#Gotham "Light the Wick" S3 Ep 18 Spoilers, recap, and review

Okay, kiddos, a bunch of stuff happened in this episode, so let’s get right down to it.

We open seeing Nathan Barnes (Michael Chiklis) being taken away from Arkham by several Court members. We also see Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) take a peek at the action unfolding.

We see that Ivy (Maggie Geha) has gotten word about Selina’s (Camren Bicandova), um, “injuries,” and she goes to visit her in the hospital. It’s very easy for her to get information about Selina’s condition from the staff. One of the nurses says that it’s most likely that Selina will not make it out of her coma, much less recover. Ivy dismisses her and swears to Selina that she will heal her, even if it means using unconventional methods. (That mostly means plants, plants, and more plants).

So guess whaaaaaaat? Using a “break in case of emergency” kind of herb on Selina worked. However, she remembered why she was in the hospital in the first place: Five. Selina hurries out of the hospital to warn Alfred and to kill Five. So…. I guess Selina is gonna be okay? Okay….sure. Fine.

At the GCPD, we *groan* see Lee give a ruling on Frank’s death: Homicide.

Hey, guys! Guess what? Lee (Morena Baccarin) is still in her little struggle to hurt Jim! And get this: She believes that Jim killed Frank and she wants him to be investigated! I know, shocker, huh? Of course, Harvey, (Donal Logue), tries to talk her down from her attack. She’s not crazy; she’s just in pain and angry at Jim. She does have the right to be suspicious about Jim and Harvey covering something up, but she has completely convinced herself that Jim is up to all things that are bad…..*groans*.

Before heading out, Jim (Ben McKenzie) has a little run it with Oswald (Robin Lord Taylor) and Firefly (Camila Perez). Oswald inquires information on Edward Nygma’s whereabouts since Jim was the last person he most likely spoke to and because Edward “escaped” his custody. Since they’re such good friends, Oswald lends Jim a phone with only his number on it in case Jim changes his mind about telling Oz about the Court and Edward.

Meanwhile, Jim does a little snooping in Kathryn’s (Leslie Hendrix) house and finds a nifty little card key with the name ‘Wayne’ on the label. With some collaboration with Harvey and Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk), they figure out exactly where that card key goes.


Harvey and Jim end up going to this freaky looking warehouse lab sort of place where they see a big, bloody, mess. They see this guy come out, covered in blood, and Jim and Harvey are quick to pull out the handcuffs. Unfortunately, the guy starts to get more and more emotional and animal-like. He pounces on Jim and Harvey and they have a quick fight scene. The guy appears to be too much for them until someone pushes a sedative into the guy’s neck. That man was…………Dr. Hugo friggin’ Strange! (B.D. Wong)

Strange explains how he is being held by the court to create and remodify the Tetch virus. Basically, the virus originally would infect people through contact. Now Dr. Strange has made it more of an airborne virus.

Kathryn gives Gordon a call as to Jim’s “curiosity” about the weapon that the Court wants to use on Gotham. Since Jim has proven his loyalty, Kathryn invites him to a Gotham socialite’s birthday party where she plans to do a test on them with the Tetch virus. As soon as Kathryn leaves Gordon alone with a single Talon, he discreetly calls Oswald to come over and then Jim and the Talon proceed to beat the mess out of each other.

Firefly gets the last word in when she torches the Talon and he falls out of a window and right in the middle of the party. It takes them a minute, but the guests and Jim eventually make it out before the pre-weapon is released.

Back at the GCPD, Lee is apparently giving her resignation. Jim tries to console her, but she lashes out at him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Jim tells her off. He’s fine with Lee being mad at him about Mario, but he was going to killer because of the Tetch virus WHICH SHE HAS KNOWN ABOUT FOR THE LONGEST TIME NOW. Being a stupid, dumb-butt who’s been cornered, Lee tries to leave; but not before Jim burns her with her question about Jim: How can he just leave after everything that happened; apparently, Lee found a way.

Bruce’s training seems to be improving, but not that much when we see him fight a guy with sticks while being watched by the Shaman (Raymond J. Barry). The Shaman tells Bruce (David Mazouz) that when he defeats the opponent with sticks, he is free to go home. However, Bruce’s anger clouds his judgment and he keeps falling on his butt. The Shaman offers to relieve Bruce’s pain from his parent’s death with his magical acupuncture needles for Bruce to become stronger, but only if he chooses so. Of course, he accepts, and he manages to defeat his opponent and feels no anger, no rage. Bruce feels nothing as he fights. The Shaman feels that Bruce is worthy to go back home to Gotham.

Because Oz kinda sorta killed one of their Talons, the Court kidnaps and places Oswald in what looks like a large bird cage. He is not alone in his imprisonment; Oswald slowly turns around to see that Edward Nygma (Corey Michael Smith) had also been captured by the Court. The shock of each other’s company leaves them completely speechless.

Hearing of Jim’s betrayal towards the Court, Kathryn meets with Barnes and orders him to kill Gordon as the Executioner.

I know that there was a loooot going on in the episode, and it had its fun and cool moments, and I understand how the show might want to wrap things up a tad quicker to make the season finale a bit smoother. I get that. So I think I would give the episode a rating of around 7.5.

Things I Liked:

However small of a window we got to see Jervis, I don’t mind if we at least get to see him at all.

Bruce fighting and training. He is coming along quite nicely in hand-to-hand combat.

The super awesome team of Jim, Harvey, and Lucius!

Looking good, Penguin! Nice costumes.

The kind of sisterly love between Ivy and Selina. Aww.

Doctor Hugo Strange is back in the house!!!!!

The nearly two minutes of silence and tension between Oswald and Edward.

JIM TELLING OFF LEE. It was about time too.

Things I Didn’t Like:

The whole thing with Selina and Penguin’s freak army felt rushed, which I understand why.

I’m sorry if some of you guys like Lee, but I’m seriously feeling at my wit’s end here. PLEASE, just kill her off, make her go away, or just turn her into Harley Quinn already. We clearly don’t need a Harley, but because of the stupid hype, we’re gonna get her anyway, and we don’t need Lee. She adds nothing but a whiny, weak, and childlike argument justification for her anger and an annoying antagonist-like behavior that might hinder our protagonists.

I’m pissed at Lee, and I’m pissed that we’re getting a Harley Quinn ONLY because of the hype, not because the story of Gotham might benefit from it.

And if I hear more crap like “I want a relationship like Joker and Harley” or “The Joker loves her in his way, really,” I feel like my anger will cloud my enjoyment of the show, and I don’t want that to happen.

By the way, JOKER DOES NOT LOVE HARLEY. She is, and always been since her creation in 1992, a means to Joker’s incredibly vain and shallow end. She was created to make to Joker look good and more like the monster he is.

I know I got a bit ranty and ragey at the end there, but I wanted to get all that out there in the open. If you guys disagree with me, let me know. If you even agree, let me know. Did you get questions? Let me know.

As always guys, stay weird.