#TheLibrarians S4 Ep1 "And The Dark Secret" Recap and Review

The Librarians return to the stage after their victory over evil last season. We open in Vatican City where two workers discover an ancient map. They are confronted by Priests who take the mysterious map and kill the workers. The Priests are under the order of a Monsignor played by Syfy master actor John Nobel (Fringe, Sleepy Hollow). The map contains the locations of four stones that the sect is in search of. 

The Librarians are in a rehearsal of what appears to be a Wedding of Flynn and Eve but is instead a tethering ceremony. It will apparently connect the two to the Library for eternity. Amid the practice, an alarm goes off warning them that one of the stones has been uncovered. It turns out the four stones are from the Library at Alexandria the first Library and can destroy the current Library if combined. An alarm goes off at the Library as the Priests have found the first stone at Niagra Falls.

Jenkins informs the group that a sect of Priests want to destroy the Library and return the world to the Dark Ages. If they gather all four cornerstones, they will win. The group decides they must protect the other two stones from the Priest. Jenkins tells them they hid 100 years ago with no clues. When pressed by the others he says there may be one lead.Jenkins then leads the group to a mysterious secret stairway and dungeon. 

The dungeon has one prisoner Nicole Flynn's first guardian who has been imprisoned for over a hundred years. Flynn thought she had been killed, but instead, she was sent 500 years back in time. She claimed that as a guardian she had stolen the stones to protect the Library. She also took an artifact that gave her immortality which she needed to see Flynn again. We learn the two were in love before the portal much to Eve's discomfort. After Jenkins admits, he imprisoned her and Flynn never knew she agrees to talk to Flynn about the stones. Eve sends the others to Niagra for clues.

Nicole tells Flynn about her ordeal and that she never stopped loving him. She also says to him not to trust the Library and the rules because it might not be as it seems. Nicole gives him a clue to the next stone. The clue, of course, coded leads the group to the Paris Opera House. Eve and Flynn remain at the Library to vet Nicole.

The scene at the Opera house is the best. The trio of new Librarians use their skills to find the stone but are faced by the evil Priests. In this round, the Librarians and the stone fall into the hands of the Monsignor and the dark sect. The alarm goes off at the Library and Eve realizes the young Librarians are in trouble.

Eve confronts Nicole regarding the last stone. Nicole agrees to take her to it provided she is released. Over Jenkins objection, Nicole is freed and leads them to the place of the last stone. It is a location where lightning repeatedly strikes and is centered around a historical lightning rod. Eve defeats this hurdle and retrieves the stone, but the group hears Cassandra scream from a nearby barn.

Flynn and the group are confronted in the barn and surrender to the Priests. The Monsignor attempts to activate the stones and destroy the Library. When he is unable to do it, Nicole agrees to help him. Instead of destroying the Library Nicole instead destroys the stone.  Again though she is sucked into a vortex, but this time Flynn jumps in to save her. The monsignor is lost in the vortex, and his Priests turned over to DOSA.

In the celebration of their victory, Nicole slips away into the night. At the Library the group ponders whether she is still good or out plotting an attack. Either way, they continue to practice for the Tethering.

A solid ep with John Nobel and Rachel Nichols (Continuum) as Nicole. I would give it an 8.5