#Lucifer S1 review: "Ain't no rest for the wicked"

After my unexpected success on the article about Agent Carter and why it should be renewed (even after all the letting-down from ABC and Netflix), I decided to review for you and recap FOX's magnificent Lucifer. It officially aired on the 25th of January 2015 but we had the honor to watch the pilot months before!

Season 2 comes back in 19th September and for all of you who want a REAL recap it's a 10 hours marathon :)

In this tv-show we meet Lucifer (yes, Prince of Darkness, Belzebul, this one) who, well, decided to take a break from his very stressful job as King of Hell and take a vacation, where else? L.A.

Before watching the 1st episode and having in mind DC's Lucifer, I remember I was kinda bugged that he wasn't going to be this shockingly-blond Devil. Something I absolutely regretted the second I saw the amazing Tom Ellis acting & from then I can't even imagine another Lucifer in any universe (books/movies/shows).

Though I know Lucifer was going to be a lighthearted & funny tv-show I didn't expect to see his feelings from the first 20 minutes which, btw, made me fall in love with him even quickier.

What we know about him, beside owning a fabulous car with a “Fallin1” car sign & a club named Lux, is that he is capable with just a look to surface human's true desires, hopes & needs. Talk about some superhero movies (no, he is no Jedi!).

We meet Maze (later we know her full name is Mazikeen), an arch-demon, a great supporter, his side-kick, someone who cared deeply about him in her own way.

Then there is Amenadiel, his Angel brother who comes every now and then to request from his fallen brother to go to Hell and take his throne back to maintain the balance between Good & Evil.

Lucifer claims that it wasn't his choice to be the known “Out of Here, Begone Devil”, that he is actually “innocent” (well, as much as innocent can the Devil be) and he is not the Evil he is just a Punisher. He punishes bad people. Getting to the core point of the show, I believe, which is “I didn't do all the sins & the wrongs it was all your choices” -in Lucifer's voice. The choice of humans, to be good or evil.

Which brings us to episode 1.

Notice the perfect song “Ain't no rest for the wicked” by Cage the Elephant.

In the pilot, we also meet our co-protagonist, Chloe Decker, a detective & single mother & from what we see later Lucifer's vulnerability.


I'm not going to lie, Kevin Alejandro as her ex-husband, Dan Espinoza (or as Lucifer wants to call him Detective Douche) is far more likeble than Nicholas Gonzales. I actually kinda liked Dan, so I am not going to call him Detective Douche.

We also meet the cutest-little-thing Trixie, Chloe's and Dan's daughter and lastly Dr. Linda a therapist (the Devil's personal therapist...because we all have hard times!).

Episode 1 (Pilot): 7/10

Lucifer is a club owner, who "does favors" to people that need his help. First victim (and case) is Delilah, a singer, whom he cared deeply about (remember the feelings that I told you?). A drug dealer killed her in front of him, while we witnessed his 1st power: Immortality. There Chloe steps in while Dan tells her to stay away from the case especially after what happened in "Palmetto Street" -where a cop died-. Lucifer who is furious, as he is no longer in the position to punish people in Hell he decides that he can do the same job here in Earth, firstly by finding who killed Delilah. So, a ship is born (which I don't exactly know if it's DeckerStar, Chlucifer or Chlosifer but I'm going to use Chlusifer because I like it more). THEY MEET.


In this first episode, we meet almost all of our main protagonists. Chloe and Dan in the crime scene, Trixie in her school being bullied from an god-awful girl, Maze in the club, Amenadiel also in the club warning Lucifer that he has to come back to Hell ASAP and Dr. Linda who was Delilah's therapist too. There we see how Lucifer brings her on his side with his "charm". At the end of the episode it was the terrible producer who killed Delilah, Jimmy Barnes, to gain more profit from selling the newly-deceased-singer CDs. Lucifer was totally furious, while we witness what I like to call #Full_Lucifer_Mode when he showed his true face for Jimmy in the mirror, rather than killing him. Seconds later he saved Chloe from death as she was shot from Jimmy saying "Father will have to wait" making all the Chlusifer shippers even happier.

