#LegionFX chapter 4 "King Nothing" Recap & Review


Chapter 4 opens up with a continuous shot of a brand new character who we later learn is Oliver, Melanie's husband.  He is in a mysterious icy room speaking directly to the audience.  He draws parallels between David's life and stories of fear vs. empathy, leaving us wondering, who is the fuzzy bunny in this tale?

We then return to David still "consciously" unconscious, and the team of Dr. Melanie, Ptonomy (the memory whisperer), Syd, and Kary later joined by Kerry (pun intended) in an attempt to find answers to some of the questions David's mind has shown them.

This leads Syd and Ptonomy to listen to Dr poole's tape recorder and see a memory of David's meeting w/ him. What do the stars say is asked again triggering another glitch in his memory.  This phrase is spoken throughout the episode and then further examined by Syd.  Whatever the stars say is the key to something, that is for sure. Ptonomy explains how massively powerful David is compared to any of them as Syd grapes for reasons or excuses for why David did some of the things in his past which now include murder.

Amy is celled up and starving, realizes she can speak with the person in the cell next to her.  It turns out this is where Dr. Kissinger is also.  It appears the people after David have now erased both of them but still is using them to find out more and lure in David.  Amy confides that she knew David had abilities and that he would have conversations, especially with King.  To which Dr. Kissinger said yes the family dog.  Amy reveals there is no dog.  Yet another rug pulled from us the viewer.

Syd, Ptonomy and Kerry continue looking for clues, and we learn about Cary and Kerry's backstory which is awesome.  Their coexisting within one body seems to be bringing the audience closer to understanding David.  The trip brings them to David's ex who's earrings mirror the Ladder David climbs to Oliver's room in the Astro plane.  In the most chilling scene in the episode, Syd asks David's ex if there is a message they could pass to him if they find him.  Her reply, "They're watching."


David, in the Astro plane is lured by Oliver to his abode in the same scuba suit he was ghosting Melanie in before we learned that his body is contained in that suit in an icy room beneath the ward.

Oliver is more Austin powers then any threat and looks like someone willing to help David even though I don't believe either can save the other from their current state.  Oliver can see the yellow eyed demon who up until now only David could see so that was very telling.


Meanwhile, Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry visit Dr. Poole after seeing a memory through David's ex.  It is soon clear that this is a trap and Poole is actually The Eye who we learn cannot be shot.  He makes quick work of Ptonomy before Syd slyly switches bodies with him by touching his skin.  Kerry finally got the fight she was clambering for all episode only to...get whooped so I'm interested to see if she becomes a more powerful fighter in the future.

Lenny finds David, she is able to show him events happening in real life prompting him to get emotional and transport his body in front of the Truck driven by Syd in The Eye's body.  David frees The Eye who is in Syd's body and almost is stabbed as a result.  The Eye and Syd switch back leading to The Eye pulling out and firing a gun at them.  Kerry runs across and takes the bullet which we find out also puts Cary in a possibly fatal situation as well. The episode ends with Lenny peering over David's shoulder with her arm around his other side but her arm is grey and resembles the yellow eyed demon.


So many questions, why did David make up King? Are Lenny, Benny, the yellow eyed demon and King all the same person? Are all of them plus the psych ward in David's head? What will be the fate of Ptonomy and Kerry/Cary? They were not in good shape at episode's end. I cannot wait to see some of this answered and see David go after Amy, it doesn't look like anyone will be able to convince him otherwise. Enjoy! We are Many.


I would give this episode a 9.