#LegionFX S2 Ep 6 "Chapter 14" Recep

Legion is one of the most creative shows on tv and clip shows are one of the least creative things one can do so this past week’s episode was interesting.  So many Davids so little time, where does one begin?

Legion 206 7.gif

There was Old David who was a Professor X type, like father like son?  Amy takes care of him, and it was nice to see more of their bond after what transpired with her an episode earlier.  One constant in the lives of David is that he gets shot in the back.  I wish they brought back the actor who played The Eye in season 1 to play the cop to make this clearer.  He also can’t or refuses to use left arm.  Is this related to Syd’s fate?  It is also possible that this David is the same as the box moving David.

Legion 206.gif

Box moving David was surrounded by green logos, cows, and safety signs.  He enjoys listening to jungle sounds, wearing two robes, and likes to be reminded of when he hurt people.  He had the most exposure this episode other than billionaire David.  An Octopus is shown behind David’s head before things start going very wrong for him.  He sees the bloated version of the shadow king, and then the police come.  One officer briefly turns into the shadow king himself who sets David off.  One cop is whooshed away Rudy style, and one one of which is taken out like The Eye was I’m easily the most gruesome death of the season so far.  David is shot in back and nukes everyone except Amy leaving shadows of cars and people.

Legion 206 2.gif

Family David was briefly looked at and was surprisingly normal.  No powers, happily married but not to Syd. His love for waffles is still intact. In this timeline.

Tweaker David has a cow in the background to continue that whole thing, and he is the one explaining what we are seeing, a multiverse of seemingly endless possibilities.  He is not winning in this life but is more awake in a sense.

Legion 206 4.gif

Homeless David has a shot for shot clockwork orange scene.  He also goes nuclear and leaves shadows after the group attempts to injure him.  “It’s always blue!” He yells randomly.  David whooshes people away like Rudy also.  When confronted by authority (most likely division 3) he starts to go yellow-eyed, showing how much Farouk has corrupted him in this timeline.  Kerry who slices him in half epically kills him.

Legion 206 3.gif

Wealthy David may be full blown Farouk.  He’s evil, he becomes the richest man in the world by helping Laura, his boss and later making her his assistant.  He does this because she resents him and that gives him joy.  He hurts Amy for god’s sake.  Gone is the division he says in this timeline, I took that as there is no division 3 in this timeline, no one who can stop him.  He sees Farouk in the reflection.

Legion 206 5.gif

Pen-pusher David was not that interesting except he is visited by a singing mouse because... it’s Legion.  The mouse sings slave for love.  Good dancer too that mouse.

Our David is seen in flashbacks from season 1.  We see him hang himself with the shadow king in the background.  We then see him and Amy outside clockwork.  

Legion 206 6.gif

This episode gave a lot of depth to David and Amy’s relationship.  On first view I didn’t think it was the strongest,  there was too much jumping around and too many callbacks to last season.  After watching a few more times, this was a very necessary episode that begins to connect some dots for the viewers.

Legion 206 8.gif

It was interesting to hear Farouk say, “You make your reality.”   As David may be powerful enough actually to do that.  Also noted that the flowers on David’s grave were yellow which immediately reminded me of the flowers Amy had before her death.  Now that we have had two slower episodes this season, this one and the Syd episode, I feel the pace is about to pick back up and get back the weirdness is about to be dialed up.  I can’t wait.

This was a very interesting episode, I would rate it 8.9/10.