#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 18--"The Last Heartbreak" Recap

Tonight on "Lucifer," getting a glimpse into Cain's past may give us insight into his future.

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When a beautiful woman sits down at his table, Cain rejects her. Another approaches, and Cain tells her that love isn't in the cards for him. As we see more people and scenery, viewers can understand that this isn't happening in current day L.A. Apparently we are witnessing a flashback to Cain's work as a detective (ostensibly not of the same name) in 1958 L.A. Cain is working on the Broken Hearts Killer case. Flash forward to 2018 as Cain reads that said killer has just died in prison. Det. Decker walks into Cain's office, talking about how loud and fun the concert was. Lucifer and Ella watch from the stairs. Ella calls Lucifer out on his feelings for Chloe and his jealousy toward Cain. As the two walk downstairs, the Lieutenant asks Chloe to dinner. Dan walks in as its happening. Awkward much? Dan seems to want some brain bleach as he leaves Cain's office to retrieve a file.

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Amenadiel performs a soliloquy at the coffee shop to the unwilling barista. After doing so, he sees Charlotte Richards and calls her "Mom," hugging her. Charlotte knows something is up as Amenadiel mentions Lucifer to her. Amenadiel walks away, leaving Charlotte stumped.

Lucifer confronts Ella about whether or not she's slept with the Lieutenant/Cain. Chloe isn't thrilled and asks Lucifer to stop participating in gossip, to which Lucifer responds that it's everyone else being gossipy, not him. Lucifer now has a bit of a bug up his bean about Chloe's relationship with Cain. Apparently, the murder scene they've all just arrived at is similar to the broken heart killer. Cain asks if the murdered couple is married and if the murdered couple in the car has been forced to eat their wedding rings. Apparently, Cain is correct. One of the two was, in fact, married.

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Over at the apartment, Maze has had a drunken bender with some randos, one of whom is sleeping in Trixie's bed when Dan and Trixie arrive home. Dan calls Maze out on her behavior and tells her that whatever she's going through, she needs to get over it--Pronto.

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At the station, Chloe questions the deceased man's wife. Apparently, she threw a rock through his window, but she does not know that he is dead or that he's been murdered. They still keep the wife around for further questioning, but they keep her on the back burner because yet another couple has been found dead. But who is responsible? The broken heart killer has struck again--but who is behind the murders? The person who was found guilty just died in prison. Is it a copycat? The most recent murdered couple was found in a hotel room. Cain seems to suspect a connection to the broken hearts murders. Flashback to 1958 where Cain sits alone in the same bar. The owner sits down with him at his table, telling him that the killer seems to be a perfectionist. Cut to 2018 where Cain watches the video surveillance feed for the hotel where the latest couple was found dead. It looks as though the killer was scoping the hotel out ahead of time (sounds like a perfectionist, huh?).

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Linda and Amenadiel talk at her office, where Amenadiel is upset to hear that not only does Dr. Linda treat Charlotte, but that she didn't bother to tell Amenadiel that Charlotte Richards was back. Ouch. The two talk further as the scene cuts to Lucifer and Det. Decker outside of a famous home, connected to the broken hearts killings. They've found Neal, the owner of the car, who was surveilling the hotel where the latest couple was killed. Neal appears to be a bit of a true crime buff/paparazzi type character. He thinks that Lucifer and Det. Decker is there for a true crime tour. They play along and go on the tour. Amenadiel confides in Dr. Linda about Charlotte Richards. Amenadiel wants to tell her the truth about having been Lilith. Dr. Linda suggests that Amenadiel wants to tell Charlotte about Lilith and hell for personal reasons and tells him that the best thing he can do for Charlotte is to leave her be and allow her to process and to come to these realizations on her own.

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Back at the true crime segway tour, Cain, Lucifer, and Det. Decker finds that Neal, the tour guide, knows details about the most recent killing that weren't yet released to the public. They take him in, while Cain hits up The Adams Bar, where he used to go to mull over the facts in the broken hearts killer investigation. He runs into a woman who looks just like the old owner of the bar. Apparently, it's her granddaughter. Pearce/Cain learns from her that his ex-partner, who married the bar owner, is dead.

