#Lucifer--Season 3, Episode 9--The Sinnerman Recap

This week on Lucifer, Lucifer finds out that the people he’s done favors for are ending up dead. He suspects the elusive Sinnerman.

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The Lieutenant is finally out of the hospital and back at work where Det. Decker conveniently runs into him shirtless and changing. Det. Decker asks the Lieutenant for a personal day. He asks her why and when she won’t tell him (saying “its personal”), the lieutenant tells her he will take that under advisement. Ouch.

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In the meantime, Lucifer and Det. Decker head to a murder scene, only to find a young man Lucifer had helped somewhat recently dead on his couch. Lucifer suspects the Sinnerman with shattered legs (an injury which was inflicted post-mortem to send a message).

Dr. Linda and Amenadiel have a session together where they talk more seriously about the angels’ identities and how their particular gifts are related to them. Before they can finish their session, Mazikeen busts in and surprises them by announcing that she’s back, only to become a bit jealous of Amenadiel’s and Dr. Linda’s closeness.

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Back at the station, Charlotte helps out on her first case with the D.A.’s office. The young victim was found with a real Rolex and a cool ten grand under his bed. Lucifer posits that someone may have been trying to make it look like Joey might have been a runner for the mob. Charlotte says she knows how mobsters work because she's represented them for years. Charlotte Richards asks if she can help question one of the mobsters they need to question. Frankie, the mobster, thinks Charlotte is defending him until she tells him that she's working for the D.A.'s office. He pretends not to know Joey, but Lucifer finds out that he does know Joey and that he didn't kill him. The mob liked Joey. Det. Dan comes in to let the team know that another body has been found. Clearly, Frankie isn't responsible for killing these people. The second victim is also someone Lucifer did a favor for. This case is about Lucifer. Ella finds that the victim, Frieda, a hairstylist to the stars, was killed by being shot, though she was found hanging from a rope. Det. Decker is worried about Lucifer, not knowing, of course, that Lucifer really is the devil. The lieutenant joins the team at the scene of the second murder and backs up Lucifer's theory about the Sinnerman.

Dr. Linda and Amenadiel sit and talk about whether or not it's weird for them to be friends. Amenadiel kisses Linda and Linda say she can't do this, but then returns the kiss.

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At Lucifer's penthouse, Maze asks Lucifer in a roundabout way if he knew about Amenadiel and Linda. Lucifer immediately puts Maze off, answering a phone call. Rather than the telemarketer Lucifer thinks are calling, it ends up being the Sinnerman on the other end of the line.

At the lab, Ella helps Det. Decker to get one step closer to finding the Sinnerman. Ella has the Sinnerman's DNA courtesy of some police contacts in Chicago.

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The Sinnerman lures Lucifer to a slaughterhouse. Lucifer hears the Sinnerman's voice but never sees him. Lucifer is locked in a meat locker while the Sinnerman talks to him over an intercom and TV. The Sinnerman has put Lucifer behind a reinforced steel door. I wonder if the Sinnerman is someone Lucifer tried to help long ago.

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Det. Decker talks to Frankie again, this time with Charlotte Richards in tow. Charlotte convinces Frankie that the police aren't after him. Det Decker knew that Frankie wasn't going to give them any information, but hopes that now, Frankie will do the police's work for them and find the Sinnerman himself. The Lieutenant meets Chloe and offers to help.

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Lucifer's long incarceration ends after about ten minutes total when Maze finds him. She has tracked him down in order to badger him into listening to her and being a good friend. When she discovers that Lucifer can't get out of the steel reinforced meat locker, she locks him back in while they talk. Maze really knows Lucifer well. Lucifer tells Maze essentially that Dr. Linda and Amenadiel deserve to be happy, even if that means them being happy together. He doesn't realize until he has taken a moment to think about it that Maze still cares for Amenadiel romantically. Maze finally lets Lucifer out.

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Lucifer calls Det. Decker to let her know that he's been kidnapped once again by the Sinnerman. When he describes the Sinnerman to Decker and the Lieutenant, they realize that the "source" Frankie was meeting with was the Sinnerman himself. Chloe and the Lieutenant jump out of the car without hanging up Chloe's phone. Lucifer hears shots being fired and guns his engine to arrive to help Det. Decker.

Decker and the Lieutenant cuff the dinner man and have him take away from the cops. As he's taken away, we see that he has a pen and is attempting to unlock his handcuffs.

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Maze sits down with Dr. Linda Martin at her office and explains her feelings to her. She tells Linda that she went in deep with that angel and that she knows Linda wouldn't want her sloppy seconds. She asks Linda not to pursue a relationship with Amenadiel and Linda agrees that she won't, despite having her feelings for Amenadiel. How long before this goes wrong?

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Dan comforts a crying Charlotte in the men's bathroom, where she's gone to hide and cry. She doesn't realize she's walked into the men's room. Dan and Charlotte begin to bond on a deeper level. Lucifer waits for the Sinnerman to be left alone in the box so that he can interrogate him. The Sinnerman has gouged out his own eyes so that Lucifer can't read him. The Sinnerman is blind. Yikes!

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This was a great episode; I like seeing Lucifer so edge and Maze jealous two things I never thought that I would see from these characters, I would give this episode an 8/10