#LegionFX S2 Ep 5 "Chapter 13" Recep

We learned a lot during episode 5.  Lenny is back although she did say “Benny” a couple of times and now had green eyes.  So, we knew there was going to be explaining to do and... I kind of wish they didn’t!  Poor poor Amy!

I did notice in the crazy upside down room that the light turned from red to green when Clark pricked Lenny’s finger.  Still keeping an eye on all things red and green hoping for a payoff there. 

Legion 205 5.gif

We also come to find out that Lenny is short for Lenore, Lenny’s alcoholic grandma who used to feed her drinks at age 9 beginning her downward spiral at an early age.  Also, when Clark holds up the 2nd picture during his interrogation, there is someone else in it besides Clark, David?  I believe it to be David from his season 1 interrogation.

Did Lenny really “escape?”  She has a new body and alone but is she every really on anyone’s side but her own?  She continually asks for David, and I’m not sure if Lenny is asking for him or maybe it is his sister if she is some kind of Lenny/Amy soup.  This seems an awful lot like the incident that led future Syd to say that David bashed Farouk’s brains in.

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FX presents popped up sooner than I thought it would but they did a good job of waiting a bit before introducing the new chapter.  Oliver and Farouk are almost as great as the Oliver/Lenny combination probably because there is some real dislike between the two as opposed to Lenny and Oliver singing and dancing.  Farouk makes Oliver dig up a dead Lenny because he wants to test the machine that they stole from Division 3.  You can tell Farouk is getting impatient because he eventually just raises it with his powers.  I partly wish David went into the not too distant future so he could realize that the device is this reanimating gun and just destroy it then and there.

What is the present, is there one?  I enjoyed the Lenny interview with Ptonomy. Lenny warns Farouk is coming after he gets his body and Ptonomy sees that there is a link between the admiral and the delusion as well as seeing that the bad egg creature has infiltrated his mind.

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The conspiracy was the focus this week and how easily it is confused with coincidence.  This is explained by the way some would see Jesus in a toast.  So who is conspiring with who is the question?  

So, there is a donut selling submarine, is that what Amy’s husband does?  It seems somewhat funny, but it turns into One of the more intense scenes of the series.  Amy seeing into David’s world in her dream does show a connection but to who? And is there anything left of her?  

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Oliver tells Farouk that maybe life and death are irrelevant, but he is still not all there since defrosting from his ice cube.  Farouk wants to kill the humans which makes Oliver remember Melanie leading to a calm, “I’m going to kill you, ya know” from Oliver.  This honestly has me worried for Oliver, but the line itself was awesome.

Where do I think it’s heading? David would hold onto Lenny because it’s all he has left of his sister although, it looks like it could lead to his downfall if Lenny were sent just to make David go mad.  Cary will engineer a way to attach Lenny to Fukuyama so Amy can speak through a vermillion as she foreshadowed.  Did Syd distract David while his sister was being murdered?  The Syd or future Syd and shadow king theory could be in play.  David made Farouk promise no death, and he immediately kills his sister.  How are they ever going to stop David from fulfilling the prophecy of killing Farouk?