#Lucifer Season 2, Episode 3: "Sin Eater" Recap & Review

Decker and Morningstar investigate a string of murders by a serial killer on a rampage. Will this punishing psychopath give Lucifer a run for his money or will our stalwart detective duo save the day?

The team, including season three rookie Ella the medical examiner assess crime scene number  one 

The team, including season three rookie Ella the medical examiner assess crime scene number  one 

Before all of the excitement begins this week, Chloe and Dan take a moment to discuss their rocky relationship and it's effects on Trixie as Trixie anticipates an upcoming family camping trip. It looks like Chloe and Dan's relationship is on the rocks and in the mean time, the psychotic killer wreaks havoc by tying a man to a stake and lighting him on fire after recording a damning confession, left posthumously by the devious killer for the police to find, but the mayhem doesn't stop there. Shortly after their first kill, this ingenious killer finds an even more creative way to claim the life of a second victim.

Det. Decker investigates

Det. Decker investigates

Lucifer and Det. Decker are hot on his or her trail with medical examiner, Ella Lopez. Wit and banter abound as Lucifer and Ella get to know one another by way of quirky, off-color remarks and bonding over the burnt up remains of a man who was ignited, crotch first.


Starting at the first crime scene, the soon-to-be deemed "serial killer" leaves a videotaped victim confession for the police to find, detailing something the killer thinks is so awful, the victim in question deserved to have been killed for.

Each victim has uploaded some sort of a salacious video to a new social media site called Wobble. Chloe and Lucifer find out during the course of their investigation how strictly Wobble is monitored and Lucifer become entranced with the site's content moderators, seeing them as sin-eaters and finding that he has an impressive level of empathy for them, telling Chloe that "no one chooses to be a sin eater" and "People don't arrive broken. They start with passion and yearning until something comes along that disabuses them of those notions," referring not only to the content moderators but to himself as he experiences a moment of personal clarity and revelation.

  In the meantime, Chloe and Dan come to a major decision about their relationship, but do they both want the same thing? Trixie is becoming less patient with her parents' fighting and wants to plan ahead for fun family events like their annual family camping trip. Will she be let down or happily reunited with her parents as the right family they used to be?



After a night out at Luxe, new girl friendsMaz and the doctor bond and Maz starts moving toward living her own life separate from Lucifer, asking Amenadiel to intervene to get rid of "a new woman" in Lucifer's life [Lilith] without clueing Amenadiel in to the fact that she is referring to Lucifer and Amenadiel's Mother. Wanting to keep his fading powers and dying wings a secret, Amenadiel quickly agrees to get rid of Maz. After the killer is caught and Lucifer is on his way home for the evening, Amenadiel arrives at Lucifer's penthouse and runs into Lilith who plays the poor, sad, unwanted loving mother, but is it just an act or is she sincere? Has she changed and grown as much as Lucifer and Amenadiel?

Fun on set with the girls

Fun on set with the girls

Lilith immediately and gleefully kills a mugger on her walk back to her host body's home after being banished there by Lucifer. Might this be a clue to her true personality and her true motives? Find out next time on Lucifer. 

Let us know what you think Mama Lucifer have up her sleeves?




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