#LegionFX What's Going On? What's real?  Is David Completely Out Of His Mind?


Welcome to all things Legion!  We are already at the midway point of the season and... what's going on? What's real?  Is David completely out of his mind?  I could easily fill another page and a half of questions as each episode seems to create many answers

What we do know is that David Haller is an Omega level mutant which as Ptonomy explains, other mutants are a card trick compared to David who is a bomb.  He's been in a mental hospital for 6 years where he was diagnosed as being schizophrenic however it is becoming clear to David and friends that he is more than that and if he can find control he may be more powerful than anyone. Also, it remains possible that everything and everyone we've met up until this point could have been fabricated by David himself.


Some of this became evident pretty early with Lenny's demise and the excerpts we received from "The World's angriest boy in the world." The story he was read before sleeping which clearly did not exist and is covering up a pretty dark memory. Perhaps the death of a parent.


One of the more memorable characters so far must be the "yellow eyed demon." He appears when David is in trauma or when a memory goes bad. This manifestation is the most harmful so far and is either a part of David or a parasite of some kind trying to take advantage of his condition. We saw when Syd switched places with David how enticing it could be for some like the Yellow eyed demon or The Eye to gain possession over David and his powers. Speaking of...


The Eye is becoming increasingly scary and mystical as we try to wrap our head around who he is and his powers. He was able to see Syd and David when they visited where his sister was being held captive. He may exist in between the Astro plane and the real world.

So what are your favorite aspects from the show so far? The colorful scenes and characters compliment each other very well and one must pay attention to everything from how a scene is lit down to those super fast flashes as this one below.

I'm going to leave off right here as touching on 3 episodes of Legion has left me as scatter brained as our anti-hero. I look forward to discussing this show in depth and would love to know what topics you all would like to delve into first. I will be following up with a review solely on chapter 4 in the next couple of days in preparation for the 5th this wed. Hope you all enjoy! We are many!