#Lucifer--Season 2, Episode 14:"Candy Morningstar"

Denial is in the air this week on "Lucifer."


This week's episode opens with Lilith sitting on some guy's lap and making out in Lucifer' club, engaging in sexual role play. In the middle of said role play, Lilith begins ranting about being neglected by her son and her sex partner immediately runs for the hills, leaving Maze to enter and gloat about how Lucifer is probably plotting revenge against Lilith as they speak, though, in truth, even Maze doesn't know where Lucifer is.


Cut to Lucifer sitting in a dark office with some gangster types, asking him for payment for something. The head gangster says "it's your funeral" and opens a briefcase. Chloe and Dan walk down the street, talking about missing Lucifer. Ella says that she misses him too. Lucifer's absence can be felt.


Ella describes the murder o' the week as she, Dan and Chloe look down at Ash, the murder victim. Chloe notices as Ella is talking that Amenadiel has appeared and then vanished across the street from her. Amenadiel appears to be watching her. Ella notes the oddly shaped dents in Ash's head and Chloe happens to notice that the victim played guitar due to the callouses on his fingers. Unfortunately, in a cruel of know-nothing-ness, show-runners allowed the scene where Ella picks up THE WRONG HAND to look at the victim's fretting hand callouses. Unless they're looking at the body of a deceased Sir Paul McCartney, then they be looking at the wrong darned hand. Fretting hand callouses would be on the left hand for almost any guitarist--even a left-handed guitarist, as most musicians simply learn to play right-handed guitar.


After this grievous travesty, the show continues as Chloe notices a copy of Ash's band's book, musing aloud that Ash was the band's, front man.  Det. Chloe Decker and Det. Dan interview Ash's band. Ash's female band mate somewhat gleefully suggests that the two detectives talk to Ash's ex-wife. While they're on their way to do that, Lucifer shows up at the station to tell Chloe and Dan his "news" about getting married to a Vegas stripper-type called Candy, who goes by CottonCandy86 online. Oof. Candy immediately shows Dan and Chloe her ginormous wedding ring, leaving Lucifer to apparently happily explain that the two are married (!!). Lucifer tries to explain to Chloe and Chloe isn't interested. Lucifer seems to be pretending that he and Chloe never had a relationship.


Det. Dan comes to tell Chloe that he has Ash's ex-wife in the interrogation room, where Chloe reads reports from Ash's band members to Ash's ex-wife that make her look like a good suspect. Chloe tries to bate Ash' wife into a frustrated confession, but she doesn't bite. Ash's ex-wife suggests that their shady divorce mediator may have run off with the money she had to pay Ash in the divorce.

 Amenadiel and Lilith are searching for online records of Lucifer's marriage to Candy, and they find them. CottonCandy86 has posted a boatload of cheesy photos of their marriage and honeymoon. While waiting in the station with Lucifer, Candy notices a man that appears in several of the crime scene photos. Surprisingly, it's Ash' divorce mediator. Chloe tells Lucifer off in no uncertain terms and confides in him that he let her down and that she doesn't need him anymore.


Lucifer shows up in his session with Dr. Linda with Candy in tow. Dr. Linda covertly mentions hell, and Lucifer tells her that he's not hiding anything from Candy. Dr. Linda suspects that Lucifer's rash decision making and denial are symptoms of trauma from his "travels" to hell. Lucifer denies it. Dr. Linda asks about Det. Decker and Lucifer state that his feelings toward Chloe were fake and manipulated by God. Dr. Linda challenges Lucifer about his feeling for Chloe and says that to be healthy; he should take some dubious advice Candy blunderingly offered during their session and "act as if."


Lucifer follows Det. Dan to the divorce mediator's office. Det. Decker and Det. Dan moves to investigate the divorce mediator Ash and his ex-wife used. Lucifer makes an appointment for himself and Candy to covertly interrogated divorce mediator.


Lucifer introduces Candy to his Mother, and the two go out shopping together. After examining Candy, top to bottom, Maze asks Chloe what she thinks of Candy. While Chloe suppresses her feelings on that matter, Maze calls her out and dishes out some good advice for Chloe. Chloe uses Lucifer's in with the divorce mediator to pose as Candy herself and interrogate the divorce mediator. The two appear to benefit from the divorce mediation. Lucifer opens up about his concern for Chloe's well-being during the session and Chloe isn't sure that she believes him. The divorce mediator approaches "Candy" aka Chloe while on a break during their session, where Chlor propositions the divorce mediator to weight things in her favorite. He doesn't bite. It appears that Ash's divorce mediator helped Ash in the divorce simply because he liked Ash's band, of which the divorce mediator planned to be the future manager. Ash's divorce mediator was at the crime scene, looking for Ash, having known that Ask and his bassist Marla were fighting.


