#Lucifer Season 3, Episode 3--Mr. And Mrs. Mazikeen Smith

This week on Lucifer, Dan takes a much needed vacation (well, sort of), Dec. Decker discovers skullduggery within the department and Maze takes her bounty hunter game to the next level. 


Maze and Dr. Linda sit in Lucifer's club having margaritas. Maze quite literally drinks Dr. Linda under the table (or above it, as it were) after telling her an ominous story about how she wants to live her life in light of the fact that demons have no soul. Lucifer suggests to Maze that she go hard and live life to the max and to "burn brighter" and bounty hunt the most challenging human that she can rather than deal with her fears and trepidations about not having a soul. On a hunt to find a more challenging fugitive to go after, Maze breaks into a Lieutenant's office to ask for information about her fugitive. Apparently, every bounty hunter who has ever gone after this man has failed. Maze must travel to Canada to find her fugitive.


When Maze gets home, Chloe remarks on the fact that she's bringing only skimpy lingerie and weapons to Canada where it basically winters. As the two talk, one of Maze's bags (her bag of whips and knives) starts moving. Trixie has clearly attempted to stow away. When asked why she would do such a thing, Trixie confesses to being worried about Maze and wanting to travel with her as her backup (awwz). Maze tells Trixie that Chloe needs a backup at home even more and finally convinces Trixie that it would be best for her to stay at home with her Mom. Maze and Trixie do their secret handshake after Trixie gives her her stuffed alien for good luck and Maze gets on her way, telling Chloe to get some while Maze is gone. When Trixie asks Chloe why she looks worried, Chloe tells her that she's not worried about Maze, she's worried about Canada. 


Speaking of Canada, when Maze arrives, she is met with a snowboarder who throws a snowball at her. Maze stuffs him into a snow bank and takes his coat. At the ski lodge, Maze finds herself encumbered by the lodge manager's Canadian niceness. When he doesn't respond to any of her threats, she finds that his weakness is his wife and she threatens to give her a staged naughty picture of the manager with Maze. Another woman takes her own photo while walking through the lodge. The manager, fearing the trouble he'll be in if his wife ever sees the picture gives Maze the information she needs, the location of her fugitives girlfriend/mark. Posing as her massage therapist, Maze pumps Muffy (yes, that's her name) for information, finding out that her fugitive will be at the lodge that very night. Maze finishes her massage with a happy ending and then starts the process of posing as Muffy to entrap her fugitive. 


Back at the station, Det. Decker and Lucifer question Rivers, the fugitive's lawyer, who is in love with Rivers, a fact the two find out after Lucifer questions Ms. Burns [the lawyer] about her deepest desires. Chloe becomes worried that Maze isn't prepared for THIS type of criminal, someone who, as she puts it, is emotionally dangerous.

At the lodge's bar, Maze, dressed as Muffy, wig and all, comes face to face with Rivers, handcuffing him to the table. Maze and Rivers share a drink while Maze regales Rivers with stories of having slept with his girlfriend, about whom, thankfully, Rivers seems genuinely concerned, despite the fact that Rivers is a con man who goes after wealthy women. Rivers walks out the door, having snuck out of the handcuffs and having placed them on Maze without her knowing.

Lucifer 303 6.gif

When Chloe calls to check up on Maze, she tells Maze how emotionally dangerous Chloe feels that Rivers, Mae's fugitive is, only to be hung up on, mid-call, by Lucifer, who is confident that Maze can handle herself. Could it be that Lucifer is projecting just a teensy bit? Rivers finds Maze waiting for him when he gets home, classical music on (though she says she would prefer rock) and drink in hand. The two fight. Maze finds that Rivers is quite formidable--for a human, that is. While the two are fighting, a killer busts in, having pretended to be a room service employee. It's the same woman who took a picture of Maze and the manager in the lobby.


