#Lucifer S2 Ep 208 "A Trip To Stabby Town" Recap

Ouch! That pokes!  

This week's episode of Lucifer opens on a young woman who's been pushed off of her bike and chased through the streets of L.A. The chase doesn't last for long, as she's quickly caught and stabbed to death by an unknown assailant. Sadly, when Team Chloefer (no?) is called in to investigate, none of the numerous witnesses can identify the killer. Reports vary from white to Latino to blonde hair to brown hair to bald. Lucifer notices while watching the only photographic evidence recorded at the crime scene that the blade used to commit the murder was Azrael's blade, which was taken from Uriel's grave. Three guesses as to who led humans to that blade...

Ella, hard at work investigating evidence from Lucifer's brother Uriel's grave

Ella, hard at work investigating evidence from Lucifer's brother Uriel's grave

In the mean time, Lucifer, Maz and Amenadiel find that the blade is definitely missing from Uriel's grave and find a footprint as evidence. Lucifer engages Ella as a crime scene tech and together, they find a connection to a local fitness guru, whose yoga studio ends up being the scene of a grizzly mass murder. Azrael's blade is affecting people in some pretty scary ways.

This look, though  

This look, though  

On the lighter side, Chloe totally misreads Lucifer and Ella's connection throughout this episode, assuming that they're having sex, which of course makes her a little bit jealous. Dan teases her about this. We also get to see the petty side of Dan as he complains about someone stealing his pudding snacks from the precinct fridge. Chloe asks if she should assign a couple of uniforms to the mystery.

Lucifer and Ella, investagteurs, extraordinaire

Lucifer and Ella, investagteurs, extraordinaire

Lucifer goes back to see Dr. Linda now that relations have been somewhat normalized. Unsurprisingly, Linda needs some time to process the news he recently delivered and she's not yet up to the task of therapising the Devil. Thankfully, Lucifer gives her something to work with when his narcissistic tendencies raise their collective head.

But back to the murders...of course, now that Lucifer knows the murders are happening because of the blade, he tries to be one step ahead of the police, in order to intervene at the crime scenes when he can. Lucifer knows the it was Lilith who led the humans to the blade, even before she confesses to him. Lilith, it appears, wants the personal attention of God and feels that he might give her just that if she creates enough chaos and mayhem. Lucifer, of course, knows this isn't the case. Humans have been going after one another for millennia and the big man has never intervened. Lilith is a little bit newer to the situation. Lilith and Lucifer seem to have one major difference. Lucifer has a soul , if you will. Lucifer has a moral compass. Lilith does not. She will stop at nothing to achieve her own ends. Lilith seems to be a bit of a sociopath. Although cute at times and hilarious at others, she truly has no moral center, which adds to the fun (and insanity) of the more Lilith-centric episodes. Often times, Lilith does horrible things while trying to achieve really understandable goals, like getting her family back and bringing everyone back to Heaven. 

Finally, the last murder is solved. A young yoga teacher murders her sexual assailant with Azrael's blade and Lucifer covers for her with the police. Sadly, Dan takes hold of the blade as it's on its way to evidence and unleashes his fury upon an unsuspecting Lucifer, who of course confesses to eating all of Dan's pudding. Thankfully, both Dan and Lucifer emerge from the incident unscathed, Dan, with a new sense of purpose and wellness since he has just unknowingly attacked Lucifer for supposedly affecting Dan's marriage and making his life hell and Lucifer allowed him to get everything off his chest, helping Dan to see that it wasn't Lucifer at all, but that the end of Dan's marriage was simply something that happened without anyone else being particularly to blame.



As things stand, the team has worked out some of its interpersonal kinks. They've done so in a funny, engaging sort of way and it made for an interesting episode.

This wasn't one of Lucifer's worst episodes. In fact, it was pretty fun in certain ways. The dialogue was off the chain, the writing was top notch. The episodes of Lucifer that have been the best so far have been the ones that are daring, that go a little off the reservation and in that regard, "A Trip To Stabby Town" did not disappoint.

There's a "but"...

However, human life was treated with a cavalier attitude that I haven't seen in tv in a long time (other than on a recent Vampire Diaries episode which shall not be named) and for good reason. Maybe this was a plot device, maybe it was an unintended consequence.


Lucifer's relationship with Lilith became complicated, especially when Amenadiel took Lilith's side. This has been foreshadowed for some time and wasn't a huge surprise. Lucifer and Maz's relationship, in contrast, was strengthened. Maz is clearly a ride or die chick and it's good to see her get back to that, as nice as it is to see her go off on her own and develop her own character, which is also something I think we would all enjoy seeing more of. All in all,this was a decent episode and had some fun moments. It moved the plot forward quite a bit and left me eager to find out what happens next week.


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