#LegionFX "Chapter 10" Recap & Review

Chapter 10 began on a carousel of candy, made up of every color as David, Oliver, and Lenny speak about a possible alliance. Lenny bargains with David over what is real, “You remember it, so it happened.” she says. This is giving Lenny a chance to be an unexpected hero or setting up another villainous act. David wants to help future Syd which involves aligning himself with the shadow king, who is double-crossing David while discussing the partnership. Or perhaps, the team up is already in play.

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After slaying a few guards, Oliver manages to drop by a sleeping Melanie’s room as well as the teeth chatterers while Lenny shines her yellow eyes towards Cary who holds a spoon up like a cross to a vampire. Lenny flicks the spoon which has a tuning fork/paralyzing effect on Kerry, but they are spared despite their inside-out circumstance. The way Kerry was frozen was very similar to how David froze a decaying Lenny near the end of season 1.

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The Vermillion continues to be the weirdest part of the show. They give Ptonomy comfort they still give me the creeps. Their existence remains more of a distraction and a mystery than anything else. While searching for Farouk, all they find is a music box that pisses off Syd. A message has been sent.

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The Monks of Migo order may be the key to defeating the shadow king however it came at the price of being wiped out. Perhaps David will travel back instead of forward in episodes to come. Division 3 thinks David is working with Farouk at a 63% chance. I guess if David doesn’t bash Farouk’s brains in as Syd says shortly than the Vermillion may be correct. David’s inner monologue proves this theory. He seems conflicted but comes up with a plan to see future Syd who tells him that there is something that kills everyone in the future. So do we need the Shadow King’s help for victory or is it to stop future, David?

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Finally, after 9 and a half episodes we finally meet Amahl Farouk, the shadow king who is confident, cryptic and wants David to use his powers to “come sit with the big boys,” is still the best manipulator on the show. This new layer of the character fits in perfectly as an ally/ enemy. Using wrestling ( the world’s oldest sport) was a great way to show the age of the mutant. The Samurai choice has meaning tied to Admiral Fukiyama. Before David shows, he’s not messing around with becoming a tank. 

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This is not a battle of strength and David wants to avoid violence, the shadow king slyly says or else what? More Violence? All the while, Lenny wants freedom, shadow king thinks she is thinking too temporary, that her existence now comes without death. She says sneak out the back door which is a reference to season 1 when invading David’s white room. The Loudermilks sing themselves back using the song they first split on as children, but Kerry seems to age faster while outside of Cary. 

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The episode concludes with Melanie telling David to escape with Syd and leave the battle behind. Next chapter should give some direction, but I believe we are going to have the rug pulled out from us again and soon with all this talk of delusion. Is Lenny the Tick? Is David the enemy? Will he kill Farouk? Who will fix Melanie and the Loudermilk?

This was another interesting episode, I would give it an 8.5/10.