#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 15--High School Poppycock

#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 15--High School Poppycock

Lucifer meets with Dr. Linda. He's been having nightmares about Chloe dying and him being unable to save her. Lucifer wants to be hypnotized so that his mental block about how to kill Cain is removed. Unfortunately, as Dr. Linda points out, that cannot be done. As Lucifer walks out the door in a huff, Linda answers a phone call from Amenadiel.

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Over at the station, Det. Decker and Ella plan for a night out. Chloe wants to back out, but Ella won't let her. Since Chloe is unavailable, they plan a raincheck for their "neon party."

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Lucifer asks Chloe if she's ever had a mental block while working a case. Chloe tells Lucifer that she hasn't--that there's always a new angle to consider. The two show up to the murder scene, where a popular YA writer has been killed with an old-fashioned typewriter her editor, who was there to pick up her new manuscript, calls it in. Kathleen was, apparently, well liked. The editor tweeted the fact that she had finished her new book and is concerned that one of her readers may have killed her while attempting to get a copy. As the interview proceeds, Det. Decker notices that Lucifer is "yes and-ing the editor. When she calls him out on it, he lets her know that he's trying to break his idea dry spell. The editor tells Lucifer that Kathleen had the worst idea dry spell/writer's block he has ever seen and that she said to him she would clear up how she got rid of it in the book's afterword. Lucifer, keen to get his hands on the only existing copy of the book, which has been taken by the killer, tells the detective that this is the key to him clearing up his idea dry spell. As usual, Lucifer's motivations for solving this case are both personal and selfish in the purest of ways.

Apparently, Ashley, a fan of the High School 3001 books, was a rabid fan who balled Kathleen out for her writer's block. In return, Kathleen had it out with Ashley online, at which point Ashley disappeared. Apparently, Ashley worked at the ice cream store Kathleen's ice cream came from. Ashley is the male owner of the ice cream store, not a teenaged girl who works at said ice cream store.

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Over at the apartment, Amenadiel checks in on Maze at Linda's bequest, where Trixie answers the door and tells him. Maze isn't home. Maze and Trixie talk about what's happening between Linda and Amenadiel, who, of course, don't know that Maze knows they're together. Trixie tells Maze that sometimes people need help telling the truth especially when they are sacred. Taking face value advice from a child apparently seems like a capital idea to Maze, who viewers can practically see the gears turning for as she heads out the door. 

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In the interview room, Det. Decker and Lucifer question Ashley, who seems to be a genuine fan and friend to Kathleen. It was he, who helped Kathleen solve her writer's block by submitting his fanfic ideas to her. Apparently, Ashley was one of those lovely folks who peaked in high school. Seeing that it was all downhill for him from there, Ashley embraced the High School 3001 books as a glimpse back at his glory days. Ashley supplies the detective and Lucifer with Kathleen's actual high school yearbook, from which she drew all of the names and information that went into her High School 3001 series. Kathleen, apparently, didn't even bother to change the names. At this point in the show, I would guess that her editor somehow related to one of these high school personalities who wasn't a fan of his, her or their being used as fodder for her books. But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. There is much more episode to watch.

Since Kathleen was planning to unveil her newest book in the High School 3001 series at her upcoming high school reunion, the team suggests that Lucifer go undercover as reclusive high school loses Todd Cornwell, the only person who they know for sure won't attend the reunion and who has no social media presence. Lucifer balks, saying that no one will believe him, even if he tells everyone he got a face AND body transplant. Dan laughs at Lucifer's moment of shame, while Det. Decker says she'll go as Lucifer's plus one. Charlotte suggests that it's not entirely illegal for them to distract Todd, who is signed up to attend after all, with a visit from a bounty hunter, after which, Charlotte promptly removes herself from the room. Charlotte doesn't hear the rest of the plan (hmm, seems like Charlotte fits in quite well as an ADA).