The hospital-scene is definitely in my top 10 fav-scenes, but to be honest I was really annoyed when Chloe even after when she saw that bullets did nothing, she still couldn't believe that Lucifer is really the Devil. But then, in episode 1 such a revelation could make the show a bit boring. Yes the connection was great (still wasn't sure that I'm a shipper though) and things became even better when he went to Dr. Linda, and in exchange for sex, she would help him solve his "existential problems".

Episode 2 (Lucifer stay. Good Devil): 8/10

Firstly, if anyone has the "Devil's got a hold" by the Kicks song, I would very much appreciate it!

In episode 2, we get a first glimpse of Jacob Williams, an "over-religious" man in the streets who obsesses over Lucifer. Don't let go of him, because we'll see more of him.

Lucifer doesn't like liars and hypocrites (ironically enough!) so he encounters him in #Full_Lucifer_Mode Part 2. Dr. Linda tells him that he hides his insecurity in humor and that deeply he cares about people.

The second case, was an actor's son who got killed and paparazzi (as always) wanted a very much cruel and clear photo of the dead boy, Robbie. For all of us Charmed lovers, we were hyped to see Greg Vaughan (Dan Gordon, Piper's ex-bf) as father of the deceased.

Chloe is very moved by this crime and Lucifer wants to know why. So he meets Nick the paparazzi, revealing him that he wanted desperately a photo of Chloe, in her father's funeral, a week after her movie was released (in which, she showed up half naked, a scene that she has buried in the past). When she saw Nick, showing no respect, justifiably, she punched the camera. That story, obviously, hurt Lucifer who tortured in some level Nick.

After that, Nick's protege, Josh, also a paparazzi, gets always first shots of celebrities embarrasing moments, making him the only suspect, while Maze keeps pushing Lucifer to go back to his old self and not change any more, something he did for some seconds shouting at her in #Full_Lucifer_Mode (part3) "You will not speak to me this way" but found peace when Chloe got into the bar.

Lucifer used Nick and Josh situation and relationship to test his humanity, telling them to both hold a gun to each other and punish themselves. Nick, who tried to change can't hurt Josh or anyone anymore (Chloe forgave him, too) and Josh too ungrateful shot him. This scene (which was in front of Chloe), made Lucifer impressed by humans and convinced him that indeed he is changing. He asked Amenadiel's help to slow down time so he can hide the bullet (and still Chloe doesn't believe who he is, uh).

She did although go to Jimmy (the filthy producer) who was now in an asylum and he was screaming to her that "He is the Devil" meaning of course Lucifer. This is where we see her doubting Lucifer's true identity (that maybe indeed he is the Devil).

Episode 3 - The would-be prince of Darkness: 7/10

The case of this episode is a death of a girl who allegedly slept with a basketball star who was a virgin. Of course, in "a devilish act" Lucifer introduced the girl to him, and next morning she was dead. Chloe started searching about Lucifer and the "tricks" he do, while our favourite Trixie said "Is he a magician?", making me believe that she is going to realize and accept the truth much faster and easier than her mom. Lucifer keeps helping the police with cases, and especially this one, where he feels that he is guilty too. In the end it's the agent who orchestrated this crime and we saw #Full_Lucifer_Mode (part4) again where he pushed with anger the agent to the other side of the room. Meanwhile another story was on hold, as an imposter of Lucifer, wanted extra money, fame and girls but the real Lucifer let him go and warned him no to do anything like that again (in disappointment of Maze, as she wanted for Lucifer at least to torture him).

One of my favorite quotes in the show was Dr. Linda's as she said to him. You don't just enjoy punishing the bad guys.I think you're starting to like seeking justice for the good on Episode 4 - Manly What nots: 8/10

This episode started as funny, when Lucifer saw accidentally Chloe naked. Moments later Dan came into the house. Lucifer didn't understand why she resists so much, so he decides (after a meeting with Dr. Linda) that he has to sleep with her so this enthusiasm fades away (little does he know!). For an itsy-bitsy tiny moment I wanted them together but then I realized that in this part it will ruin the show. This episode case in a lost girl, a brother who searches for her and a guy who shows up the "caveman", the man who can get all girls, is actually in love with the lost girl. Maze and Amenadiel (both I shipped from second 1) meet to discuss how they will bring back Lucifer, as she also feels that she doesn't belong in Earth. The Devil got naked in front of Chloe, and she saw the scars from his wings. She tried to touch them but he pushed her away (#feelings), making all of us see how much painful is this story for him.

