#LifeInPieces S4, Ep. 4 "Birth Meddling Jacket Denial" Episode Recap and Review

From meddling into someone's fight to being in denial about their health situation. Here's a recap of this week's episode of Life in Pieces.


In the first story "Birth," Colleen asked Morgan about her birth plan for the baby. With no plan in place, Colleen shows Morgan options that lead to a home water birth and witnessed a mother going through labor in the process. As Morgan steps out, she tells Colleen that she's scared and asked her to be with her when the baby comes. And not to mention, Matt gets stick helping deliver the baby and probably fainted in the pool.  

The "Meddling" story was of Heather and Joan having differences of opinions when it comes to the fight between Sam and her friend. Heather doesn't want Sam to hang out with this girl anymore because she's a bad influence for her; while Joan feels that they should at least forgive and stay as friends. Joan butts in and gets Sam and her friend back together again until Heather tells Sam the truth and not only Sam stays with her friend but asked for her signature to approve internship. 

"The "Jacket" might be one of the Jen and Greg stories so far; as Jen learns that Greg had spent a lot on something. She thinks it's her "push gift" for their second child. After a day she found the gift of the leather jacket that she wanted and started to wear it. Soon, Greg finds out and realizes that that jacket isn't for Jen but his mother. That makes things even weirder when not only Heather gets one but Jona as well, and Jen figures it out; but Greg did have a surprise for Jen in her jacket pocket, a necklace that was actually in Jona's pocket that says "best mother."

The "Denial" does not only feel like a PSA for men but one hell of a story of showing how men act around their health. When John sees how bad Tim has been looking; he asked him to see a doctor. When Tim does, it seems that things don't look all that good and when he heads off to Sam's soccer game, Tim gets the news that he's got a severe blockage in one of the arteries and must go to the ER now. But of course, Tim doesn't and watches Sam play goalie. But John saves the day as he fools Tim to see the paramedics and soon gets a stint put in, and all is good. 

"Bith Meddling Jacket Denial" was another fantastic episode that not only had some excellent writing but outstanding character development from Colleen and Morgan's relationship; and the decision on who's gonna be with Morgan when the baby comes. Even the Tim story was terrific too and probably one of the best Tim stories this season. It should be one that all men should take a look at and learn. And I couldn't get enough of Jen and Greg's story as they are one of my favorites. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Life In Pieces Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.