#LegionFX Chapter 5 Recap & Review "It Wears A Human Face"

This episode was downright crazy, so much so that my original review has been wiped off the face of the earth so I'll try this shorter, more contained one and try to touch on as much as I can.


Kerry is alive and is absorbed back into Cary who we get to see absorb all of Kerry's injuries.

David is super confident, almost like a different person? He and Syd take a journey into the Astro plane to a room like Oliver had except its all white. He shows how they can touch here, among other things because it isn't real. Notable is the bowl of strawberries that gets infested with bugs signaling that David and even his safest places are being infiltrated by the Yellow eyed demon.

Later, Melanie attempts to convince the couple that attacking D3 unprepared is unwise, they are ready for them and have people like David. This conversation is barely heard by David and he switches the conversation to Oliver, and he's kind of a jerk about it. Melanie warns him about the similar abilities of her husband and David but also wants David to retrieve her lost Oliver.

David and Syd go back to their white room which is now blue. From what I've seen so far this is the safest dolor on the show. David and Syd get it on and from that moment on Syd is very much David's ride or die chick. However the room is connected to a very red room containing Lenny who is hellbent on attacking D3 now.


hen Syd wakes up, David is gone and she alerts the team. They weigh it out, valuing their mortality but ultimately go after David.

hat they see when they arrive is one of my favorite scenes thus far. Cars spiked into the earth, fires everywhere and bodies and limbs half trapped in the cement as if David phased them through the ground and left them.


The gang continues through Division 3 and finds a horrific scene, one its leaders is left alive, half phased through the floor. He says they were ready but it didn't matter, not for the monster that David is. He utters the horrifying phrase, "it wears a human face." They contact Kerry and compare notes about David.  Syd returns to her body to tell the others. Kerry calls the group to tell them he knows what's wrong with David and compares it to a parasite. This thing has been feeding off of David for 30 years and may be why it's so bloated. They all converge on the house but first Kerry works on a collar-like device to help separate David from the parasite.  Very notable is that Syd is summoned to David's white room which is yellow(bad sign) and he eerily plays rainbow connection while nodding to Syd to close the door to the red room where we see King the dog and the angriest boy.  He then motions for her to look through the telescope which reveals that David and his sister Amy are at his childhood home.


At the house they find there is no sound, and they almost kill Kerry when he arrives because of this. I believe David caused the silence so the Yellow eyed parasite wouldn't know they are coming. Up stairs Lenny manifests into reality through the mirror wearing a Twizzler tie, it's notable because twizzlers have made multiple appearances in this show. However not as notable as Amy dropping the bomb that David is adopted and they didn't tell him out of fear. Apparently David was an angry boy, perhaps the angriest boy in the world?


Speaking of him Syd sees him go up the stairs and reluctantly follows, why she didn't tell anyone is a good question.  This leads to the climax in which the team gets upstairs but one of them is the Eye in disguise and shoots at David.  Syd spins David and tells him to transport them.  He does but big problem, bloated parasitic yellow eyed demon walks in from the red room.  He looks humanish at least in skin tone with very bad intentions for Syd and stalks her to the bed all the while David is frozen in time screaming.  I believe he is so powerful that he is able to transport them to our final scene. 

Clockworks with all our favorite characters lethargic shells of themselves except Syd who is being questioned by...Lenny?!  Is this reality or the Astro plane or even another part of David's own mind?  Personally I think Kerry was able to fit David with the collar, temporarily separating him from the bloaty parasite.  What do you think? And more importantly what is about to happen?  I'm thinking we'll get some insight into some of the other patrons of clockworks.