#Lucifer Season 2 Ep 12 "Love Handles" Recap & Review

What's love got to do with it? This week on Lucifer, love and work clash mightily as Lucifer and Chloe try to figure out the boundaries of their changing relationship while still maintaining a productive partnership at work.  


This week's episode starts with Lucifer and the detective passionately making out in his suite. Horns appear on Lucifer's head which is, of course, a dead giveaway that something's not right. This scene turns out to be part of a dream--a dream that Chloe is having. When Chloe wakes up from the dream, Maze is sitting in her room, eating popcorn and watching. Having come in after hearing Chloe scream and worrying that she's in danger, Maze decided to continue watching for good fun and entertainment.


Cut to Lucifer talking to Dr. Linda about how much he thinks the kiss they shared last week means to Chloe. Dr. Linda is having none of it. She immediately confronts Lucifer on his feelings for Chloe. Lucifer suggests that he's taking things slow so Chloe won't feel pressured, but Dr. Linda interjects, challenging Lucifer's reasoning. Is this really about Chloe or is it in fact Lucifer who wants to take things slow for fear of losing Chloe? Lucifer of course continues making excuses and stalling, both with Dr. Linda and with Chloe. As Dr. Linda says, Lucifer is stalling with Chloe because he's realized how complicated his and Chloe's relationship is. Lucifer worries that maybe Chloe is no longer "immune to [his] charms" and he walks confidently out of Linda Martin's office to go meet with Chloe. The two have an awkward conversation wherein Lucifer tries to charm her and Chloe asks him what the hell he's doing, reminding him "that stuff doesn't work on me." The awkward conversation continues as the two meet the team at the crime scene.

 A freshman in college lies dead in his bed with petechial hemorrhaging and discharge, leading Ella to the assumption that he's been poisoned. Downstairs, another student says a popular actor visited the dorm the previous day. Chloe starts talking about said actor (Johnny Cane) calling him too old to play a college student, assuming he was researching a new role. Lucifer stands quite stiffly, talking the actor up in a forced voice. Chloe doesn't cotton on to the fact that he's just walked in and is standing behind her, knife in hand. He asks if it's too late and if the kid is dead. Chloe aims her weapon at him, but he doesn't seem interested in harming anyone. 

Detective Decker brings him in to the police station and he shows Lucifer and the detective the video threat he received. In the mean time, Lucifer visits Charlotte aka Lilith to ask her whether she has unduly influenced his and Chloe's relationship by encouraging them to kiss. She swears she hasn't and Det. Dan walks in at the absolute wrong time to tell Lucifer that cyber has gotten a hit off of the email threat that was sent.

They've traced the email to a college library where two kids are making out. Chloe continues to make awkward remarks which Lucifer is confounded by. Fortunately (or not), the pair are interrupted by the young library employee with the email address that sent the threat. He is sitting and watching porn in his office. When Lucifer and the detective hear a scream, they immediately rush in to see what's wrong and get an eye full. After talking to the student employee, they find that he was busy TA ing a class when the email was sent and another one has just been sent. My question: what if none of these folks checked their emails? #justsayin

After threatening actor Johnny Kane, the killer is now threatening a doctor, Gwendolyn Scott, a world renowned thoracic surgeon, suggesting that he'll kill an innocent student named Ashley Corbett if she doesn't destroy her hands.

Lucifer and the detective show up at a college party, looking for Ashley Corbett (the college student). Lucifer charms all of the women at the party to the horror of Detective Decker who misinterprets Lucifer's actions as simply being unprofessional and diverting himself for his own amusement. Lucifer talks to the girls about his feeling for Chloe and they gush after meeting her, which throws her off. Meanwhile, Det. Dan sits with the good doctor who agonizes over whether or not to mutilate her hand in order to save poor Ashley. The doctor tells Dan she's going to get a drink of water (c'mon Dan! Really?!). Of course, the doctor immediately puts her hand into her kitchen disposal (yowch!). Great detective work, Dan. Not to pick apart the plot too much tonight (who am I kidding? Ima pick that plot apart starting now), but why couldn't Det. Dan simply ketchup the heck out of the doctor's hand, bandage it up, call 9-1-1 and ham it up for the killer? Why does the doctor actually have to mutilate her hand? This killer ain't god. He's not omniscient. He's not going to know the injury is fake. Again, just sayin'.


Lilith visits Dr. Linda Martin's office to dish about Lucifer and Chloe. Instead, Dr. Martin sternly (and bravely) stands up for Lucifer. It is clear to Dr. Martin that Lilith wants to involve herself in Lucifer and Chloe's relationship. Linda Martin draws her boundaries and verbalizes them with Lilith.

