and fix the mess they started.

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During the return, Caesar who they thought they  memory wiped steals Nate's history book and uses the information to conquer the world wiping out the United States. Here come a disappointed Rip and his Time Bureau agent to the rescue. (vent: Rip is acting all high and mighty like he had never made a mistake or cause a time quake when in fact he was the king of mistakes when he searched through time and space to find his family just saying).

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The Time Bureau agent is on a mission to retrieve the book, but when Agent Sharpe and the other agents are captured and ambushed, Rip has no other choice but to allow the Legends to fix the anachronism and rescue the agents. They do what they do kick some ass, recuse the agents and put time back to where it is supposed to be for now at least.

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The Legend have proven themselves useful to Rip and the Bureau, Rip tells Sharpe that the Legends can be helpful in neutralizing "Mallus." Sharpe still thinks that don’t need them but agree to go along with Rip’s plan to work with the legends.

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In Zambesi, 1942, a more powerful Amaya attacks a group of poachers who seek to harm her village.

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It was an ok episode for a premiere, but hopefully, the season picks up, I would give a 7/10.