#LifeInPieces S3, Ep. 3 "Treasure Ride Poker Hearing" Recap/Review


From Getting a good Uber passenger rating to learning to come to getting a hearing aid, this episode was another good episode of Life in Pieces.

The MVPstroies of this episode happens to be "The Pick-Up Artist" as Jen tries to use her niece to get a better Uber Passenger rating. "Queens are Wild" as Joan faces with her neighbor who happens to want something in return for her poker game, but what the neighbor doesn't know is Joan has certain poker skills. Also, the "Hearing and Loathing" comes too when John has to face getting hearing aids.

"X Mark the Spot" had some good humorous moments, but it didn't stand out like the other three stories in this episode.

I thought the writing was good along with some terrific performances from the cast in this episode. I liked the character growth in this episode as well. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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