#Lucifer: Season Two, Episode Two: "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress On Fire"

This week on Lucifer, Lucifer aids and abets hell's most wanted, but is he falling back into his old Mamma's Boy ways or is he wise to his Mother's usual tricks? 

 Things heat up this week on FOX's new hit, "Lucifer," as Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer joins the cast as the Mother From Hell. 

Tricia Helfer as Lilith on FOX's "Lucifer" 

Tricia Helfer as Lilith on FOX's "Lucifer" 

 As this week's episode opens, we revisit Lilith's adventures before showing up on Lucifer's doorstep.  After searching for Lucifer by inhabiting various dead bodies, Lilith wakes up in the body of a woman who has recently been murdered and wackiness ensues. Distrusting her motives, Lucifer goes about trying to disprove her "origin story" as he terms it by retracing her steps with the help of Det. Decker and team, including a newly demoted Dan (or "Detective Douche" as Lucifer calls him). 

 In all of the frenzy, Lucifer steps on a few toes by trying to infringe upon Chloe and Dan's attempts at responsible parenting when little Trixie defaces her favorite doll in the hopes that Mom and Dad will simply buy her a new one. Lucifer, seeing this refusal to buy Trixie a new doll as outright betrayal and wanton neglect rather than authoritative parenting, springs for the new doll himself, likely further cementing his hero status with Trixie who already adores him (if the doll ever makes its way from Chloe to Trixie, that is).  

 Though we don't see much of Amenadiel during this episode, what we do see is important. Amenadiel offers Dr. Martin a heartfelt apology for impersonating a therapist last season in order to pump her for information about her patient [Lucifer] after finding that he is now losing his powers. Clearly, Amenadiel is growing and changing. Could he be becoming as human as Lucifer and Maz? 

  While Lucifer and friends investigate Lilith's story, Mazikeen accidentally furnishes Lilith with some vital information while babysitting her back at Lucifer's penthouse and Lilith promptly escapes and finds herself back in the same trouble she started in with the party responsible for the murder of her human body, which leads Lucifer to have to track his Mother down and save her once again. 

  After saving Lilith from her would be murderer for a second time no less, Lilith offers Lucifer a major confession and an apology to boot, but is it genuine or is Lilith simply manipulating Lucifer for her own murky reasons? What are her motives? Find out next time on Lucifer.

Mother [Lilith] and son [Lucifer]

Mother [Lilith] and son [Lucifer]

*More exciting news:

For those of you who were Buffy The Vampire Slayer and/or Angel fans, we've got some exciting news for you... 

Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) will be joining the cast of Lucifer for at least one episode, come episode five of season two. Stay tuned!