In the end, it was all the girl's plan to avenge her boyfriend, but this wasn't the important part of the episode. While Chloe was going to be convinced that indeed he is the Devil, he asks her to shoot him to ensure her. He didn't know though, that already he is vulnerable in her presence, and when she shot him, he bled for the first time.

Episode 5 - Sweet Kids: 7/10

In the end of this episode, Lucifer becomes an official civil police consultant (!) after helping to solve a crime between Latin and Asian gangs. So after they become "police buddies", she tells him about the incident in Palmetto Street, where a cop "died" (was actually left in a coma) and how she believed that he was actually corrupted and not a hero as all in the department want to remember him. In a crossfire between Latin and Asian, Maze saves them, while Amenadiel, posing as "the therapist Dr. Canaan" meets Dr. Linda, aiming of course a way to persuade Lucifer to go back where he belongs.

Maze, furious at Chloe, scares her in her sleep with her true face, while this great song was playing!

Episode 6 - Favorite Son: 10/10

In this episode, Lucifer loses what holds most important from his previous Archangel life, his wings. Someone stole them and he can't rest till he finds who did it. At the beginning he doesn't tell anything to Chloe which makes her feel bad, as she likes working with him and she wants him to tell her. Eventually he does so, making her laugh. But she helps him, anyway. In another storyline, Linda talks to Amenadiel about Lucifer and he shows her a new way to deal with his "issue". He tells her to embrace the fact that Lucifer is the Devil and work from there. She agrees and pushes to the edge Lucifer as he still hasn't find his wings. I can't explain in words, but I think these 3 minutes are the peak of Tom Ellis performance at least in Season 1.

Episode 7 - Wingman: 8/10

In this episode, Lucifer is still searching for his wings and decides to seek help from Amenadiel. They team up to find the lost wings, Chloe meets Amenadiel and get impressed by him, in Lucifer's jealousy and we finally find out that Amenadiel stole the wings, to teach Lucifer a lesson that he belongs in Hell and not in Earth with humans. Enraged from his brother, he puts the wings on fire, destroying them, giving an end to any hope Amenadiel had for him to come back. Not before although, learning that Lucifer is now mortal and he could wait for any random person to kill him.

So he brought back from the dead (Hell) Malcolm to finish his job. Kill Lucifer which would take him back in hell.

Episode 8 - Et tu doctor: 8/10

Here, we celebrate #Lucifer's_Birthday (14th March, apparently the Devil is a Pisces)!

In this case a therapist is murdered (wife did it, iZombie's Det. Clive Babineaux will be very pleased!) so Chloe and Lucifer ask for the help of Dr. Linda, while she "sisterly" teams up with Chloe. Malcolm talks with Chloe about the night he was shot, and (again all of us Charmed lovers, we saw Prue's ex-bf Jack Sheridan) his partner Tony Pallucci "commit a suicide"..which we later learn that malcolm actually killed him, while we also get to know that Dan was the one who shot Malcolm to protect Chloe. In all of this mess, what was really cute was the jealous Lucifer.

Episode 9 - A priest walks into a bar: 10/10

Here comes my favorite episode. Although it was very hard to decide as also the next one and the last episode were in the top, this one broke every record.

The music, the scenario, the actors, the feelings. Everything on this episode was simply beautiful and perfect.

I'm not going to emphasize to what exactly happened but what feelings were unfolding everywhere. While Amenadiel and Malcolm were starting a plan to kill Lucifer, a Priest and the Devil became best friends, shared opinions, played the piano, felt both lost and when the Priest eventually was killed, Lucifer couldn't stand it. So much, he talked to his Father, without though an answer. Closing this great episode, Lucifer and Chloe played the piano together, while Malcolm manipulates Dan so he can use him too in his plan.

