#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 17--Let Pinhead Sing Recap & Review

#Lucifer--Let Pinhead Sing

After Abel's second death and in light of Lucifer and Cain's failures to remove Cain's mark.  A backup dancer at a concert, dressed as the lead singer, switched positions at their concert at the last minute, leading to said backup dancer being blown up by a firework pointed at her from the spotlight and thrown directly at her. The assassin may well try again to kill Azara, the lead singer, but the manager doesn't seem concerned.

Lucifer is still plotting high handed ways to save Chloe from any harm and Cain sits melodramatically in his office at the precinct, playing Kanas' "Dust In The Wind," singing atrociously.

Ella tries to cheer Cain up with a compliment jar, but Cain hasn't opened up to many people at the station, so almost all of the compliments are the same shallow comment on how sexy his arms are, so Ella recruits Dan, Cain's least favorite employee, to try cheering Cain up.

Back to the investigation...

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While the backup dancers smudge with sage and drink turmeric smoothies, they let Det. Decker and Lucifer in on the 411 about who doesn't like Azara. Apparently, there is a backup dancer named Patrick who was recently fired who made a death threat against Azara. In the meantime, Lucifer gets to know Azara's bodyguard. He is way too into protecting Chloe right now. Back at the station, while being questioned, Patrick and their lawyer let Lucifer know that Patrick was onstage, performing his popular act, impersonating Azara, somewhere else. Patrick sees himself as another Azara--an Amara 2.0. Lucifer gives Ella a t-shirt, reading "best forensic scientist." Azara is, clearly, "Lucifer's" approximation of a Beyonce or Lady Gaga type pop star. Azara has many tweets from a stalker called Benny (among many others). Lucifer is helping one of the desk officers at the precincts to make other friends in order to keep himself from being afraid of losing Chloe, but Lucifer says he's just branching out. Is this a healthy move or just more Lucifer being Lucifer? Lucifer and Det. Decker head to Benny the stalker's home to question him, only to find him dead. Apparently, there was a suicide note found in Benny's house, but Det. Decker finds it to be a bit too clean cut.

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Lucifer walks into the station with Azara swag for everyone at the station. The police commissioner has, apparently, given Azara the green light to go ahead with her concerts, even though the case isn't yet closed. Could this be the work of her pushy manager?

Over at Dr. Linda's office, Charlotte notices that Dr. Linda is upset, after trying to give Maze a friendship gift and having Maze ignore her. Charlotte asks Dr. Linda to confide in her, and Dr. Linda opens up...a bit.

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Lucifer starts an employee of the month award back at the station, after handing out all of the Azara swag. Dan, however, takes Cain out for a drink. Cain is being a bit of a stick in the mud and bumming Dan out. Dan posits that maybe we all are just dust in the wind. The two continue a sad drinking lunch date.

Lucifer and Det. Decker interview Azara while she's having acupuncture. There is another attempt on her life while the interview takes place. Det. Decker throws herself over Azara, protecting her with her own body. Lucifer tells Det. Decker that this is no time for heroics.

After they have been given the all clear, Lucifer tends to Azara, who, apparently thinks that she's still going to do her show. Ella finds evidence in the laundry chute, while Lucifer stays to guard Azara, to keep Chloe safe. Det. Decker agrees to hide Azara at Lucifer's penthouse only because it's a safe choice. Back at the penthouse, Azara practices for her show, while Lucifer gets groceries. Is it just me, or does Azara seem a little TOO dedicated? The two sit down at Lucifer's piano to practice. The two fight over a blender full of smoothie, after Azara's off-key singing, irritates Lucifer.

Det. Decker questions Azara's manager, who has an [n industry standard] insurance policy out on Azara and the gun found in the laundry chute is his. Although he is arrested for attempted murder, he maintains his innocence.

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Over at Charlotte Richards' office, Maze and Dr. Linda engage in mediation. Maze and Linda have it out, but perhaps this is healthy. Unfortunately, Maze ends the session by telling Linda to go to hell.

Back at Lucifer's penthouse, Azara tries to have sex with Lucifer and then realizes Lucifer doesn't like her. Azara happens to be more perceptive than she may appear, guessing that it's Chloe who Lucifer is interested in. Lucifer and Azara have a heart to heart. Azara tells Lucifer not to let anyone come between him and the things he's passionate about in life. The two decide to have a drink, but Azara makes her escape. What did I tell you? That woman is hell-bent on performing.

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Det. Decker and Ella find, during the investigation, that apparently the sleeping pills used to kill Benny had been blended into a healthy smoothie.

Dan sets Cain and Amenadiel up and leaves them alone at the bar, where the two argue. Cain tells Amenadiel that he isn't scheming to get rid of his mark anymore. Amenadiel is happily surprised and takes this as a win. He thinks he's passed his "test." Cain/Pearce asks why Amenadiel is still in such good spirits. Amenadiel claims that it's faith. Speaking of bars, Lucifer shows up to see Azara performing at Lux. Lucifer is roped into a duet of "I Will Survive" with Azara, as they fight over the microphone. I think that all Lucifer fans can agree that any episode where Tom sings, dances or plays the piano is a great one.

After their performance, Cece, one of Azara's backup dancers, shows up with a knife, telling Azara she's in danger and saying that she's tired of sharing Azara. Apparently, the two were high-school bffs. Cece, however, is in love with Azara. She was trying to protect Azara by forcing her out of the spotlight. Det. Decker, who isn't far behind, shows up, having figured all of this out. Azara tells Cece that singing means more to her than anything. When Cece lunges, Lucifer tackles her, and, oddly, gives her solace. Lucifer comes up with a knife in his shoulder. He was so worried about Det. Decker that he took the knife for her. Amenadiel and Pearce show up. Amenadiel tells Pearce/Cain to have faith and suggests to him that if Lucifer can have such a special relationship with Chloe, then maybe he can have something special too. Awwz. But who does Cain have his eye set on? Chloe says yes Pearce asks to go with her to see Azara. She has received two free tickets. Apparently, Lucifer was the one Chloe had her eye on to take with her. Lucifer now thinks he's also going, but Chloe tells Lucifer that she's taking Pearce. Poor Lucifer and his shoulder wound gracefully accept this and walk away, sadly.

Maze stares at her reflection in her ax, before dropping it to the ground. Is it possible that she feels bad about how she's treated Linda and how that has impacted Linda's life?

Lucifer shows up at Linda's office without a sling and tells her that he thinks he's made a mistake...