#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 4--"What Would Lucifer Do?" Recap & Review

Brotherly love, sibling rivalry, romance and personal evolution heat things up this week on Lucifer.


This week's episode of Lucifer opens with Lucifer asking a woman what her deepest, darkest desire is while in bed with another man's wife. Before the man (John Posey, Father of much beloved Teen Wolf/Jane The Virgin, actor, Tyler Posey) comes home, the woman confesses to wanting to have sex in the Chuck E Cheese ball pit. Woof. Not Lucifer's thing (is that any body's thing? a child probably catch you and then there's be the whole being a convicted sex offender situation. The whole thing sounds like no good to me.). Lucifer isn't feeling this one. When her husband announces his presence, Lucifer goes downstairs to talk to the husband and ends up having a heart-to-heart. Honestly, this husband is a walking cliche. He married his yoga instructor whom he is now having trouble keeping up with. Lucifer tells him about his own his identity crisis and suggests that he wants to exchange favors. He will keep his new wife, Lexi, sexually satisfied while the husband gets in touch with his ex, whom he wants to have sex with. Now he owes Lucifer a favor.


Cut to the body of a young woman being removed from a basin full of water at a transformation school for kids with behavioral issues. The owner of the school can't believe one of his kids could be a murderer. Lucifer notices the Fire Hawk school's wings, which are given to the kids who "reform." He scolds the owner of the school for tricking kids into thinking they've reformed. Apparently one of the kids is missing.  

 Back at the club, Amenadiel is playing Lucifer, complete with bespoke suit and all, asking people what they desire. Of course, since Amenadiel doesn't have Lucifer's powers, this doesn't start ours too well. He even gets splashed in the face with a drink. 


*This seems a good time for a reader poll. If Amenadiel approached you, would you A) squeal with joy, B) throw a drink in his face and walk away or C) leave with him immediately?  

Throwback to D.B. Woodside's "Buffy"  days

Throwback to D.B. Woodside's "Buffy"  days

At the station, Ella keeps giving Chloe little signs that she's noticing Lieutenant Pearse is interested in her even though she hasn't made the amount of progress he would like on the case yet. Lucifer shows up with single malt coffee drinks. Chloe and Lucifer have a conflict of interest when Lucifer wants to cut corners, and Chloe wants to avoid getting in further trouble with the Lieutenant. Lucifer shows up to cash in his favor with the jilted husband and then catches a boy trying to kill himself driving fast cars he shouldn't be driving. After threatening him within an inch of his life, Lucifer arrests him (he carries out a citizen's arrest). Apparently, this young man (Tyson) wasn't Emily's killer. He turned 18 and didn't want to stay at the ranch anymore and tried to get Emily, the young woman who was murdered, to leave the ranch with him. Tyson blames himself for Emily's death. He wanted her to open up about another resident who was going to be kicked out, and she wouldn't open up to Tyson about it. Lucifer goes back in to question the kid, and the Lieutenant likes Lucifer's methods, calling Lucifer a "good influence" for scaring Tyson into showing his innocence.


At the ranch/school, Lucifer shows up as the substitute camp counselor and, in his words, "resident bad influence," now that Emily has died. He breaks out his flask and asks the kids what their desires are. They all tell him, and he helps them to get back to their true selves by growing drugs (I think he may be teaching them about soil), though he offers them to intern with drug lords. One of the kids shows Lucifer her field of marijuana. This will end well... Lucifer has the kids harvesting the marijuana while he smokes it, teaching them "don't get high on your own supply" and "snitches end up in ditches" while riding in on a horse. Det. Decker shows up, and Lucifer has found Carly, who Det. Decker arrests. Det. Espinoza has to bust Amenadiel out of jail after accidentally sleeping with a prostitute and ending up in jail after getting into an argument with her pimp (who posed as her cousin) and then getting busted. Det. Espinoza, let's Amenadiel go without saying anything to Lucifer.


Lieutenant Pearse takes high Lucifer's advice back at the station with Carly rather than listening to Det. Decker. At this point, let's hope the Lieutenant is trying to teach the Detective a lesson and not forming an old boys club. Surprisingly, Carly confesses. It turns out Carly has an alibi. She saw Tyson digging by the sundial the night of the murder. During the murder, Carly was in the shared room on the computer, video chatting with her boyfriend. Det. Decker, Ella, and Lucifer head out to figure whatever Tyson buried. Lucifer directs and keeps a lookout while the women dig, of course. Ella and Lucifer love the Lieutenant while Chloe hates him. Ella suggests that Chloe should pay attention to Lieutenant Pearse's actions, not his words and tells Chloe she a bad ass. The ladies find the top of a sickle marked with Tyson's student number. Det. Decker suggests that Lucifer might be right--that people don't reform and that Carly really might be the murderer and might have framed Tyson. 


Amenadiel and Dan catch up at Lux, Dan gives Amenadiel some life advice, telling Amenadiel that everyone needs someone to have their back. Back at the school, Det. Decker confronts Lieutenant Pearse about not liking her. He tells her she's one of his best detectives and that he wanted to see her in action and then he pushes her behind him and takes a bullet for her. The killer was the teacher, Jerry Blackcrow, after all. 


Chloe goes back to tend to Pearse, phoning in a request for backup. When Lucifer tries to talk to Chloe at the scene of the crime, Chloe walks out in the middle of their conversation to go and see Pearse. Lucifer feels terrible that he wasn't with Chloe in order to defend her and he finds Blackcrow's secret stash to catch him. Lucifer catches Blackcrow on his own on a dock. He was Carl's partner. Lucifer wants Blackcrow to admit that his school was a scam. It wasn't, but Blackcrow himself never reformed. Blackcrow tries to kill Lucifer and Lucifer attacks him for going after Chloe. Amenadiel shows up to stop Lucifer from killing Blackcrow, having his back, after all, telling Lucifer that he is not evil, but that he punishes evil.  


Chloe enters the Lieutenant's hospital room with flowers and thanks him for taking the bullet for her. Pearse decides that they're even after saving each other's lives. Lieutenant Pearse says that even though he's had a few scrapes in the past, the possibility of death has never felt so real before. Could the Lieutenant be something other than human? Or could he have been so in the past? Chloe gives him some life advice about savoring every day and Pearse tells Chloe that she's his best detective and that she's special and he can see why Lucifer is so affected by her. Espinoza is given the union rep position, which Det. Pearse told Decker that job was essentially for chumps. Espinoza is super grateful and thanks to the Lieutenant in front of Chloe. Chloe and Pearse share a moment--a secret smile. 

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 Amenadiel and Lucifer talk at Lucifer's penthouse. Amenadiel found Lucifer through the GPS on one of Lucifer's dating apps. Amenadiel has figured out that God wants Amenadiel to have Lucifer's back as Lucifer continues evolving. Lucifer tells a story of one of his old victims who clung to his faith through all of the hundreds of years of torture. Lucifer thinks it was pointless and pathetic. He tells Amenadiel that Amenadiel is the one who has changed. Their argument reflects the arguments we often see between religious folks and dogmatic atheists. Amenadiel doesn't believe it. He fees that God guided him to show up at the right time to stop Lucifer from killing Blackcrow. Lucifer hates himself, regardless, and continues to try to punish himself. Lucifer fancies himself the big brother who knows the truth about their abusive Father while Amenadiel, the little brother, keeps faith in their abusive Dad. 

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 Below are some scenes from next week's Lucifer. Enjoy!