#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 16--Infernal Guinea Pig

This week on Lucifer, everyone takes a nice long trip into their personal hellscapes.

Lucifer and Cain hatch a plan to bring Abel back to life to remove Cain's mark. Unfortunately, Lucifer drops Abel into the wrong body. Abel, now in the body of a young, currently healthy woman, gets up and walks out of the cancer ward.

Now, the two find that they need help tracking down Abel's new body. Lucifer decides to ask his demon friends, rather than involving the detectives, who wouldn't be likely to niece him anyway.

Over at the station, the detectives find that Alexa, their victim of the week, was being stalked by a conspiracy blog writer. While they focus on the case, however, Charlotte Richards and Dr. Linda meet to discuss Charlotte's missing time. It seems that Charlotte is doing everything in her power to rediscover the time she lost when Lilith took her over. Dr. Linda seems willing to hold space for Charlotte as she does this, figuring that what she discovers on her own will be more readily accepted than something Lucifer, or even Dr. Linda herself, might tell her. Sadly, the dietary changes Charlotte has made are only leading to flatulence. Dr. Linda suggests to Charlotte that she cannot "win" at therapy and that Charlotte may be feeling stuck in a loop. Charlotte walks out on their session after pushing boundaries with Dr. Linda and learning that Dr. Linda stands firm. Odds are, she'll be back.

Lucifer and Cain visit Maze, whose first torture subject was, in fact, Abel. Apparently, according to Maze, Abel's hell was constantly changing and, as Dr. Linda suggested Charlotte was, Abel may think he's still stuck in his hell/torture loop and may not even resize he's alive. Apparently, Abel is multilingual and learned in various cultural norms. It turns out he might be a little bit harder to find than first thought.

While the detectives search for conspiracy guy, Det. Decker admits to Det. Dan that she's a bit upset with Lucifer leaving with Cain, but before they get the chance to delve any deeper into that conversation, the two find themselves ambushed. Conspiracy guy approaches them, covered in camouflage, to tell them that his stalking was simply an attempt to warn Alexa about the supposedly imminent end of the world, which was handily covered up when a fictional movie was made about it.

Amenadiel happens upon Abel in a public place, whom, apparently, he'd been watching. His attempts to tell Abel that he's alive, however, fall on deaf ears. Abel thinks Amenadiel is simply a part of a cleverly designed hellscape. Abel comes to realize, however, that he is actually in a human body and that he's a woman. Unfortunately, the two realities seem to blur for Abel, who tells Amenadiel that he can never escape his brother. He suggests that Abel kill himself. Amenadiel is, once again, mucking up Lucifer's plans. In the meantime, Lucifer and Cain bicker like two old ladies, which leads Lucifer to figure out that Abel may need a therapeutic experience--killing his brother. Lucifer finds a group of beautiful women, since Abel has been drawn toward revelry in his hell, and follows them to where they're going, bringing Cain with.

Ella got back to Det. Decker with her report and apparently the conspiracy theorist may be right--Bolivian drug cartels MIGHT be behind Alexa's murder. Over at the club, Lucifer and Cain spot Amenadiel and Abel. Apparently, Abell body has someone after it as a big, burly man shows up with a gun and tries to shoot Abel! But Abel shoots first and escapes. Apparently, Amenadiel thinks he's doing God's work by sending him back to hell. In the meantime, however, Cain and Lucifer find that the hitman is a Bolivian cartel hitman. The two have to bring in Det. Decker. Apparently, Brie, Abel's new body, was the real target of Alexa's attack. Apparently, Alexa has no idea why the Bolivian cartel has invested in her movie. Brie was embezzling from Alexa, but now that Brie/Abel has disappeared, the team is at a loss. Cain enlists Maze's help to screw Amenadiel, but Abel shows up and shoots Cain before the two can start looking for Abel. Was this planned by Maze or was Abel simply following Cain to kill him? Apparently not. Maze is surprised to see Abel. Abel is just as surprised to see Cain come back from the dead. Maze tells Abel that he is back on earth after having been in a hell loop. This is the first time since the original murder that the two brothers have seen each other.

Over at the precinct, Abel as Brie tries to hit on Charlotte Richards and Det. Decker as they question Brie. Charlotte is stunned at Brie/Abel's willingness to give up control. He tells Charlotte that he's essentially escaped hell, which seems to job Charlottes/Lilith's memories. Det. Decker takes Brie/Abel into protective custody while Maze sets up a fake body double of Abel/Brie to tempt Amenadiel, with whom she proceeds to have it out--in the form of a fight. Apparently, Alexa ran. She may have been the one working with the Bolivian, while Brie found out. When bribes didn't work on Brie, killing her was their plan B. Apparently Brie's office is wired to explode. Team Lucifer is caught in a trap with Brie/Abel. While Brie is about to die, Abel is still hitting on Det. Decker. Lucifer and Cain try to help Det. Decker to defuse the bomb, but is Cain willing to save both Det. Decker AND Abel or are he just looking to save Abel for his selfish purposes?

After defusing the bomb, both women are safe, but Is Amenadiel? Amenadiel and Maze have it out, finally processing their breakup. Amenadiel gives Maze a few free punches. "It's not as much fun if you just stand there!" cries Mazs, to which Amenadiel replies that it's about as much fun as watching Maze break Linda's heart. Good point. Maze storms out.

Det. Decker and Lucifer make up outside of the office, but Lucifer is very upset. He believes that without his scheme, Chloe wouldn't have been put in danger in the first place.

Back at Dr. Linda's office, Charlotte Richard's decides to give therapy a second chance. She tells Charlotte Richard's about a recurring dream she once had. A man she used to defend walks in and shoots her family in front of her. She feels that she's the reason this man is free and that she's put her family in danger. She feels like she's stuck in her hellscape time loop. Could she remember her time in hell?

Lucifer tells Cain he's done helping him and that as long as Cain is alive, he still has hope for removing his curse, but just as Lucifer utters this, a police car appears to hit Brie/Abel. 

 It looks like Cain's got his work cut out for him...