#LegendsOfTomorrow Season 3 Episode 4 “Phone Home” Recap & Review

This week the Legends is on a mission to save Ray from dying in 1988. 

This episode starts on Ivy Town 1988, and we see young Ray running from men in black, Young Ray was trying to get into a lab, and stole the key from one of the men in black, and the other shoots him in the back “dick move on a kid at that.”

The Waverider have a new Legend who joins the hero Zari; Ray decided that they all need to bond as a team. Ray come up with a few games to help the team get to know each other and build their trust, so he paid Mick to do a fall and catch trust exercise but when Mick falls Ray’s disappear into thin air.

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Gideon tells the team that base on her records Ray died on Halloween of 1988. The team jumps to October 30.1988 before Ray’s Death, and Ray reappears to help them stop him from dying, the Legends all dresses up in 1988 fashion and goes undercover to track young Ray’s footstep to see might have killed him. Young Ray stole some candy from a newsstand near his school which sends Ray into a mini panic that he has never stolen in his life. Young Ray is almost home when he met two bullies who until now Ray just realizes that they were not his friends. 

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Sara and Amaya pull up in a red car and tell Ray and that they circle the neighborhood and there was nothing suspicious, telling Ray that the killers may have left after they showed up. Ray check in young Ray’s room window and see him feeding something under his bed, and when it comes out, Ray tells the team that thinks a young Dominator killed him.

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Back on the Waverider, the Legends come up with a plan to get the Baby Dominator away from Young Ray before it kills him. Jax confronts Stein about what he was hiding, but he continues to insist that he was not hiding anything, but Jax still asks Mick to keep an eye on Stein. Ray and Zari visit his home in the middle of the day which is super exciting for Ray to go where he grew up. To Ray and Zari surprise young Ray had skip school to stay home and play with his friend the baby Dominator. Another surprise was young Ray skipping school; Ray uses his Atom suite to shrink to toy size while Zari hides under the bed so young Ray did not see him.

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Ray moms also come home early from work after receiving a call that young Ray did not show up to school, she is angry at young Ray, and with the baby dominator in the closet, they worried it might misunderstand and hurt Ray mom. Nate and Amaya ring the house doorbell to get Ray’s mother to leave the room before she opens the closet door. 

Young Ray decide to run away from home with gumball Dominator and takes shrunken Ray with him, and Zari catches up with him, but he doesn’t trust her and think that she was there to take away gumball Dominator. Young Ray manages to slip Zari, while on the Waverider Mick tells Jax that her suspects Stein is ratting the, out to the Time Bureau and Gideon confirms that he has erased the jump ship flight record.

Nate and Amaya are in the wood looking for Ray and talk about their relationship, and Amaya suggested they go back to being friends. Amaya and Nate hide after seeing blue lights in the woods, and Sara follows the ping Gideon pick up of another time ship. When Sara arrived at the location, she did not see a ship, but she was an adult Dominator to hit her sent her flying in the air.

Back on the Waverider Mick show Jax the room that Stein has been spending a lot of time in, and finding a device that can transmit a message through time. Jax tried to defend Stein, but after seeing the transponder, Jax has now believed that Stein is reporting them to the Time Bureau. Zari finds Young Ray and the Gumball, but he is still not willing to trust her, so Ray tells Zari to play along with his young self to gain his trust. Young finally start to believe Zari and come out, but before she could be doing anything, they were ambushed by the men in black.

Back at the lab the men in black lock up Zari and young Ray, and attach Gumball to a device that will dampen his power, so he can’t control them or communicate with his mother. The head man in black order the other to question young Ray and then kill him. At the ping-point the mother Dominator have Sara pinned, and she searches her mind to find out where Gumball is, so Mama Dominator get the info from Sara’s head and head to find Gumball.

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Back on the Waverider, Jax and Mick confront Stein who is about to use the jump ship again, but Mick break off a piece. Stein has the Transponder in his pocket, and Jax asks him if he was using it to communicate with the Time Bureau but before he could answer Lily called to tell her dad that she was leaving to have a baby. Stein explains everything to Jax, but Jax was disappointed that Stein would keep something of such importance from the team. Jax, Stein, and Mick decide to use the Waverider to 2017 to help Stein see the birth of his first grandchild being as he never saw the birth of Lilly. 

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Back at the Lab young Ray is corner by the men in black but is save by Ray and Zari; Ray tried to leave Gumball to buy young Ray was not having it. Zari decides after hearing Ray talking to young Ray to save Gumball and get out of the lab asap. At the Ping-point Sara free herself from the Mama Dominator’s web and calls Ray and the others to them that Mama Dominator reed her mind and the last place they say Gumball was at his house. Amaya volunteers to watch outside for the Mama Dominator while Nate goes back to the house to keep Ray’s mother safe. 

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Nate goes to Ray’s house, and his mother opens the door and comes on to him in a sexual way, while Amaya finds that Ray’s mom was webbed to a tree upside down meaning that whoever Nate is kissing right now was not Ray’s mother. Nate continues to have no idea that he was making out with Mama Dominator, Amaya races to Ray’s house to warn Nate and finds him kissing the Dominator and attacks it allow them to escape. 

Sara head back to the Waverider but found a note from Mick say they took the Waverider, at the lab, Zari and Rays are corner by the men in black. Young Ray turns off Gumball dampener and him to control of the men in black mind making them dance and sing allowing them to get away. Zari and young Ray finds two bicycles outside the lab and takes it, while Amaya and Nate get chased by Mama Dominator, the Legend decided to meet up with Sara who hopes the Rays and Zari get there in time.

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In central city 2017 Mick, Stein, and Jax race to Lilly side. Straight out of ET Zari uses her totem to let the bicycle fly to Sara’s location just in time to have young Ray hand over Gumball to it mother leaving the Legends crying like big babies.

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The anachronism is fixed, and Ray stays alive, Stein gets to hold his grandchild Ronni and Jax apologies for not trusting Stein. Nate and Ray go to wipe his mother memory, and Zari gives young Ray a pep talk, and Zari decides that the Legends should trick -or-treating with young Ray to get the bullies off him. Mick steals the bullies candy and Zari is adjusting to the team nicely, and Jax asks Ray for help in freeing Stein from being the other half to Firestorm so that Stein can be with his family. 

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I know that Stein was leaving, and I like the way they are doing it, so enjoy the half of Firestorm while you have them because their will only be one soon. This was a fun and exciting episode and as a big fan of ET that was cool. I will give this episode an 8.5/10 because I loved the ET scene.