 Lucifer and Chloe visit the doctor's home as she's being taken away in an ambulance and Lucifer voices the audience's concern, saying that one can never play by a tyrant's rules. He says that he knows this because his father was a tyrant. Cue the timely arrival of a package for the doctor, containing the antidote to Ashley's poison (my Dad worked for the postal union and was a letter carrier for many years and I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no way in hell that anyone can control the arrival of a package to that extent. And hey, what if that package got lost in the mail? There would be some pretty red faces over at killer hq.).

 Detective Dan and Ella have a meeting of the minds at the police station wherein Ella explains to Dan that these poisons cannot simply be counteracted by one single antidote. Since they are as she says "designer poisons," designer antidotes have to be made to counteract them. The two find that the kid who died initially was someone called Andy Clamberg who they were initially looking at for another crime. He lived in Chicago and smuggled the poison into himself (plot twist!). It seems he may have been killed in part as a form of revenge. Way to go, sociopathic killer.  

 While visiting Ashley at the hospital, Ella and Lucifer find that Ashley was poisoned when she received her on-campus flu shot. The two determine that the killer may be reaching his victims through the on-campus university health van as the young man who was killed before Ashley was poisoned had also received a flu shot. The one administering the flu shots is a doctor called Jason Carlisle who was a professor at Malibu until the video of him saving himself and the dissertation he had been working on for four years from a car crash whilst leaving the innocent uber driver/college student who was in the car with him in the car to die. Cold, dude. Cold. Not to be the nitpicker again, but can I just say...cloud storage..? This whole situation could've been avoided by the doctor simply saving his work on the cloud and emailing it to himself (which is a bonus cause hey, copyright and intellectual property laws). Why clamor to grab the hard copy from the car? I'm sure insurance would've paid for a new MacBook Air or whatever. You'd think a doctor would have more sense than this. Sigh. But I digress.

  The disgraced doctor took a job as a mobile health tech and is now picking all of his victims by design. He's targeting them very carefully in order to perform a sick experiment. After Lucifer suggests poking the bear with a giant stick, Chloe actually emails him a series of insults (what?!) and hits send, Dan cautioning her all the while. The killer responds immediately with a link to a video chat program (again, what?! Was this dude ready and waiting, mask in hand? C'mon.). Chloe baits him further 🙄🤔 by telling him she knows who he is and suggesting that there's no need for a mask. The doctor of course obliges and then conveniently lays out his master plan in five minutes or less, which is sort of a bummer. Apparently it includes forcing two college kids to make the same choice the actor and the doctor had to make, but in controlled conditions in the doctor's lab where they're not observed or unduly (in the doctor's opinion) influenced by the police. Chloe suggests that the doctor is a callous individual because he rescued "stuff" rather than a person during his escape from the accident he was recorded running from. One kid, a rising track star, must chop off his leg in order to save the other from a lethal injection of poison. The doctor reminds the Chloe and Lucifer (i.e. the viewers) that there is no anecdote for his poison (because we all forgot Ella said that not five minutes ago).

  Lilith and Maze meet at a local bar to talk about Chloe and how God intervened to make sure that Chloe was born in order to put him in Lucifer's path. Somehow, a picture of Amenadiel meeting with Penelope Decker still sits on the picture board in the bar (again, I say what?!) where Lucifer conveniently sees it after bursting into the bar. Lucifer seems to think this means that none of what he and Chloe have is real.


Back to the killer at hand though, of course Chloe and Lucifer nip in in the nick of time and save the day after finding a bird in the video link the killer sent Chloe Decker. Somehow Chloe and Lucifer find his lab based on that where the doctor seems totally unsurprised to see them (uh oh!). After some further convenient 'splainin' of the plot and the stakes at hand and chase, an attempt by Chloe to bring the killer in peacefully goes awry when the doctor kills himself by brutally slashing his own throat in front of Chloe Decker. The doctor assumes that Chloe has saved herself by running away and leaving Lucifer in his lab. Clearly he doesn't realize who and what Lucifer really is. The doctor tells Chloe that he just needed people to understand that anyone would've made the same choice he did, faced with similar circumstances and that's all he was trying to accomplish by performing these experiments. Lucifer saves the antidote with his super powers (clearly poison isn't going to kill the devil) and saves the two kids in the doctor's lab as well. The killer's last words are that he had no choice as to what to do when he was in the accident and he has no choice now and that Chloe will soon understand his ultimate plan. Chloe hugs Lucifer after finding him safe and whole (awwz). Sadly, toward the end of the episode, Chloe ends up experiencing some of the nonstop nosebleed Ashley had after being poisoned and the doctor is no longer alive to provide her with an antidote. Thankfully Lucifer rushes over to confront her about his Father's plan and discovers Chloe before her condition worsens. This is where the episode ends. Will Chloe make it to next week? Find out on the next Lucifer.


Let us know what you think:•    Will Lucifer be able to love Chloe know she is a miracle?
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