#LegionFX "Chapter 11" Recap & Review

Welcome to Legion season 2 episode 3 breakdown.  We begin analyzing more illness.  These little lectures are featuring John Hamm with the voiceover, this time about the Nocebo effect. Where the simple idea of disease could create a genuine impact on the subject.  Featured is a true story about cheerleaders who contagiously contract a tick in the neck to the point where the whole town is either affected or related to someone who is. You know, precisely what is happening in Division 3 with the teeth chattering.

Legion 303 1.gif

The themes of ticks and eggs are repeating in the season as the shadow king acted as a tick feeding off of David, the ticks about illness and ticks of the clock as this season are very much about time and time travel.  The eggs are a little more obvious, front and center during the voice-overs and Farouk’s casket.

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Speaking of which I loved the shout-out to the comics as we see a glimpse of the battle between Farouk and Prof. X playing out in Farouk’s sunglasses.  David then meets with him and discuss teaming up to find Farouk’s body and David is down because Syd and future Syd support the plan. This all happening while Lenny continually and unsuccessfully is killing her self.  I think David will absorb her towards the end of the season; I believe she will befriend turned villain turned hero.  Hero vs. peasant stuck out during David and Farouk’s talk, and I believe David will leave Farouk in a maze as a peasant when he defeat’s him.

The monk getting loose in Division 3 was fun, and I can see how it is his path that creates the illness, however, keeping the shadow king’s body in their dwelling is what started the disease. I’ll be interested to see if the epidemic continues without him. The most surprising thing about him was that voice!  Did not see that coming and yea, the plummeting to his death was a shock as well because who is going to find the secret weapon and who or what is it?  One thing is for sure; it isn’t Fukuyama, is he done, dead or unplugged. 

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David returns to an infected Division 3, and this is where the mazes play a major role in the episode along with...cows?
The monk has infected several people including Ptonomy, Melanie, Kerry, and Syd.  Ptonomy’s mind maze is him pruning roses and forgetting after every rose he picks.  He has the mind of a goldfish.  The cure, of course, is David’s E.T. fingers.  Melanie’s maze is a little more elaborate as it is basically like an 80s typing adventure game although it does lead to that scary Minotaur again although he seemed much larger this time.  David saves her as well.  Cary finding Kerry was heartbreaking and he disappears? Maybe within her, time will tell.

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A few thoughts on episode 3, is it possible the key to these mazes is the Minotaur? Just staying with the whole green is red, up is down, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were an ally more than a foe.  Also, I’m starting to think future Syd is part of David’s maze. The cow is a hot topic due to its randomness and was red at one point; it has meaning, Cary knows, he didn’t trust that guy right away.  Cary teaching Kerry how to eat, drink and use the restroom was comical.  Almost as funny as when Melanie asks, “Did you check the pedestal?” when she finds out Syd is missing.  She’s getting catty with the wrong cat. I look forward to Syd’s maze it looks...chilling. My final thought is that David is the weapon that’s why the monk says, “It’s already happened.” Before killing himself.  He found the weapon he was looking for but knows that so did Farouk.  Enjoy episode 4!!

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I would rate this episode a 9/10.