#LegionFX Season Finale -Oh, I'm sure he'll turn up

Epiosde Grade 9

I thought this might be a good time to release this as we are all in need of some Legion right about now. Better late then never anyway...


 Episode 8 begis with the interrogator from earlier this season.  We learn he has feelings, a backstory, and a Name!  We have been in David's head so long we had no reference for the outside of summerland world.  The finale makes us feel the matchup with David and Clark is more antihero vs antihero rather than good vs evil.

 Harvey D3? 

Harvey D3? 

However, Shadow King, Amahl Farouk, Lenny, Angriest boy, King (s)he's still evil as can be fantastic.  In any case, Clark's recovery humanizes him until he coolly expresses his declaration of war and dons his new wolf cane and red suit.  We are then thrown immediately back into the action with Clark facing off with David and the group, telling his soldiers they may kill the others.  David immediately thwarts that plan and piles the soldiers into a tree of men, dangling helplessly.  Our knowledge of D3 has mostly come by way of Melanie and Summerland who oppose D3, however, David sees the possibility of a partnership.  David now in control says they need to talk.  Noted is that Clark's eye has been rigged with a camera.  There is a group watching through Clark's eye, they are adjusting and making moves as they take in what they are seeing throughout the episode.

Notable is that David has been in clockworks for 6 years and feels like this is make it or break it as he faces Farouk and D3.  Also notable is everyone has their own secret plan from Melanie's plan M to D3's peacemaker and equinox.  Hoping that some light is shed onto some of these when the series returns although we may have caught a glimpse of one of them following the finale's credits.  The group is also worried about David's halo failing, which it is and when it does will give Farouk David's mind permanently.

 I liked how Kerry, always looking for a fight, was the perfect person to pace around Clark.  She is also still avoiding Kerry As in the finale personal relationships are a focus, Clark, and boyfriend during the recovery,  Syd telling David saving her is not as important as saving himself, Kerry and Cary straightening out their abandonment issues, and Melanie trying to boost Oliver's memory through a dinner invitation.

Melanie then sits with Clark and both think they have leverage or power.  Clark explains that Summerland is greatly outnumbered but the confidence is turned up when Clark makes it known that he is aware of her and also Oliver who is presumed dead for over 20 years with her quick response, "Oh, he'll turn up."  She Explains that David is a world breaker and that if Clark and his world coalition killed David before he realized this it would be one thing but now that David is aware, that coalition better seeks survival and evolve as the dinosaurs did to birds. 

 Waiting for season 2 like... 

Waiting for season 2 like... 

I love David telling Clark the war is over if you want it.  But shadow king in David repeating, chanting, "you don't have to be afraid." Clark explains they cannot coexist with people who have them outgunned, David asks if that is not, in fact, the history of the world.

Syd is brought to The white room in David's mind but quickly learns that it is Farouk disguised as Lenny who brought her there.  Signaling that David's halo is losing power over him.  The Beetlejuice-like Lenny lays it down through her dripping feet and psychotic explanations how Farouk can't just be removed from David.  "You can't unmake soup!" Lenny says andSyd realizes that the only way to getFarouk out of David is with its cooperation.


This prompts Syd to trust D3 and she tells them that David has another parasitic mutant battling for his mind in hopes of an alliance to save David.  The headgear is barely keeping Farouk locked from the rest of David's mind at this point and he passes out.  

 As they work on David , those watching through Clark's Eye position their peacemaker closer.  I'd like to note that upon starting the tests on David, Oliver says, "And boom goes the dynamite."  This is more awesome than important and kicks off this beautiful montage of memories set to Pink Floyd.  From the images it looks as though Farouk is being destoyed from David's memory. 


 Farouk begins to fight back and we see him and David meet face to face in his mind.  However, David has Farouk frozen in time, even changes his appearance from the yellow eyed demon to Lenny.  David wonders what he would even be like without Farouk as it's the only life he has known. He compares them to the sun and moon like one's survival is connected to the other.  David looks and feels in control but made a fatal error in being so close to Lenny who is able to choke David sending his body into shock.  Syd runs to David's aid and Farouk is momentarily visible on one of the screens which sends chills through Clark and he asks those watching through him if they saw the image,  their response was to send in the equinox. 


The scene that follows is slowed down as Syd attempts to help David, falling right into Farouk's plan.  When Syd kisses David she absorbs the parasite and is thrown back.  When she rises as Farouk, she uses her power to infest Kerry who kicks Carey's attempt to sedate her.  Freaking Ptonomy, is a little too ready to shoot Kerry but is taken down andKerry makes quick work of the group and Clark, man this guy needs a raise. 

 David floats in front of Kerry and they attempt to run through each other, I found it odd that neither had an offensive move but David overpowers her setting up the saddest moment of the finale.  Oliver remembers Melanie, saying her name as if he's had an epiphany about their relationship, right before Farouk who was cast out if Kerry infests Oliver.  On the plus side this just fused two of the strongest characters in Lenny and Oliver.  The duo excites me more than anything for season 2 as I imagine they will be one groovy villain.


David tells Clark that they are going to have to work together.  We see the destruction left behind in the lab but everyone is fine except Oliver who has already left the facility, Farouk controlling his mind.  They are heading someplace warm on a search for whatever Farouk was searching for in his war room last episode with all the maps and globes.


Those who stuck around after the credits got to see David caught like a Pokémon in an orb of some kind.  Was it Division 3's peacemaker or equinox?  I'm hoping it's Mojo related, some thought was the big bad this season until the Shadow King reveals.  I I'm also hoping they rescue Oliver and contain SK in hopes of using him to fight Mojo, therefore, creating a season 3 Mojo infested Shadow King scenario.  What did you think of the finale? What are you expecting for season 2?