#LegendsOfTomorrow Season 3 Episode 3 “Zari” Recap & Review

This episode starts in Seattle, 2042 and we see a transport van transporting a prisoner name Zari, and it gets ambushed by Kuasa who we met at the end of episode 3. She stands in the middle of the road and uses her water form to enter the truck and kill the driver and the passenger who gave the prisoner time to escape. On the side watching was Time Bureau Gary who called in code 99.

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On the Waverider Nate is having a hard time getting over Amaya, but Steins see Amaya stuck up in roof sleeping and figure that she must have summoned a spider in her sleep. Nate and Stein team up to help Amaya using their methods, and Amaya’s doesn’t seem to be working.

Sara informs the Legends that she has intercept Gary Code 99 call and goes to rescue him, the Legends lands in 2042 and quickly discovers the state was under martial law by A.R.G.U.S., which is hunting down metahumans. The Legends finds Gary who tells them that he was sent to stop assassin Kuasa who can manipulate water. Gideon locates Zari, and the Legend goes to help her but gets the attention of A.R.G.U.S. bot who recognizes them as missing Meta’s. Zari uses the opportunity to focus the tech on the legend and escapes leaving the Legends to fight their way out.

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The legend heads back to the Waverider to find out more about their new opponent, meanwhile, Stein can’t find a scientific problem as to what is wrong with Amaya, but Nate and Amaya can’t agree on treatment. The Legends gather more information on Zari to help locate her and base on her record which was like Mick’s, Sara asks Mick for a Suggestion as to where she might have gone. Mick took the Legends to a bar he frequents back in the days, and Zari is there sitting at the bar and Mick goes over to talk to Zari.

Mick tells Zari that he was there to help, but she refuses his help telling him that she could take care of herself. Kuasa shows up at the bar Sara fights with Kuasa to keep her occupied and say to the team to get Zari back to the ship, and Mick starts a bar fight allowing him and Sara to get away.

Zari is on the Waverider, and Gary tells her about time traveling, Zari makes a deal with the Legends to help them if they help her get her brother out of an A.R.G.U.S. Meta prison. The Legends agreed and planned to breaks into the A.R.G.U.S. prison. Nate finds a plant from Zambesi that is a Hallucinogen and has Gideon synthesize to help Amaya reach out to her ancestors. Nate tested it on himself leaving Amaya no other choice but to give it a try knowing that it could be dangerous.

The Legends are at the A.R.G.U.S. black site, and they break into the teams, Ray and Jax go to open the prison gate while Sara, Zari and Mick head to the cell. After seeing that A.R.G.U.S. was experimenting on the Meta prisoners Jax open all the cells, the Legends learns that Zari used them and that it was not a prison break, but a prison heist and she was only there to get her brother totem. Zari presses her totem which seems to have some connection with Amaya’s totem as Amaya’s totem light up on the Waverider.

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Nate and Amaya are feeling the effects of the Hallucinogen, the team is stuck at the black site and ask Nate to bright the Waverider to them, but he is too far gone, and Jax tells Gideon to take over the ship and find them using the co-ordinance. At the black site, the Legends follow Zari outside, but she uses the totem to get away leaving the Legends once again.

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The Legends are back on the Waverider, and Sara is mad at Zari for lying to them, but Jax tells him that if any of them were in the same situation, they would have done the same thing so he against sending her back to the A.R.G.U.S. black site. Nate is sent to quarter and Amaya is in the sickbay where she is in a vision, Amaya meets her Ancestor in a world between world. The Ancestor tells Amaya that she can’t stop the force of natures and she need not control the totem but run beside it. The Ancestor tells Amaya that the totem is becoming stronger because of the potent new threat she was about to face, but she cannot face it alone. Amaya must find the girl, and she should not fail the new totem bearer, and she should not fear the totem but put her trust in it.


Ray is with Zara at her family sanctuary, where she tells Ray about A.R.G.U.S.  killing her brother because he used the totem to fight against their injustice.  Kuasa shows up at the sanctuary, Ray reached out to Sara for rescue, but she has a problem of her own as Sharp and her Time Bureau ship approaches.

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Sara escape the time ship, Ray tries to fight Kuasa, but she is using her water power to drown him, and Sara send the rest of the team the jump ship to rescue Ray and Zari. Sara, Stein, and Nate keep Sharp and the Time Bureau occupied since they refuse to tell them Ray and Zari Co-ordinance. Kuasa tries to convince Zari to give her the totem, but she refuses, and try to find a safe ground for her and Ray.

Sara threatens to make the Waverider collide with the time Bureau ship, but their ship jumps away seconds before the Collison. Jax, Mick, and Amaya arrive in time to save Ray and Zari from Kuasa, Amaya took her Ancestors advice and trusted the totem and knocks Kuasa to the ground and tell her to say down. Kuasa takes out a rock and tells her that she would kill Amaya, but she would only be killing herself.

Sharpe tells Sara that if she ever finds them, she would banish them to the end of time. Amaya tells Nate that her faith is interwind with Zari’s and Mick goes to drop off Zari in her garage, and Amaya invites her to join the team.

Final scene we see young Ray Palmer in Ivy town 1988 running away from bullies, and he hides in an empty water drain where he meets a mysterious creature.

It was a nice episode, I love when Sara get mad, and I like the banter between Sara and Sharp. Zari joins the team I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I would give the episode a 7.5/10.