#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 8--Chloe Does Lucifer Recap

When computer programmer, Kim Jones is killed, Lucifer's identity as an interesting, enigmatic, eligible bachelor is challenged.

After a night of playing board games with Trixie and Chloe and making a deal with Trixie,  Lucifer comes home to find Amenadiel in his apartment. Amenadiel tells Lucifer that he's glad to see Lucifer's boring side. Lucifer does not take kindly to this and goes on a one-man mission to prove how not boring he is.

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In the meantime, Dr. Linda is planning her ex-husband's funeral and Amenadiel steps in to help her. It seems as though those two are really forming a solid friendship. They're both outsiders to an extent--extremely faithful friends, without whom, many of the more positive things Lucifer has done would not have been possible, who don't always get the acknowledgment they deserve. They also both happen to be on a somewhat involuntary (to begin with, at least) mission of self-discovery.

Ella is confronted by Charlotte back at the station, which makes it her mission to shadow Ella in an attempt to find out how to fake her way to being a good person. Speaking of own journeys... Charlotte pretends to be in the [fake] forensic shadow program, so she has the opportunity to follow Ella legitimately. After avoiding Charlotte for quite awhile, Ella finally caves. Ella has her work cut out for her.

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Det. Decker and Lucifer suspect that the eminently eligible bachelor and owner of an elite dating website top meet, that the murder victim disagreed with may be harboring a murderer as one of his website members. He has stonewalled the police during the investigation, which is why Chloe decides to sign up for the dating website herself to conduct a sting. With Lucifer's help, they create a new character, Lucinda, a sort of female version of Lucifer for Chloe to play in order to lure in the suspect, surfing deejay. While Lucifer and even Trixie offer Chloe advice on how to be a player, Chloe continues to bomb all of her interactions at the dating website's mixer, at which point she ditches her earpiece and goes rogue. Fortunately for her, this approach yields good results. They catch their suspect. Unfortunately, he isn't the murderer and Det. Decker and team are back to square one.

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Thankfully, Det. Decker and Lucifer have discovered what was used as the murder weapon--a missing hand weight. Lucifer believes that Kim's insta-fake roommate would never need to work out (ha!), so it couldn't be her. Although they find out that she actually wasn't the murderer, it's not because if she doesn't work out.

Ella begins to teach Charlotte some valuable lessons about how to be kind as Amenadiel teaches Linda a bit about how little she actually knows as a "celestial insider" and how there is still beauty and wonder in store for her in life. Linda is feeling bad that she knows where her ex-husband has probably ended up after dying and she is worried that she will end up there too, partially because she doesn't feel she is grieving his death enough. Amenadiel lays on the beach with her and tells her to look up at the sky. They discuss the wonders of life together. Dr. Linda takes comfort in feeling a bit more like the "clueless idiot" she once was, and she and Amenadiel share a laugh.

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Det. Decker and Lucifer question Kim's instant-fake friend Esther. Lucifer wants to believe that Esther isn't a faker, but finds out that she is. This bothers Lucifer as it reflects on the personal crisis he is currently experiencing.

The team finds out with the help of Charlotte (because of Ella's influence) that Kim and Mac the super bachelor-dating app owner were actually in business together. It turns out that Mac is only the face of the company while Kim was the brains behind it and the original owner. Charlotte suggests that the murder weapon is probably at Mac's place even though they will never get an actual warrant to look. Chloe and Lucifer both try way too hard to hang out with Mac, who cottons on to their plan. Chloe finds the murder weapon in the fireplace and Mac comes back with a gun, holding Chloe and Lucifer at gunpoint. Lucifer wants to believe that Mac is a genuinely fabulous person and isn't the murderer. Of course, Lucifer is dead wrong about this. While Chloe is talking Mac down, Lucifer gains some insight into Chloe, who truly wants to be loved for who she is and doesn't want to have to pretend with somebody. Lucifer distracts Mac by throwing an artsy sculpture of Mac's head at him and banking on Mac dropping the gun long enough to catch it (which he does). This episode wraps with Lucifer and Dr. Linda talking. Lucifer is ready just to be himself. He asks how Linda is doing and the two have a drink and a nice talk. Apparently, Lucifer is responsible for feeding Oscar Wilde a famous line which he used in his writing.

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Ella tells Charlotte that being good takes practice and Charlotte tells Ella about her considering taking a job at the D.A.'s office. She has decided that this job will help her to be a better person and she excitedly tells Ella that working for the D.A.'s office will mean that Charlotte is around more. Ella isn't super thrilled.

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Trixie asks Chloe how the dating site party went and Chloe tells Trixie how good it felt just to be herself. As the two sit down to a game of monopoly, Trixie notices that a piece is missing. Cut to Lucifer's penthouse where Lucifer keeps the monopoly shoe on top of his piano while he retires to the bedroom with a beautiful woman.

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I always enjoy any episode with Trixie, and this one was extra special because we got to see Lucifer playhouse. I would give this episode an 8/10.