#LegionFX S2 Ep 4 "Chapter 12" Recep

Welcome to the Season 2 episode 4 review of Legion.  The “Syd” episode the bottle episode.  In all honesty after the first 3 episodes I needed to slow things down a bit, so this episode was perfectly placed as I’m sure the next episode will return to confusion and uncertainty.

Legion 204 1.gif

Also, American Horror Story fans like myself were more than happy to welcome Lily Rabe as Syd’s mom.  It was so cool to see baby Syd moving her head away showing that she always had an issue being touched and it’s not only because of her abilities.

Legion 204 2.gif

The art in the museum was a great shout out to the artistry of the comics, and the paintings themselves seem to relate to characters on the show.  The painting of the man with the mustache was most certainly the Shadow King, and he looked the eeriest as if he was watching them.  It reminded me a lot of Lenny’s big eyes at towards the end of season 1.  Is Farouk still connected to Syd?

Syd trying on the coats was another of my favorite scenes, a nod to her powers, it’s neat that she fascinated about being able to be other people before she knew she could.

Legion 204 4.gif

One of the big scenes regarding those powers was when a boy tried to kiss Syd; she said no while being teased by the same three girls that appear to have picked on her for years.  Syd then does kiss the guy, switches bodies with him and then beats the 3 girls with a lacrosse stick. Also, showing another side to Syd other than David’s loving girlfriend.

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What was shocking was that with the monk dead, everyone has woken up from their mazes except for Syd and David meaning this was something else. Could Syd possibly be strong enough to keep David in there or was David too stubborn to go without figuring her out? This becomes more clear as David approaches young Syd for assistance and she tells him he’s cheating.

Later, back in the art gallery, David feels he’s nailed it down, but Syd reply’s with a buzzer-like “Eeeh, try again.”  Behaving more like Lenny than Syd and has me questioning how much I trust her which never crossed my mind previous to this episode.

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Maybe my favorite scene of the episode was punk rock Syd jamming out and briefly switching with the others.  It looked like the birth of her powers.  If true, it can be connected to the igloo which represents her actual birth.

Of course, the craziest scene is when we finally see what Syd described in season 1.  How she switched bodies with her mother and slept with her mother’s boyfriend.  Some real Jerry Springer type of action right there.  And, as described by Syd last season, her powers were not as strong then and she switched back, the mother wakes up catches Syd and a very confused boyfriend in the shower.  It was weird, it was wrong, and it gave strength to the idea that Syd is not all good.

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My favorite moments of the show were near the end.  The FX presents popping up on the wall indicating the beginning of the next chapter. It is as if episode 5 began in episode 4.  And of course the best moment, The “I’m baaaack.” from Lenny.  Did she escape? Did the shadow king craft her a body? Is she even Lenny? And if so will she hold a grudge against Syd for killing her?  I cannot wait for the next episode to get back to the madness that is Legion.

I would rate this episode 8/10.