#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 19--Orange Is The New Maze

This week on Lucifer, true colors are revealed, friendships are tested, and alliances are forged...

 Lucifer walks into the apartment where Maze is looking for her knife. She makes a mess of the apartment while looking for her knife. It seems that Maze wants to go back to hell. Lucifer doesn't want to take her. He knows why she's upset, though. He wants Maze to take a weekend vacation to deal with her Amenadiel issues. The detective walks in and tries to talk with Maze. Maze slams the door and walks out. Pearce walks in behind Chloe. They were at the beach. Chloe tries to make it less awkward for Lucifer, but Lucifer leaves. Chloe tries too hard to smooth things out and set boundaries, but Pearce says that he doesn't care who knows that they are dating. What is he up to?

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Charlotte and Linda sit in session, over at Dr. Linda's office. The two discuss Charlotte's conversation with Amenadiel, the "guy [who] grabbed [Charlotte] at the coffee house." When she describes the guy who grabbed her as a tall, serious black man--bald--to Dr. Linda, Dr. Linda about blows a gasket. She thinks Amenadiel has spilled the beans. Dr. Linda pretends not to know Amenadiel. Charlotte didn't believe all of Amenadiel's story, although she believes that he believes he's telling the truth. Charlotte wants to dig deeper into his story. It might be time for Dr. Linda to let her do just that.

A murder has been committed at the beach. The victim is laying directly in front of a security camera. Ella hugs Lucifer and tells him to let it all out. Ella walls Lucifer over to find some more evidence. As the team watches the security footage, they see Maze standing over the dead body. Maze takes her mask off and looks directly at the camera. The team can't believe Maze would do this and Lucifer tries to explain to Det. Decker why Maze is upset with him. She doesn't understand that when Maze asked Lucifer to "take her home," she meant home to hell. Pearce thinks Maze may be guilty. Lucifer is trying to stay impartial. Lucifer wants to take Det. Decker to question the employees at a winery, rather than allowing her to go with Pearce. Lucifer asks Chloe what the situation is between her and Pearce. Lucifer tries to convince her not to date an older man. Chloe accidentally tells Lucifer that they haven't yet slept together, which seems to put a cork in the questions.

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At the winery, the owners say that Maze came looking for Mike, the grape picker, who was out on parole (which his employers didn't know or consider to be their business). They find Maze's favorite beverage in the employee trailer.

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Linda and Amenadiel fight over whether or not Charlotte is ready to hear his story. Linda seems to be way too overprotective, while Amenadiel seems to be too gung-ho to tell her everything. However, Amenadiel doesn't share the celestial details with Charlotte. He has given her a story she might be more willing as a human to believe. This, however, has left Charlotte with even more questions, and, knowing Charlotte, she WILL do the digging.

Maze walks into the police station while team Lucifer is in a conference. Maze brings in the murder weapon. She is looking to be arrested. Det. Decker tells Pearce that Maze's arrest doesn't feel right. Pearce accuses Chloe of being attracted to Lucifer and wanting to let Maze go because Maze is her friend. Det. Decker questions Maze. Maze thinks that everyone thinks she's evil, and Lucifer thinks this is all about him. Maze is trying to be put in jail because prison is as close to hell as anything on earth. Maze's answers to the questions Lucifer and Det. Decker is asking her don't line up with the facts. Clearly, Maze isn't the killer. Charlotte wants to ask Lucifer some questions about what Amenadiel told her. Charlotte finds out that she was Lucifer's "stepmom." Lucifer tells her what's going on, but Charlotte appears not to believe him. Ella visits Maze in jail. Maze asks Ella for a hug. I wonder what she stole from her...

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Ella finds that someone is framing Maze. Someone has broken into Chloe and Maze's trash bins and stolen Maze's knife to commit the murder. Maze steals Ella's ID and visits the evidence locker. The office at the evidence locker is no match for Maze. Someone is manipulating Maze and trying to make her look guilty. The lab results from the coconut water she took show that she wasn't the one who killed Mike. Det. Decker thinks that Barry the bondsman or someone he knows has set Maze up. Lucifer busts in while Chloe and Pearce are cuddling and steals Chloe to help exonerate Maze. Maze goes to the bowling alley where Barry's league plays and confronts him. He tells Maze he'll come with her after he rolls. She sabotaged his roll and put his face in front of an incoming bowling ball.

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Back at Charlotte's office, Charlotte meets with Amenadiel. She is starting to believe what Lucifer said. Amenadiel trues to cover the truth up, while Charlotte begins remembering her time in hell. She thinks she's going insane.

Barry admits that he set Maze up and that he was hired by some man from a place called Sebastian Corp. Sadly, as Barry is confessing, he is shot in the head, sniper style. The bowling team saw Maze leave Barry's business, while Barry was being shot. Maze has gotten away and is one step ahead of Team Lucifer. The team questions Maze's bounties, who are all deathly afraid of Maze, who ate one of their goldfish and put the other in a body cast. They respected her, though, and even came to like her. Pearce asks Dan whether Lucifer is always going to be in the way. Dan says to accept Lucifer as part of a package deal. One of Maze's bounties was scared straight by Maze. This particular bounty was asked to work at the winery. Apparently, it's a sketchy place, and her bounty didn't take the job because of what Maze taught him. It looks like Mike wasn't so lucky.

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Maze is two steps ahead and shows up at the winery to confront the owner. The police aren't far behind. Apparently, the owner of the winery is the Mother of one of Maze's bounties who was killed in a prison fight. She thinks her son is dead because of Maze. Maze tells her not to blames Maze, but Maze appears to be attempting to sabotage her newfound good repute Arion. Before she can kill the owner, however, he assistant shoots at Maze. Lucifer then shows up at the winery to save Maze. Maze takes the owner of the winery hostage in front of Chloe, but Chloe doesn't believe she will harm her. Det. Decker successfully talks Maze down. She tells Maze that Trixie loves her and that no one is perfect. Chloe tells Maze that she's a good friend and says that she wishes Maze would talk to her. Maze throws the knife through the winery owner's foot and runs away, telling Chloe that she's the reason why Lucifer won't take her home.

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Over at Lux, Amenadiel and Lucifer meet with Charlotte. They are there to help her move forward. Lucifer shows Charlotte his wings.

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As Pearce is getting ready to go home, Chloe and Pearce talk. Pearce sees Lucifer as his girlfriend's annoying pet cat and, rather than getting used to said "pet cat" as Dan has suggested, Pearce plans to get rid of Lucifer. Pearce stages a show of his relationship with Chloe for Lucifer to see, hoping to drive Lucifer away. Maze shows up in Lucifer's penthouse. Lucifer has called her there to apologize. While he thought that Maze was trying to manipulate him, she wasn't. She just wanted to go home.

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Maze is being tortured by her feelings. She likes to do the torturing, not be tortured. Lucifer tells her that the reason he won't take her home is that he can't lose her. He loves her. He feels he's lost, Chloe. Lucifer doesn't believe that Pearce's intentions are pure, but he's getting out of Chloe's way because he cares about her. Maze, however, feels like the consolation prize to Chloe. She feels like no one puts her first and like none of her friends deserve her. Maze stands in line to board a bus, ticket in hand when Cain finds her and talks her out of leaving. He invites Maze to work with him instead and tells her that his intentions are pure--that he'll never let her down or lie to her about his feelings for or about her.

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I would give this episode 8.5/10.