#Lucifer Season 2: Episode 7 "My Little Monkey" Recap

A Father is never far from his daughter's heart.

This is a sentiment echoed beautifully by this week's episode of Lucifer, "My Little Monkey." This week, Lucifer and team take on a case that is of personal significance to Det. Decker, but will the team catch the right man?


My Little Monkey opens upon Officer Decker (not Detective Decker, but her Father) talking proudly to a business owner friend of his about his daughter's role in "Hot Tub High School," the cheesy movie Det. Decker starred in in her acting days. Despite its unsavory reputation and apparently ultimately cheesy scenes, he is so proud of his daughter that he asks his friend to please be complimentary to her when next he sees Chloe, despite the rather suggestive theme of the movie and some of its less family oriented scenes. But, as the two men are talking, the owner's eyes go wide with fear. By the time Officer Decker asks him what's wrong, it is already too late. Officer Decker is shot and killed, leaving his family to wonder why.

 ast forward at least another decade. Chloe Decker has her own daughter, Trixie. Her priorities have changed a bit since her days filming Hot Tub High School. Chloe seems uninterested when Lucifer walks into the station and tells her that Dr. Martin has canceled his session. Although she says nothing, Chloe has found out that Joe Fields, the man who killed her Father, is going to get to visit his Granddaughter on furlough and makes a plan to stop the vehicle carrying him.

Chloe finds Joe Fields' transport vehicle stopped on the side of the road

Chloe finds Joe Fields' transport vehicle stopped on the side of the road

When she arrives, Chloe is surprised to see a wrecked car, him dead along with his police escorts. Of course Det. Decker has to excuse herself from further working on the case. Thankfully Ella is able to help her out by keeping Det. Decker up to date.

Meanwhile, Linda Martin has canceled her appointment with Lucifer because she's seen his true face and it's terrifying. She is now aware he's a fallen angel from actual hell and that Maz is a demon. She has locked herself in her office and won't open the door.

Maz worries that Linda is afraid of her  

Maz worries that Linda is afraid of her  

Without the help of Dr. Martin, Lucifer feels lost and abandoned. He is happy therefore when he stumbles upon what he thinks might be the key to changing his life: Det. Dan. Lucifer decides that to be a simple, smart, helpful human is just the thing and immediately gets to work making himself into the very image of Douche, even going so far as to tell Chloe that he's learning how to Douche.




Lucifer haphazardly follows Dan around for a bit and Dan becomes irritated, but resigns himself to helping Lucifer out. The two catch a lead on Joe Fields and end up in a bathhouse with a criminal go to guy known as an underworld finder and human lie detector. Lucifer pretends he would like to hire this man to kill someone and convincingly uses his own name, telling this man why he [Lucifer] deserves to die. When the man believes him and offers to help, Dan and Lucifer arrest him, prompting him to tell them both where the man who set up Joe Fields is.


Set up, you say? Why, yes. Joe Fields' daughter shows up at Chloe's house, assuming that she had Mr. Fields murdered. Once Chloe talks her down, the two women work out that Joe wasn't guilty after all, that he simply took the fall for someone in exchange for his family being financially looked after.


Both Chloe and the douches figure out who it was and Lucifer allows Maz to hunt this man, a prison official, down and bring him to Chloe's house for Chloe to decide what to do with. Although this may not be the way law enforcement works in real life, Chloe is given a choice. She chooses to bring the man responsible in and let him pay for his crimes, thus providing Maz with the job she's been searching for. 



"I need you, my partner, and that's you, Lucifer Morningstar." 

"I need you, my partner, and that's you, Lucifer Morningstar." 

As this episode moves toward its close, Maz makes an effort to get Dr. Linda to step outside her door. Maz tells Linda the good news, that she has been hired to work as a bounty hunter after doing such a good job apprehending the man who set Joe Fields up to take the fall for Officer Decker's murder. Linda finally takes her up on her offer, thus restoring the two women's friendship.



And they all lived, happily ever after...until next week! 


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