#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 1--"They're Back, Aren't They?"

"Oh, Sinner Man, where you gonna run to?"


Lucifer's season three opener is rife with foreshadowing and full circle storytelling.  This season looks to be the best so far and word on the street is that fans are hungry for something new!


Lucifer appears in the desert, wings fully intact to a criminal driving an armored truck and hitches a ride. Unfortunately, Lucifer got this particular criminal arrested, which of course means that he isn't too thrilled to give Lucie a ride back to L.A., from which he happens to be trying to escape anyway. As the truck carrying the criminal and Lucifer pulls up to an armored police blockade, Lucifer gets out and tells the police to call Chloe Decker: Lucifer is saved! 


Back at the precinct, a new, hard ass lieutenant (played by Tom Welling) is in the game, and he is not charmed by Lucifer antics. While Ella thinks the new lieutenant is the cat's pajamas, everyone else is pretty turned off.

Lucifer finds a body buried in a shallow grave where he was kidnapped and left in the desert. When he is identified as Steven Alex, a well-known personality and prankster, his best friend, who paid fake kidnappers to abduct Steve thought Steve was planning payback by sending fake cops to hassle him. When he finds out that his best friend really has been kidnapped and murdered, he is very distraught. Sadly, he appears to know nothing about Lucifer's kidnapping.

 Lucifer consults Amenadiel and Dr. Linda about the reappearance of his wings. Neither have any idea what could be happening to him. To cheer Amenadiel up about the loss of Lilith and Amenadiel's lack of wings, Lucifer hires a massage therapist for him in perfect impersonal, slightly sardonic Lucifer style. Lucifer tries to explain to Chloe what happened to him by showing her his wings, knowing full well that Chloe is a woman of logic and reason. Obviously, the whole thing goes horribly wrong when his wings won't expand around Chloe. Chloe, of course, thinks the whole thing is an elaborate fabrication on Lucifer's part in order to avoid intimacy.


In order to catch the kidnappers, the lieutenant offers up Espinoza to be a potential victim because he feels he's expendable. The lieutenant doesn't seem to take to anyone at the station, Detectives Decker and Espinoza especially. While the rest of the team works on getting Dan Espinoza kidnapped, Ella works on solving the "murder" of Leo the squirrel, connecting with Amenadiel and giving him a pep talk about God's plan, saying "when he [God] crushes your nuts, he does it for a reason." 

Dan is upset that Lilith aka Charlotte doesn't know who he is and thinks she's pretending. When Lucifer tries to cheer Dan up, Dan is having none of it and Lucifer fees quite badly.


 The kidnappers show up and take Lucifer, not Dan. The kidnappers are bumbling idiots who try to electrocute Lucifer with a cattle prod, which, of course, doesn't work on the literal devil. Lucifer proceeds to question the kidnappers, taping them together, one on top of the other in a chair. These folks are clearly not real kidnappers. They swear they've never seen Lucifer before in their lives and tell him that they dropped Steve off at his suite. The detective, Lancaster, who found the keychain at the scene of the crime was apparently the real kidnapper and not a cop after all! Lancaster's van ran over Leo the squirrel, which confirms that he is the killer. Lucifer, of course, finds Lancaster before the cops do, which is bad news for Lancaster.  


Apparently. Lucifer was hired to abduct, but not hurt Lucifer. When he kidnapped Lucifer and saw Lucifer's wings, he freaked out and left Lucifer in the desert. Someone called The Sinner Man hired Lancaster to kidnap Lucifer. Lancaster leaves Lucifer with a grave warning: "you don't find him, he finds you."  


 Lancaster is, of course, released on bail and taken care of by The Sinner Man. Amenadiel isn't upset with Lucifer about Lucifer getting his wings back and Lucifer and Amenadiel make amends. Both Amenadiel and Lucifer are struggling with identity issues and trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in in this world. Lucifer confines in Amenadiel that his wings have come back yet again after having cut them off for a second time. Lucifer's devil face is gone and his wings are back--something Amenadiel would give his eye teeth for. Lucifer isn't convinced that this is God's work and he confines in Amenadiel about the existence of this Sinner Man. Lancaster is found dead under the pier by Lucifer and Chloe. The Sinner Man is clearly responsible. And so, this season's big bad is set up...


 Scenes from next week's episode of "Lucifer:"