#LegionFX Chapter 7 - An Eye For an Eye Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 9

The episode begins with the Eye still stalking Kerry whistling like a psychopath.  Meanwhile, Lenny has Amy in her war room equip with maps and globes.  Lenny interrogates Amy about the day David was brought home and is searching for something.


Oliver and Cary are in the cube and Oliver is disappointed to find out Daylights savings isn't about Actually saving daylight and Insists his wife is Asian. Oliver is a riot. Ama Farouk revealed as our shadow king a name that both Kerry and Oliver are familiar with either through reputation or a past event. It is also revealed that the hospital is not reality, a lot was revealed even Jules Verne which is just what Oliver calls his diving suit but funny nonetheless and maybe significant.
Syd and Kerry talk in a safe phone booth like enclosure and Syd sums up anything you needed to know. The hospital is fake, the shadow king poses as Lenny, and in reality, they are in David's room about to be shot. Kerry gives eyeglasses to Syd for those still in the fantasy hospital, and they work like the sunglasses in the movie "They Live" where when worn you can see the truth, Would have been great if Roddy Piper played one of the crazy hospital patients. All this is going on with David trapped in the corner of his own mind in a coffin-like box by the Shadow King.


Melanie enters David s room where shots are already in motion. She meets Oliver who recognizes her but is unsure of who she is and it rightfully affects her. When she steps out she finds blood that leads her to Rudy's body who has was killed by the Eye so he could use his form to shoot David. She whispers in his ear what I believe to be, if there is anything left of you in there, you must save the others inside the hospital fantasy. Syd already in the hospital finds Kerry and Rudy who is still catatonic in the fantasy because he is dying in real life. She gives them glasses from Kerry to see what is real.


David freaking out in the coffin manifests his rational mind to save him escape. He did not do this consciously it was almost his mond's way of protecting himself. Rational David is British and asks him to think of a blackboard and start retracing where everything began from his adoption to his present situation. This includes Lenny being a parasite that new his father. He sees now that it is a mutant that latched onto him since birth. On the blackboards, (for their are many) even though he never saw his real father the sketch on the board is so professor X, and it's... uncanny.? He deduced that his father defeated the shadow king and hid David however it found him and made him crazy while it fed on David's power. I draw parallel from the Shadow King's war room to David's classroom, hey, he'll get there eventually.


David has an epiphany about his condition, his friends being in danger and feel strong enough to get his body back. He rips the coffin door open and begins trekking through his mind in search of Syd, his friends, and his enemy.

The group in David's childhood room try and figure out how to stop the bullets which lead to Oliver attempting a shield through music. Always with a flair this guy. Meanwhile, Kerry, Syd and what's left of Rudy are in the horror version of the mental hospital, and The Shadow King is watching. Kerry loses her glasses when attacked by the Eye causing her to see and do battle with swarms of patients that aren't really there.


The next scene is all from the perspective of a silent film, with subtitles which were another artistic component of the show I hadn't seen yet. It was unusual and fantastic. Lenny appears in front of Syd, Kerry, Rudy and the Eye but is displeased with the lack of respect upon its appearance and contorts the Eye which causes the others to see him die in front of them in David's room; both deaths looked painful.Then just as shadow king is ready to kill off Syd and Kerry she notices Oliver and his shield in the real world and leaves to stop him which she does almost instantly tossing him into a wall but she should have stayed and dealt with Cary also who then put the device he made the last episode on David's head. Lenny returns to finish off the girls, but Rudy gets out of his wheelchair and tackles her. However, Lenny ejects both of them out of the scene.



Back in David's room as the headpiece is now on him things start gaining speed, reality is returning, and it appears David is shot as he turns his body in front of Syd's from the bullets but he was able to catch them.


Amy yells David, I think she's seen enough and in one of the greatest displays of power yet David puts his arms out causing a purple then blinding glow as he transported the entire group into the forest, it brought me back to when he moved Ptonomy and Melanie out of his mind and out of the room they were in but this time, he did it on purpose. I mean Rudy is dead or dying so I guess he doesn't have total control yet, But they accept it and walk back through the forest.


David feeling in control begins to take off his headgear but is quickly warned by Kerry that it is containing the Shadow King and is a temporary solution.

Finally home, Melanie goes downstairs to find Jules the diving suit empty. However, it's because he's upstairs cooking breakfast in the flesh! Kerry and Carey are not ok with each other, and he left her open to the Eye's attack, and Carey is the only person Kerry thought would never abandon her. The Coffee maker is a different voice, I'm not sure whether this to ease Oliver's transition, but I'm hoping the voice belongs to Jules Verne because why not. 

Amy and David have an honest moment about his powers and with Carey agree that they need to get the parasite out of him. David sees a flash of the angriest boy in the world indicating that the device again is not the perfect solution. Oliver is about to tell Melanie her favorite story just as Division 3 heavily armed surround them and the group below on their way to fix David. The Interrogator from the beginning of the season is back with half a face and a grayed out eye for whatever that's worth. He offers the command to kill everyone but David, and it leaves us off there as we fall deep into David's mind where we see Lenny/Shadow King scrapping to get out. The episode ends with a tear in the coffin.

So, who caused the tear in the coffin? Was it the shadow king clawing or did David drop the headpiece? Is the interrogator out of his mind or can they actually stop David? Have they learned nothing? Finally, what did you all think of the 2nd to the last episode and where will the finale leave us? All I know for sure is don't miss the after the credits scene I keep hearing about! 


See you Wednesday night!