Hoping to help Maze, Det. Decker talks to Lieutenant Herrera about the case. Lieutenant Herrera, the Lieutenant whose office Maze broke into, immediately tips off the "room service" assassin as to Rivers' whereabouts. Rivers tells Maze that he's innocent. He uses to work for Lieutenant Herrera but quit when the Lieutenant asked him to murder teenagers. Rivers, not wanting to lose that particular piece of his soul (a concept which resonates deeply with Maze, though she doesn't immediately believe Rivers' story right off the bat), declines. The Lieutenant has the kids killed anyway, frames Rivers and sends killers after him when Rivers goes on the run. Det. Decker senses that something about Lieutenant Herrera's story is off and she calls Maze to give her a heads up. Maze is too busy being shot at next to Rivers when Chloe calls. Thankfully, Maze hits the killer with a throwing knife (that bag of whips and knives sure came in handy, didn't it) and the killer takes off. Rivers is hit, and Maze is forced to stitch him up. Maze calls Dr. Linda for a quick medical tutorial despite the fact that Dr. Linda is a therapist and not a medical doctor. Still, as always, the saintly Dr. Linda does her best to coach Maze through it. Maze successfully takes Dr. Linda's advice and sews Rivers up (after knocking him out to keep him still--ouch). Lucifer looks on over Dr. Linda's shoulder. He is enjoying the spectacle. Unfortunately, after seeing Maze fluff Rivers' pillow, Lucifer begins to worry about Maze too, saying "he [Rivers] broke my Maze." Maze stitches Rivers up, adding a button for style and gives him Trixie's stuffed alien for good luck. Maze and Rivers talk about souls. Rivers tells Maze that he doesn't see a woman without a soul when he looks at Maze.

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 After hearing another knock on the door, Maze throws a knife, nearly missing Dan. Dan's flight to Hawaii has been laid over in Vancouver, and he has decided to help Maze while he's there, after receiving a frantic call from Chloe, saying that something seems off about Lieutenant Herrera's story.

Rivers gets away while Maze and Dan talk. Rivers is trying to save Maze. Dan isn't convinced that Rivers is innocent and is worried that Maze is falling for Rivers' con game. Maze pretends to agree with Dan when Dan suggests turning the entire situation over to the Canadian mountains and escapes behind Dan's back while he's on the phone with them.

At the station, Lucifer and Det. Decker look over the case. Lucifer doesn't buy Rivers' story at all, thinking that he's got Maze snowed, asking if he's a harmless fugitive who escaped from Shawshank. Det. Decker accuses Lucifer of being an overprotective Mother just as Lucifer accused Det. Decker of being earlier. The two question the security guard who supposedly witnessed the murder. It's clear that the security guard thinks Lucifer And Det. Decker is working with Herrera. Lucifer misses all of these subtle clues because he's so angry that Maze has ostensibly been taken in by this con man.

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Maze finds Rivers, who has been cornered by the assassins who have been after him. She takes them all on by herself. Rivers tells Maze to get out of there. The assassins are now after Maze for attacking one of them with a knife earlier. Dan sneaks into the ambush and attacks the assassins from behind while Rivers finishes them off. Sadly, Rivers has popped his stitches and lost his button. Dan stays to deal with the mounted police investigation (aww, poor Det. Dan is missing his vacation).

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Back in L.A., Lucifer and the Detective arrest Lieutenant Herrera, who apparently isn't alone in the corruption, a fact of which the audience becomes aware, but the characters do not. Is it possible that Det? Decker's Lieutenant could be in on it?

Maze tells Rivers that he can come home now. Rivers doesn't believe her. He knows more people will be coming after him and that he can never stop running. Rivers invites Maze to run with him. Maze kisses him but stays behind with Chloe, Lucifer, Dr. Linda and Trixie, who throw Maze, a Welcome home party. Maze brings Ms. Alien, the stuffed toy, home to Trixie, but promises to get her a new one that isn't covered in blood. Trixie, of course, thinks it's so cool that Ms. Alien is covered in blood and wants to keep her. Maze has clearly decided that home is where the heart is. Is Maze putting down roots?

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As the episode ends, we see a glimpse of being open file drawer with a file labeled Dr. Canaan/Amenadiel at the police station. Could it be Lieutenant Herrera who is investigating? We'll have to wait until next week for more.


Here's a sneak peak at next week's episode, "What Would Lucifer Do?"