#Lucifer--Season 2 Ep 9 "Homewrecker" Recap & Review

This week on Lucifer, Lucifer decides that L.A. is a home worth fighting for.


 “I find that people make Los Angeles their home for one of two reasons: Either they’re from something or looking for something. So ask yourself, which is it? Running or looking?”

--Dr. Linda Martin


The episode opens with Lucifer and Amenadiel on an extraordinarily boring tour of L.A., which Lucifer promptly takes control of, offering tour-goers an...er...unique perspective on the city and its various goings on including an underground sex club owner and a drug dealer who frequents the corner the bus stops at. Sadly, Amenadiel hops off of the bus shortly after Lucifer offers the bus full of tour goes that gem of wisdom, leaving Lucifer scratching his head.


As the crime of the week unfolds, we learn that the owner of Lux, Lucifer's club, home and a large part of his purpose on earth has been killed and his son Dean has taken over his business interests, only Dean hated his Father and wants to destroy Lux and all of his Father's holdings. While Lucifer and Detective Decker are investigating Daddy Cooper's death, Dean's body falls out of a high rise office building and onto a car in front of them. Dean Cooper lives, taken care of by his loving if sappy fiancé. It's clear the two of them are very much in love, but Lucifer's troubles don't end there. A real estate developer steps in who cannot be shaken, hoping to turn Lux into a mall.


Maz immediately assumes Lilith is responsible. Lilith's plan to move her entire family back through the pearly gates, however, is much less nuanced and much more big time. Lilith takes over the case from another lawyer (whom she throws into the wall of a men's bathroom, leaving said lawyer unconscious) who was defending a bomb maker on one of Det. Dan's cases. Lilith wants to blow up Lux, but Lucifer is having a final party at Lux during her window to make Lux go boom and Lilith worries that her bomb maker will balk at blowing up dozens, if not hundreds of people inside of the building and instead, she shows up at the party, acting the part of the supportive parent. Lilith and Dr. Martin have a meeting of the minds while at Lux and Linda sticks up for Lucifer, defending the doctor-patient relationship and confounding Lilith while still making Lilith respect her for her insight, strength of character and boundaries. I think Lilith likes the good doctor, if she considers her a bit of a threat.


While Lucifer's [ostensibly] final party at Lux rages on, Det. Dan informs Det. Decker that reports of an illegal party at Lux have been called in. Chloe shows up at Lux and runs interference for Lucifer with the police. Instead of chiding Lucifer and sending everyone on their way, however, Chloe tells Lucifer, once the police have left, to turn up the music and get the party going again. This impresses Lucifer and shows him that Chloe is on his side. In a sweet moment, Lucifer pulls Chloe out onto the dance floor and dances a rousing Foxtrot with her to The Clash's "Should I Stay Or Should I Go."


The plot thickens when Maz and Amenadiel follow Lilith from the club to dinner with Det. Dan where Lilith questions Dan intently about his relationship with Chloe. When she learns what she needs to know, she gets up to leave, but rather than letting her go without a word, Dan apologizes and asks her to stay. Appearing moved, Lilith (in her guise as Charlotte the lawyer) not only doesn't leave, but kisses Det. Dan, leading them both to end up spending the night together. Maz and Amenadiel are shocked, but Maz isn't so shocked that she doesn't have time to grab a couple of pictures of the offending couple. Amenadiel is understandably grossed out, but Maz lightens his spirits a bit with her sense of fun and whimsy, something she always appears to do for the always dour, always serious Amenadiel.


As Lilith wakes up in Dan's bed, she surreptitiously sneaks far enough away to make a momentary phone call to her bomb maker client. Lilith asks him to scale down his bomb to make it big enough to kill just one person. After the information Lilith has gleaned from Dr. Martin, Lucifer and Dan, she sets her sights on Chloe, assuming that if she gets rid of Chloe, Lucifer's attachments to earth will be forever broken, leaving him willing to return to Heaven with the fam. Lilith goes big at all times, but is she missing the smaller and yet no less important details in life? Studies say, yes. But as this season progresses, even Lilith begins to be changed by her stay on earth. It seems that even the goddess of all creation isn't immune to change.


While partying with Lucifer, Chloe comes to a realization--Dean might not have killed his Father, but his fiancé may have. After investigating a sleazy professional home wrecker/private investigator, Chloe finds that this investigator has been hired to look into Dean Cooper's soon-to-be wife by none other than Dean's dear old Dad. When the investigator found nothing, Mr. Cooper paid him to make something up, leading the sleazy investigator to photoshop Dean's fiancé into some seemingly compromising positions, but when it comes time for Det. Decker to make the collar, both Dean and his fiancé confess, leaving Chloe and Lucifer to wonder which one of them actually committed the murder. These two serve as a good if sappy mirror image to Lucifer and Chloe. Human, as it turns out, will do anything for the ones they love, and Chloe does just that when she presents Lucifer with the information that she has appealed to the city on Lux's behalf as a historical landmark, thus allowing Lucifer to continue running his beloved club and living in his beloved home, unimpeded.

  Lucifer is so appreciative that he invites Chloe to dinner, only to ghost on her after figuring out that he loves her (though exactly how, maybe even he doesn't know). Lucifer meets with Dr. Linda later that day who challenges Lucifer to understand why he has never shown Det. Decker, his fact and Lucifer, is led to come face to face with his own fears; fear of rejection, fear of being left alone, fear of being unloved. This throws Lucifer into a bit of depression. After texting Lucifer multiple times, Chloe leaves. Sadly, Lilith is seen waiting around the corner for Chloe, detonator in hand while a bomb beeps on the bottom of Chloe's car. And this is where the episode ends (drama much?!).