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Over at Dr. Linda's office, possibly the most awkward face-to-face in the entire series is taking place between a faux-oblivious Maze and a super embarrassed Linda Martin. Maze has shown up, as Trixie suggested, to "help" Linda and Amenadiel tell the truth. Maze is most hurt by Linda's secret-keeping since she sees Linda as a close girlfriend. Maze insists on setting Linda up on a blind date after Linda insists to Maze that she's still single.

The next morning, Chloe realizes she's been up all night reading the High School 3001 books, which somehow make her feel young again too. As she walks into the gym for the high school reunion with Lucifer to the dulcet tones of Train's Drops Of Jupiter (omg my high school playlist is calling me right now. Brb.), Chloe is caught up in nostalgia, while Lucifer reminisces about how high school reunions were popular torture devices in hell. Sometimes this show is just so on point, let me tell you something...

Chloe points out Max and Isabel, the prom king and the sexpot, talking. Chloe suggests that there's much more to the characters than their one-dimensional descriptions would suggest, while Lucifer, lost, wonders what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks just happened. Lucifer reminds Chloe to put on her detective hat, however, because one of these rich, non-one-dimensional, deep, multi-layered characters is likely a murderer. Lucifer finds himself being the responsible adult in this situation.

Maze brings the real Todd Cornwell to the restaurant where she has set Linda up with him and has set herself up with Amenadiel. The jig is up. Todd confesses to bedwetting and Amenadiel tells everyone that many serial killers wet the bed. This is off to a great start...

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Chloe and Lucifer question suspects, some of whom are evasive, others of who are suspicious of their motives or don't believe the two are who they say they are. Each of the find that the alibis of the various suspects hold up. Jessica and Max have a reunion in the high school hallway after Max flirts with Chloe. A massive catfight ensues, but Lucifer breaks it up before it gets started because everyone has the same alibi--a party to which everyone but Todd was invited the previous night. Apparently, the real Todd was helping Max with his taxes and confessed to Max that he was visiting with Kathleen, so, the real Todd may be the killer after all. Amenadiel was on to something about killers and bedwetting...he also might have given himself away to Maze by sharing that little psychological tidbit. Maze tortures Linda and Amenadiel at the restaurant after Linda figures out that she knows about the two of them.

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Maze and Linda get into it at the restaurant. Linda calls her out she tells Maze that she genuinely cares about Amenadiel. Maze still hurts over the lost friendship with Linda and leaves, crying. Lucifer and Chloe show up to question Todd. Todd has no idea that Kathleen was murdered. Apparently, Kathleen tracked Todd down to discuss the final book in the series, in which she was going to make Todd the hero. She was going to show everyone the ending of the book at the high school reunion. While Todd didn't get to read the book, Kathleen described a peaceful finish in which everyone ends up understanding each other and getting along in the end. Det. Decker turns back to the editor. Vincent, the editor, tells Det. Decker how creepy Kathleen apparently thought Ashley was and Lucifer and the Detective go to the ice cream store, where Lucifer pretends to be Ashley, and, wait for it...wait for the editor to show up to kill Ashley, after Det. Decker leaked just enough information to the editor to get him to the ice cream store. Det. Decker looked at traffic footage and saw that the editor showed up at Kathleen's house the night before. The two argued over the seemingly anti-climactic ending of Kathleen's latest book, and Vincent killed Kathleen. Lucifer flies off the handle, after learning that Vincent has destroyed the afterword, which apparently only said that Kathleen found her inspiration after learning that she couldn't change her past.

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Amenadiel and Linda break up (but let's call it "putting their relationship on hold" just for the sake of assuming that this won't be the end of their connection), but Lucifer and Chloe have a private prom at Luxe, complete with corsage and prom music (Aww). They share a dance and, nearly, a kiss and, most importantly, they talk, which helps Lucifer to break his own "writer's block." Chloe tells Lucifer that it's better to. Move forward than to stay stuck in the past, because "we can't rewrite history." Now, Lucifer is going to try actually to rewrite Cain's history...

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This was a great episode, it was nice seeing Chloe not so strict and Lucifer being the responsible partner even if it was only for his benefit. Maze expressed a lot of humanity in this episode with the help of her new best friend, Trixie. I would rate the episode 8.5/10.