Candy remarks to Lilith while out shopping that clearly, her large ring is indicative of Lucifer's large amount of love for Candy. Surprisingly, however, Candy turns out to be rather intuitive, intuiting that Lilith simply wants the best for her son and telling her that she will be there for Lilith to help make Lucifer happy. While talking to Amenadiel later on, Lilith suggests that Lucifer might be broken because of her pushing and manipulation. Lilith decides that she's a terrible Mother (a state of affairs which is not wholly untrue). Ella and Dan appear to be rooting for Chloe and Lucier to patch things up. Chloe is frustrated but appreciates her team's support. While talking, the team comes to a conclusion, with Ella taking the lead, that Ash was murdered by Marlowe's bass. During one of the band's shows, Lucifer comes up on stage for an exceptional performance where, after having looked through Chloe's phone and noticed her penchant for '90's pop ballads, starts singing and playing the Bangles' "Eternal Flame." Cleverly, however, Lucifer announces that his song is going out to a very special girl--Marla, who now cannot escape the club without being noticed (devious!). Lucifer tells the audience that this song goes out to a special someone--a woman who thinks she doesn't need him anymore. Chloe smiles and begins to soften a bit toward Lucifer. The killer is caught! Lucifer reminds Chloe while still on the stage of what a good team they make.


So cute!


Lucifer continues on a strong campaign of acting cute in the hopes that all will be forgiven. Ella is glad to see Lucifer and Chloe Decker reconcile a bit. Amenadiel, however, calls Lucifer out for his bad behavior toward Chloe--as any good brother would. Lucifer caves to Amenadiel and admits that he's trying to protect Chloe. Amenadiel empathizes with his brother, Lucifer, and then tells Lucifer to apologize to their Mother who, after all, went to hell and faced her worst fears to find and help Lucifer on his quest to save Chloe. Pretty great mothering, huh...

When the team questions Marla, she says she ran because she thought she was going to be busted for the fake I.D.'s she's been making and one of her stalker fake I.D. customers. Marla maintains her innocence, swearing she didn't do this.


The team finds that her bandmate, Doug, had Marla's bad guitar last and is a much more likely suspect. While banging on the door of Doug, the murderer, Lucifer's phone rings: it's Candy. Whoops. Guess that silent option on your iPhone doesn't work too well for desperate wives who call through and activate the emergency connect function. Sadly, Doug, the murderer hears Lucifer's brief phone call with Candy and attacks Lucifer from behind, strangling him. Chloe attempts to talk Doug down as Doug confesses to Ash's murder, which was committed in the heat of the moment. Doug threatens to kill Lucifer if Chloe doesn't lower her weapon, demanding that if Chloe cares about her partner [Lucifer], she should drop her weapon. Even while being strangled, Lucifer quips, "you may as well just yank the sucker then, Dougie, I'm useless to her," saying "go on, do your worst." Tom Ellis is never better than when he's playing a petty-on-the-surface, deep underneath Lucifer. His quips are priceless. I haven't heard such great quipping and punning since my days of watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which admittedly aren't yet over (love that show!). Det. Decker clips Doug in the shoulder with a round and Lucifer and Det. Decker apprehends their suspect, meeting a distraught Candy back at the police station. Candy approaches Chloe to ask after Lucifer and to see if he's okay after being attacked (an attack Candy was unwittingly complicit in causing). While talking to Chloe, Candy just so happens to mention that Lucifer talks about Chloe all the time and that it's "detective, this and detective, that." She tells Chloe that work with her is extremely important to Lucifer and briefly recaps [for the audience] Chloe and Lucifer's ordeal, trying to cure Chloe of the poison she was given two episodes ago. Apparently, Lucifer shares more with Candy than previously thought. Chloe tells Lucifer that she'll see him tomorrow at the precinct and not to be late, thus giving Lucifer another chance at working with Chloe and the rest of the team. While Lucifer is clearly relieved to have an invitation extended to him to work with Chloe and the team again officially, he is clearly unhappy about the new set of professional boundaries Chloe seems to have installed. It is evident that Lucifer still cares deeply for Chloe on a personal level and wants to be with her in a romantic relationship. The depth and breadth of human emotion are still something Lucifer must become used to, though Lilith and Maze are excellent foils for him in that regard as they are both clearly way less emotionally mature than Lucifer is on many levels.


Speaking of Lilith, Lucifer speaks with his Mother, telling her that although she messed up, he knows she was probably coming from a place of love, even if the way she has gone about it has been, shall we say, suspect... Lilith comes clean with Lucifer too, saying that all she's wanted since she escaped hell, was to reunite Lilith, fer and Amenadiel' heavenly family. Lilith suggests that Lucifer gets ahold of the heavenly flaming sword, which is Azrael's blade, which, conveniently, Lucifer happens to have in his possession! Cut to the final twist of tonight's episode, during which Lucifer meets with "Candy," telling her she's done excellent work and thanks her for helping him to get inside of "that scheming head of his Mother's." It seems "Candy" was fake all along. "Candy" as simply someone whose life Lucifer saved out in Vegas, who owed him a favor. Wow. Surprise ending! Lucifer kindly lets' "Candy" keep her wedding ring, citing the fact that divorces are expensive. It turns out that Candy does have plans to open a business--maybe just not the tanning salon/juice bar she waxed poetic to Lilith about earlier in tonight's episode. "Candy's" parting advice to Lucifer was to try not to mess things up with Det. Chloe Decker. As "Candy's" limo drives away, ostensibly back home to Vegas, Lucifer whispers into the night that he won't.


So what's to come on next week's episode, "Deceptive Little Parasites?" Well, let's see...