#Lucifer Season 2 Ep 13 "A Good Day To Die" Recap & Review

Tonight's mid-season finale doesn't disappoint...

This week's episode opens with Lucifer driving Chloe to the hospital like a maniac while her nose bleeds profusely. Upon further inspection, she finds an injection site on her stomach. The killer injected her with poison before he took his life. Chloe decides that the hospital is not the place for her to go and that Ella can do better work finding a cure for her (probably true).

Lucifer and Chloe call Ella in to work to help find an antidote for the poison she was given, but they decide not to tell her that Chloe's been infected. Ella tells Chloe that if someone were infected, first, her nose would bleed, then she would pass out, then her organs would boil and within twenty-four hours, she'd be dead. Lucifer fears Chloe's death is part of his Father's plan and threatens Amenadiel within an inch of his life. Amenadiel knows nothing and can't help. Lucifer feels stuck.

   Lucifer and Chloe find a young man who's on house arrest who is connected to the case. Chloe met this convict previously at a beach party and as luck would have it, he's currently hosting a pre-court case house party. She separates him from his guests so that Lucifer can question him once again. Unfortunately, Lucifer finds after questioning him that he didn't smuggle the antidote and shortly after they come into possession of this information, Chloe passes out at the party. Lucifer rushes her to the hospital where Dan has been called and is waiting. Dan is very upset that Chloe wasn't taken to the hospital immediately, but it is soon clear that he made the right call as Chloe is clearly weak and very sick.


Dan and Lucifer continue the investigation on their own. They visit an art show at an art gallery that's really a front for drug money (good job, writing team! Kudos on this storyline). "Dearie me, these are atrocious," Lucifer tells Dan shortly after they arrive. "What self-respecting artist would actually display these?" Dan explains that the artist, Dave Maddox isn't a real artist, that he's a drug dealer and that he can demand whatever price he wants for the paintings in exchange for getting his clients whatever they're looking for. Maddox takes Dan and Lucifer into a back room to torture them. Lucifer stays his hand as Dan has asked him to follow his lead. Once Lucifer realizes that Dan isn't just playing an elaborate game of possum as he says. Lucifer stands up and beats the living daylights out of Maddox's men. and threatens Maddox that if he takes a swing at him with his bat he'll shove the bat so far up his ass, he'll have splinters in his stool (again, bravo either to the writing team or to Tom Ellis for an extraordinary ad lib performance). He decides to make a deal with Maddox. Maddox wants someone to buy his art because they actually like it. Lucifer actually buys a piece of Maddox's art. Maddox gives Lucifer and Dan the list of antidote ingredients, but the way to mix them and how much of each ingredient is used is missing, and the doctor is now dead.

Lilith visits Lucifer in the hospital as he's looking after Chloe. She seems like a caring mother, which likely means that something is up. Lilith tells Lucifer that the man who did this to Chloe is suffering in hell. Lucifer then decides to die and go to hell to have a talk with the doctor. After meeting with Amenadiel, Lilith and Maze, they all agree that this is a spectacularly bad idea. Dr. Linda Martin who is apparently sitting off in the corner for a good portion of this argument suggests that Lucifer finds another way to hell and Lilith won't even entertain the idea of him going to hell at all. Amenadiel stays with Lucifer in order to help Chloe, as do Maze and Dr. Linda Martin.

Lucifer tells Dan that he'd better get the ingredients on the list together because Lucifer is about to get the directions for them. Dan is spurred on to action and Dr. Martin, Maze and Amenadiel help to keep Chloe close by Lucifer as Lucifer dies and goes to hell. He doesn't want to become invulnerable again once he's in hell and not be able to get out. It is clear that Amenadiel admires his brother for his selfless actions. Lilith is clearly disgusted with Lucifer for acting in such a "weak" manner for an insignificant human.

Ella and Dan decide to steal a car (which apparently she used to do before she worked with the police). One of the ingredients they need from the list is something that street racers inject into their fuel, and they don't have time to find a legitimate legal contact that can help them to find this chemical.


Dr. Linda and Maze help lock Lucifer in a room close to Chloe and while they're fighting over who has to kill Lucifer, Lucifer zaps himself with the paddles and makes his way to hell.

Trixie walks into her Mom's hospital room to find Amenadiel, whom she asks if he is watching over her Mom "like a guardian angel" (all the aww). Trixie and Amenadiel have a touching moment together in Chloe's hospital room where Trixie asks why there are bad people in the world like the bad man who hurt her Mom. She tells Amenadiel that she thinks he's good and gives him a big hug. Again with the "aww."


Meanwhile, Lucifer walks through hell which appears to be nearly abandoned in some places. He finally finds the doctor in his portion of hell where he has to repeat the cowardly actions which took place when he was in the car accident in which he left his college student uber driver to die in favor of saving his research paper. Lucifer offers to make a deal with him to rescue him from his guilt which could possibly save him from hell (which it doesn't) and walks off, formula in hand. Lucifer waits patiently at the abandoned gates of hell to be resurrected, but gets sidetracked and pulled off into another area where he sees his brother, Uriel playing the piano. Could this be Lucifer's hell? It's clear that this isn't really Uriel. This is simply Lucifer's own personal hell where he must repeat the killing of his brother over and over again until he can forgive himself and escape. The attempts to revive him do not work while he remains in hell. "Uriel" chides Lucifer for not figuring out his last words, "the peace (or piece?) is here." Lucifer's subconscious' approximation of Uriel tells Lucifer that he belongs in hell while Chloe starts having seizures just above Lucifer. Dr. Linda asks to go to hell to rescue Lucifer, saying to Maze, "there are things you don't know about me" and instead, Lilith walks in and offers to go to hell to save Lucifer. Maze happily takes the paddles to Lilith and sends her to hell. The doctor's try to move Chloe to CT after stabilizing her after her seizures. Amenadiel refuses to let them.

Dan and Ella root through someone's illegal garage in search of the final ingredient, but are caught by the owner of the garage. We find out that Ella is breaking into her brother's garage. Thankfully, he has the final ingredient. ZX3 on hand.


Lilith appears in Lucifer's personal hell to rescue him, convincing him that the Uriel that he's seeing isn't real. Lilith seems to have trouble stopping Lucifer from killing his brother, Uriel. Lilith decides that it's her fault that Uriel died--that he died because of her manipulations. Lilith takes responsibility for all of her manipulations and won't leave with Lucifer. Lucifer tries to rescue Lilith and ends up having to drag her out of hell. Amenadiel resists the security officers and keeps Chloe in her room. Finally, Dr. Martin successfully revives Lucifer and Lilith. Lucifer and Amenadiel are reunited in Chloe's hospital room and Dan and Ella arrive with the cure and administer it to Chloe. Chloe suggests that she and Lucifer pick up where they left off and Lucifer tells her to feel better first. Lilith actually asks after the detective and their relationship. Lucifer feels that their entire relationship has been a long con and tells Lilith that she's as bad as God is (which she is). Lucifer tells Lilith that he's tired of being a pawn between Lilith and God and walks away. It looks like Lilith's while identity is being challenged as being a Mother is her entire existence. Chloe's drives over to see Lucifer and finds him gone. He's moved out. His furniture is all covered and he's nowhere to be found.

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