#LifeInPieces S3, Ep. 21-22 "Video Piercing Model Hangover"/"Sixteen Spanish Car Leak" Season Finale Recap/Review

"Video Piercing Model Hangover"/"Sixteen Spanish Car Leak" 


The season finale of Life In Pieces was at times what you would think and some that came off to a complete shock. Here's a recap!

The first half hour "Video Piercing Model Hangover" was just flat out hilarious with moments you would want to rewatch over again. Whether it's trying to get a "Thank You" card from Matt and Colleen that turned into a video message or Sophia making a strong case to her parents to get her ears pierce, which would lead to having Timeout do her.

But the winner for this episode would be John being the model for the senior citizen's latest gadgets from the chair lift

to blood pressure monitor that alerted John's high blood pressure. And Jen and Greg, waking up after a hangover from school auction, see their daughter doing stuff buy herself from making her cereal to getting water for them. It leads to Greg and Jen to have more time, which leads to Jen being pregnant.



The second half-hour "Sixteen Spanish Car Leak" was just as hilarious as the first and probably even better. I think Matt and Colleen won this episode with their storyline of having a baby after learning their surrogate is pregnant (and it's not theirs). After the news, it leads them to buy a new car, which gave opened up to having a baby and announced after Sam's sixteen birthday that they're going to adopt, but Jen's pregnancy announcement from Lark ruined but brought the family together.

Speaking of Sam's sixteen birthday, when Sam thought that her family forgot her birthday, she spends the day with her boyfriend that after a lovely day was about to turn into a night of first. But her parents and family caught every word as she walked into the dark house to surprise her. Guess the surprise was on both of them
, But just before the party, Joan wanted to explore the world with John and tried to get them to learn to speak Spanish for their Spain trip. Instead of just using an app to help translate, they tried to learn it the old fashion way, which turned into a nightmare when buying stuff at a Spanish market. They went with the translating app.

The season finale was just as hilarious and memorable as the rest of the episodes before.
It also gives you the reason why this show is one of the best family sitcoms on television with fantastic writing and an ensemble cast. The ending of the episode with everything going playing to the song "Listen to the Music" by The Doobie Brothers with all the love each other brings makes you satisfied with smiles. I couldn't be more happy with what the next season will bring (even if it's coming in midseason next season).  Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 and the season a 9.5/10.

You can catch Life In Pieces as they'll return for a fourth season next year.