Again my words can't even begin to explain check these videos:

Episode 10 - Pops: 10/10

This one comes in top5 too, as we see it's not only Lucifer's family that is dysfunctional (as he thinks) but humans one are too. Chloe's mum appears and messes her life by intervening in her granddaughter life. Family dinner with Dan, Chloe, her mum, Lucifer, and the murdered restaurateur's son made Lucifer want to match these families with his own, as he is still sad about Father Frank death. The real killer talks controversy as she thinks the son of the dead, is just a kid who doesn't deserve his father legacy, while he got everything, he left his father side, although still favorite for him (a great parallel to our own Lucifer).

To the other important plot of the episode, Maze wants to fit in with humans, so she visits Dr Linda for advice, and she tells her to get friends. So, Maze got her new friend.....our beloved Trixie, making them ultimately #FriendshipGoals.

In the end of the episode, Dan doesn't want to hurt Lucifer so Malcolm attacks and kidnapps him, while sending a "break-up sms" to Chloe (after her kiss with Dan). She gets drunk and goes to Lucifer and while she seduces him, he refuses (!!!!!) saying

Oh, God.

Episode 11 - St. Lucifer: 9/10

From episode 8 the show was getting so high, I couldn't even count my favourite scenes. So Chloe's+Lucifer morning and Maze+Amenadiel dinner are one of them (see below). In this episode we are relieved to know that Lucifer isn't mortal, at least not fully. He's mortal only when Chloe is around. And we know that because Malcolm went to kill him, and he offered him his pentacostal coin so the cop could get out of Hell in exchange for not killing him. When the betrayed wife of the philanthropist-NBA-player-who-was-actually-in-love-with-that-guy-from-Twilight went to kill Lucifer and he didn't die we all felt better.

Episode 12 - #TeamLucifer: 9/10

One episode before the end, and Chlusifer police buddies investigate a satanist-murder, a crime that makes the Prince of Darkness furious from people' stupidity and evilness. Meanwhile, Lucifer is "afraid" of Chloe (he even thought she was an angel for a bit) after the experiment he made in which he bled when he is with her. Now, Maze and Amenadiel is a couple (and Maze "works as an inside spy for Lucifer") but she can't kill him when she realizes that she may has feelings for him. Unfortunately she gets busted and he flees. Lucifer has been framed in a murder he didn't commit (remember Father Williams?) and Chloe HAS to take him in, while the face of betrayal and pain killed me.


Episode 13 - Season Finale - Take me back to Hell: 10/10

In Season Finale, Lucifer is heartbroken at the beginning as he believes that Chloe believes he's guilty so he asks Amenadiel to help him and right away he'll go back to Hell as there is nothing in Earth holding him. Amenadiel though wants to set things right after the huge fight with Lucifer in last episode for (basically) Maze. So they both went to Dr. Linda (and here is where I want to say how AMAZING Linda is). Meanwhile Maze and Chloe kick butts as they team up to help Lucifer (Chloe never believed that Lucifer was guilty). Malcolm shot fatally Amenadiel but Maze saved him using the last feather from Lucifer's wings, making them my first and favourite ship in this show. Horrible-Malcolm kidnapped Trixie, Chloe promised to go alone to save her daughter but Lucifer didn't leave her alone (because he really cared about them why hide it?). There Malcolm shot him and the Devil all he asked his Father is to protect Chloe and Trixie, in exchange for him being the "Ideal Son". Instead God answered to him by showing that someone escaped Hell and he had to bring that someone back. Lastly, Detective Espinoza (not Douche anymore) gave up himself in the department to clear Lucifer's name, making me love him more!

When everything got back to calm and peace, we got to know that the one who escaped was


So after this season finished, I realised I didn't ship Chlusifer. I wanted them to continue be this AMAZING police buddies, friends, two people who deeply cared for each other. But romantically involved? No. For some reason I don't think she's the one for him. To be honest I want all family (Chloe-Dan-Trixie) to know the truth about Lucifer, I want Chloe and Dan back together, I 100% ship Maziel (Maze&Amenadiel), I want to see more Trixie-Maze-Lucifer moments and lastly....

For all of us Supernatural Lovers who didn't get much of Michael, for this Season, I want to see Michael. Lucifer Big Brother. Now that is something worth a ton of popcorn!

With lots of hype and love, may we all enjoy Season 2 of Lucifer!!

PS: This message is for all kids-people get bullied. Stay strong. You are strong, smart, unique & beautiful.