#LegionFX Season 2 Episode 1 "Chapter 9" Recap

Welcome back Legion fans for we are many.  Season 2 is back and although I try never to have conversations about time as Oliver would say it looks like that is exactly what season 2 is about.  

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It’s time travel time as we soon learn that even though David thinks he’s been missing for mere hours, (or does he)the gang says it’s been close to a year! And now they prefer to call Division 3 home.  

Meanwhile, Lenny and Oliver share a pool, and it seems as though Oliver is being held captive by Lenny and martinis while the Shadow King controls his body.

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Syd is one of the more interesting characters in the episode as we see her practicing her abilities to switch bodies with a cat, so that’s new and we’ll have to see if switching with animals is something instrumental to this season. She also now possesses a compass that will always point towards David. 

If David is with D3 then whose orb was that? Does it have to do with time travel as well? 
Can I please go to the waffle boat restaurant? And Is it a direct reference to Stranger Things?

Fukiama aka Baskethead and his band of mustache wearing women is as bizarre as it gets.  However I do like how the explained that there are 3 divisions, I now wonder which came first, the divisions or David as we know him, now that time travel is a thing.  Maybe that egg narration was a metaphor for this as well.

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And just what are these teeth chatterers infected with? Is the shadow king leaving a trail in this manner like Lenny’s soggy footsteps in the white room of season one?

Melanie is questioning Oliver’s survival based on Syd's teapot conversation with David.  She seems heartbroken and uninvolved with D3, just doing the same vapor drug David used but Melanie uses an elephant instead of a frog.  A mysterious creature emerges after this, very skinny and immobile, I really think it represents what is left of Oliver. She also says, “After they come back things are never the same.” She is giving up hope, and it is pretty clear that Division 3 wants to kill Oliver so why would she help?

The butterfly delusion, Albert’s leg, delusions blossom when rational ideas are cast aside. The delusions are going to combat the time travel ideas until David can clearly see what is real.

Oliver and David in the nightclub together for an impressive dance-off with Lenny were excellent and very telling about the battle ongoing.  Also, Carey’s scene mirrored when Kerry was fighting in the woods. Maybe the infected happens every time David and Farouk faced off?
I think the white room is still infected.  That’s the impression I got from that Alien looking thing that hatched from the egg.  The shadow king may need David if Oliver’s body remains weak and he can not locate his own body.

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Lastly, Syd of the future wants David to help Farouk? And umm, where is her arm?  Is she the bunny that got too close to the sea?  Pretty neat that Jon Hamm was used for the voice over hope to see or at least hear more from him in the future or past?. 

I am so excited for this season, where it will lead, as questions are answered yet so many new ones appear, a familiar feeling to one of the most intriguing shows on TV.

I would rate this episode a  9/10.