Lucifer: Season Two, Episode One, "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer"

Mama drama abounds for Lucifer as he searches the mean streets of L.A. for hell’s most wanted and newly missing, Lillith. Will this mother-son reunion go as expected or is Lucifer in for a surprise?

After a mind-blowing season one finale, Lucifer, one of FOX’s hottest new fall headliners returned with a bang. Season two's premiere episode opens on Lucifer and Amenadiel searching for their's Mother, Lillith, who has recently escaped through hell's open gates, believing that her soul is now hidden within the body of someone who has recently died and been resuscitated. This supposition has led the brothers, now allies after a season mainly spent at each others' throats to a bank robber in the midst of a heist who it turns out not to be Lillith at all, but an unfortunate gentleman burdened by medical costs he cannot pay who wants the best for his family and has gone about getting that in a very ill advised way.

Although jam packed with loads of information, action and excitement to boot, season two, episode one seems to serve as step one in what will likely be a several episode long arc which will slowly build toward the big mid-season reveal of Lucifer’s angelic nature to his law enforcement partner and friend, Detective Chloe Decker.

As things stand now, the good detective is still unaware of Lucifer’s status as fallen angel and former ruler of hell, but as this episode opens, she is close to finding out!

As you may remember, one of the 'rules' of the Lucifer-verse is that humans can never have proof of the existence od the divine. Unfortunately for Det. Chloe Decker, she has just that sitting on her office desk in the form of a vial of Lucifer's blood, collected after he was brutally shot in the final episode of season one.


As the current episode unfolds, Lucifer remains happy at the prospect of Chloe learning the truth since he has maintained from the very beginning of their relationship that he is in fact Lucifer Morningstar, son of God, fallen angel and former ruler of hell. The only thing preventing Chloe from believing him are her modern sensibilities and her healthy sense of skepticism and reliance upon fact and evidence as a detective, which is why Lucifer's brother Amenadiel has decided to take matters into his own hands and stop the detective from allowing evidence of divinity (i.e. Lucifer's blood) to make it into the police crime lab and the attached database. Thinking on his feet, Amenadiel hatches a plan to convince Det. Decker that Lucifer is simply an elaborate showman who utilizes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and has a penchant for blood bags and bulletproof vests and that this is how he survived the fatal gunshot wound he sustained during the season one finale. Detective Decker, rather than believing either brother, however, decides after speaking with a new co-worker and Christian (Aimee Garcia as EllaLopez) that she is going to adopt a religious believer's level of appropriate skepticism while still choosing to believe that Lucifer is someone or something very different from a normal human being and while being thankful that Lucifer has proven himself both a good friend to her and someone who helps her to be a better cop. But you can bet that even after deciding to throw away Lucifer's blood sample, Chloe's detective's instincts will eventually lead her to the truth.



This episode, of course, centers around a murder as a secondary plot element in addition to Lucifer's Mama drama. After finding the body of a popular actress' stand-in lying in an amusement park with pieces of metal resembling devil horns jutting through her skull, Lucifer assumes that Lillith is involved and that this is a sign that she is gunning for Lucifer only to find his Mother [Lillith] walking through his penthouse door later that evening, long after that particular crime is solved, asking Lucifer for his help and leaving fans the resolution to this monumental cliffhanger to look forward to next week!


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