#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 7--Off The Record

Crazy ex-husbands, obsessive reporters, and serial killers, oh my!

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This week on Lucifer, we flash back to more than a year ago when an obsessive and dogged reporter, Reese Getty finds Lucifer sleeping with his wife, from whom he's separated. Lucifer unwittingly gives said reported the idea to destroy the man who is sleeping with his wife. Unfortunately, his soon-to-be ex-wife is Dr. Linda Martin! The reporter takes him up on that, even going so far as to have himself assigned to Det. Decker and Lucifer to write a story on them when the two first became partners. The ex-husband reporter thinks Lucifer is a con man and is out to prove it, but he soon finds out that Lucifer really is just what he claims to be--the devil.

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On their hunt to find a serial killer, Lucifer, Det. Decker and team accidentally lead the intrepid reporter straight to the killer, who has been killing people from all walks of life who he sees as disingenuous frauds for years. In the meantime, he befriends Lucifer, and when that doesn't work, he confronts Lucifer at Dr. Linda at her office while Lucifer is there, pulling a gun and shooting Lucifer in order to show Linda that Lucifer is, in fact, the devil, a fact she didn't believe before. When he shoots Lucifer, Lucifer is more upset about his designer suit having been ruined, and Dr. Linda doesn't appear to be surprised. Her ex-husband leaves, defeated once again, with egg on his face.

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But this doesn't stop him in his one-man crusade against Lucifer for having slept With Dr. Linda (who, by the way, was free to sleep with anyone she liked as she and her husband were separated). He papers his office with information about Lucifer, his abilities, his associates and how he feels Lucifer can be stopped. After hearing when he was in Dr. Linda's office that Chloe made Lucifer vulnerable to attack, he takes it upon himself to hunt down the serial killer who has been killing people who he considers to he frauds. He points the killer in Lucifer's direction and makes sure Chloe will be there, setting up a meeting with Chloe at Lux and hoping to witness Lucifer's death. As he uses the information, he has uncovered about the elusive serial killer as a red herring to lure Chloe to the club where he knew Lucifer would be. When the serial killer shows up, he drugs Lucifer's drink, but Lucifer is so kind to him that he takes his drink from Lucifer's hand and offers Lucifer his own drink instead. Unfortunately, another club patron picks up the poisoned drink and dies within seconds of taking a sip. Det. Decker confirms that the woman is dead and apologizes to Dr. Linda's estranged husband for endangering him since she thinks the serial killer is there because he knows that Det. Decker is meeting with the reporter husband of Dr. Linda to accept information he has dug up on the killer. Rather than coming clean, Dr. Linda's husband goes with it.

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Dr. Linda's estranged husband shows up at her office one more time, unannounced when she's getting ready to close up for the day and forces unwanted declarations of love upon her. He is distraught about her friendship with Lucifer. He wonders how she can possibly care about the devil and want Lucifer in her life when she doesn't want her husband around. Dr. Linda tells him that she has befriended Lucifer because Lucifer has opened up to her and been himself. Not recognizing Dr. Linda's choice in the matter, her husband becomes further enraged. He returns, defeated once again, to his office, where he guzzles the first drink he sees (which he has left out on the table from earlier). He immediately begins choking. That's when the serial killer comes out from the shadows behind him. He is angry that he's been pulled out of retirement by someone who is an actual fraud in order to be sent after Lucifer, who is a genuine person. It's curtains for Dr. Linda's ex (he has just signed the divorce papers--how convenient!). As he dies, however, he laughs. He hasn't drunk all of the poison, and he knows the killer has now been caught and that the police are on their way.

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When Det. Decker and Lucifer show up, Lucifer kneels over him, looking at him with a look of sadness. Lucifer knows just how pathetic his life has been. He has refused to learn any of the lessons he has been confronted with over and over again in his life. Lucifer administers what might qualify as his last rites. As his eyes close, he is carted off. Lucifer looks on. As Dr. Linda's ex-husband lays in what appears to be a hospital bed, he opens his eyes. A nurse stands over him. He asks what happened and the nurse tells him he's just had a little brush with death. He asks if he's had any visitors. The nurse says he hasn't. He isn't deterred. He sees this as a new lease on life and a second chance to force Linda to love him, something which he has confessed to Lucifer upon one of his first confrontations with him that he desires above all else. Sadly, when the camera pans out, we see that he isn't in a hospital room at all. He is in his personal torture chamber... in hell...

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