Lucifer and Det. Decker works together as a team without Pearce/Cain to question Neal. Neal doesn't realize that they think he's the actual killer. Apparently, Neal was working with Officer MacMillan, who fed Neal information about the case. It sounds like Pearce's partner had his doubts about having caught the right guy.

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At the apartment, Trixie walks in on Maze and Dan arguing. Maze has given Trixie pot brownies to give to her school teacher. The prank didn't go over well. While the two are fighting, Maze says she's sick of Trixie and Trixie overhears, running away. Dan chases after her, while Maze looks angry with herself.

Det. Decker becomes irritated with Lucifer's jealousy distracting from the case. Pearce had another flashback to The Adams Bar in 1958. Apparently, he was interested in dating the owner of the bar, who ended up with his partner, MacMillan. Pearce/Cain loved the bar owner, but it was time for him to transfer to another precinct, as he was looking too young for his age. She tells Pearce that if he never puts his walls down, no one will ever love him and walks away. Flash forward to Pearce and Det. Decker is sitting at The Adams Bar, discussing the case. Det. Decker notices that Pearce seems distracted.

At the station, Ella has found that all of the new victims have been exposed as cheaters on the cheating lovers radio show. Lucifer goes on the show as the catfish, playing a jilted lover to Pearce and Chloe's cheating couple. The radio show host treats his assistant like garbage. Could it be the assistant who has started killing? Lucifer tells his and Chloe's "story" to the host. The host calls Chloe to rope her into the scam and get her lover's address, and Chloe abandons the script that's been written for her, in favor or ad-libbing about how great Pearce is. Lucifer walks out of the studio. This can't end well. Chloe shows up at Pearce's apartment, where they are staying their "cheating," while Lucifer shows up at the sound truck with Dan to ask him for advice on how to move on from Chloe. Dan says that he realized that Lucifer had nothing to do with why his and Chloe's relationship ended. Good advice...

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Chloe and Pearce go on with their date at Pearce's place. Chloe wonders if Pearce will be able to open up and let her in or if their relationship should end, as the shadowy figure of the radio show host's assistant shows up. Apparently, however, he's there for the show to film the cheating exes and release the footage, unedited, on his website, where numerous people watch and can get the address. While all of this is going on, the real killer releases some sort of gas into Pearce's home. Pearce does admit, however, that he keeps walls up and that he wants to give Chloe a chance and to let his walls down for her. The two are overcome by the gas. The killer busts in with his gas mask. But how could anyone but the show host know the address? This hasn't been filmed by the production assistant. Apparently, the killer is the man living in the original killer's house, who complained about Neal showing up to do true crime tours. Lucifer confronts the killer and has an epiphany about allowing Chloe to go her way in so doing. Dan and Lucifer help Chloe and Pearce and arrest the killer.

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Amenadiel has been following Charlotte. Charlotte confronts him about doing so. Charlotte asks him for the truth, and Amenadiel tells her--sort of. Inviting her to have a seat, Amenadiel talks with Charlotte.

Chloe comes home to find the babysitter, Olga, there with Trixie, rather than Maze. The babysitter informs Chloe that Maze has taken her knife and moved out.

Lucifer shows up at Chloe's door and has a nice heart-to-heart with Chloe about her relationship with Pearce. Could it be that Lucifer is growing as a person? Chloe offers Lucifer some coffee, but Lucifer refuses. It seems that Lucifer is trying to do the right thing--the mature thing. Pearce invites Chloe on a date, while he's sitting at The Adams Bar with the new owner. Pearce seems to think that Chloe is the key to him getting what he's always wanted. Could Cain/Pearce be playing Chloe? If so, it won't go over well with Lucifer.

I would give this eepisode an 8.5/10.