#Lucifer--Season 2 Finale--The Good, The Bad And The Crispy


Lilith staples her wounds together at the scene of the crime. Her powers are returning in earnest. She shows up the next morning at Dr. Linda's, asking for medical attention, despite the fact that Dr. Linda isn't that sort of doctor. Lilith needs someone who knows about her power to assist her. Dr. Linda wonders aloud whether Charlotte's/Lilith's injury happened by way of Lucifer. This little slip up leaves Lilith wondering what Lucifer has up his sleeve regarding the upcoming family trip to heaven. Lucifer busts in on their session to encourage Lilith to help Lucifer to find Amenadiel and his piece of the sword before Chloe finds Lilith and tries to arrest her for Chet Ruiz' murder and blows up in a giant light bomb, killing Chloe. Unfortunately for Linda, Lilith comes back to her office, later on, to force her into telling Lilith everything she knows about Lucifer's plans.


Lucifer goes to Maze who is babysitting Trixie and asks for Maze's help locating Amenadiel. Trixie insists on playing doctor with the two of of them while simultaneously listening to their entire "adult conversation." When Maze finally acquiesces to finding Amenadiel for her standard bounty hunter fee, Trixie hands her a sucker for being a good patient, telling Lucifer "wussies don't get any" and pounding fists with Maze. Clearly the two have bonded.

Maze hunts Amenadiel down and finds him after a particularly awkward improv practice that he has just attended with Dan. Amenadiel not only fails utterly at improv, but succumbs to Maze's taser gun shortly thereafter. Yowch.

Det. Decker interviews Chet's brother who has escaped from the family business. He is angry about his brother's death. Det. Decker promises him to work his brother's case fairly. Lucifer casually "accidentally" destroys evidence in the lab with Ella. Sadly, its the wrong evidence and has nothing to do with Lilith's case. He unwittingly gives Ella an idea about how to solve the case. Whoops. Ella decides to look for footage of people going to and from the warehouse. Chloe of course catches on to Lilith's involvement in the crime and starts looking for Lilith.

  The people caught on camera driving away in their van happen to be a sister and sister crime scene clean up duo. Det. Decker mentions the fact that they were seen driving away from the scene of the Chet Ruiz murder. Only one of the two admits to having been in the area, supposedly to see a guy. Apparently the guy supposedly went to see was partying it up in Vegas during the time one of the cleaners claimed to be with him near the crime scene.


Amenadiel refuses to give Lucifer and Lilith his necklace. Amenadiel thinks the necklace was a gift from their father and he thinks he's supposed to guard it and use his own free will to come to his own conclusions. Lucifer confesses his plan to Amenadiel and says that he can't let Lilith loose on God. While the two are arguing, Maze tells the two that their Mother is gone.


When the boys catch up with their Mother, she confesses to torturing Dr. Linda for information. She tells her sons that she's not angry, just disappointed and then throws them across the room, telling them they should give her the missing piece of the sword. Amenadiel refuses, telling her sons she's going to have to find another way.


Lilith shows up at Santa Monica Pier, Det.'s Decker and Espinoza, hot on her trail. Chet's brother shows up to shoot Lilith/Charlotte. At the same time she means to attack, Amenadiel gets his powers back and slows time in order to save Linda Martin with Maze and Lucifer tackles Lilith off of the pier and opens the gate to heaven. Lilith apologizes, says goodbye to Lucifer and steps through, leaving Lucifer to throw in the blade behind her as the portal closes, leaving a confused Charlotte Richards, Chloe and Dan in her wake. Dan marches Charlotte Richards off to safety.

Chloe thinks Hector Ruiz killed the cleaner. Things are wrapped up in Chloe's mind. Chloe reminds Lucifer that she's there for him. Lucifer visits Linda and Linda tells Lucifer she's his friend through the good, the bad and the crispy and that she walked into their friendship with her eyes wide open. Looks like Lucifer found just what he needed from his counselor and his friend. On the way out of Linda's hospital room, Lucifer calls Chloe to tell her he wants to meet up with her and tell her everything. Unfortunately, he's hit on the back of the head and dragged off onto a desert island or oasis, where he wakes up with his wings back and his powers seemingly restored. 


This writer's thoughts:

Watching this week's episode, I was struck by the need for last week's episode, "Sympathy For The Goddess." Lilith's story needed to be told. She needed to look like more of a sympathetic character. We needed to understand her plight. She also needed to come to terms with the characters with whom she has developed relationships in this and last week's episodes. This week, we saw Amenadiel become his own person and we saw Lucifer come face to face with some of the damage he's caused in the lives of the people around him. We saw Maze become her own person and yet we saw her relationship with both Lucifer and Amenadiel begin to become restored. Lilith acted selflessly after causing some major destruction and we may have seen God's hand at work as his sons' powers were restored--one by faith and the other by force. We saw Lucifer take another step along his path to self-realization and forgiveness as he called Chloe to explain what's been going on.


Dominique Miller


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